Sunday, January 11,2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009
Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Most of yesterday was spent on the play that opens this week; there’s a situation that “might” come up, which would not be an issue if this was a larger company or one based in Manhattan. However, it’s a possibility, and I’ve created an alternate scene for the play should it come up. I would prefer it not to be used, but if it has to, it can be inserted at a moment’s notice. After thinking about it, playing with it, and overwriting it, I’ve cut it down to about a page, and will send it off tomorrow.

So much for getting everything else done that I hoped to get done.

It snowed steadily, but we only had about an inch’s worth of accumulation, not the 6-10 inches about which we’d been warned. In between sessions working on the play, I finished reading Terry Pratchett’s MAKING MONEY, a social satire which is almost frighteningly relevant to our current economic crisis. If you want an extraordinarily clever book that will make you laugh, read it. Of course, my two favorite Pratchett novels are HOGFATHER and MASQUERADE, with GOING POSTAL, WYRD SISTERS, and MORT coming in close behind – but this one makes my list of top ten Pratchett novels.

I did a little bit of work on The Lucy Gothic. I’m trying to finish the handwritten chapter three, so I can type it.

It was an icy, treacherous walk to the bagel store this morning to get THE NEW YORK TIMES and a bagel. But the LL Bean boots and remembering to keep the weight on the ball of the foot and place it down flat instead of heel-first keep one from slipping, so it was all good.

I watched HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX again last night on DVD. That book is my favorite in the series, and I was terribly disappointed with the movie the first time I saw it, mostly because, had I written the script, I would have chosen different scenes to bring forward and to cut. Some of the stuff they cut is going to come back and bite them in the butt when they try to wrap things up in later films. And there wasn’t enough of either Lupin or Neville in the movie, who are my two favorite supporting characters in the books. AND they only used part of the prophecy, which cuts Neville out of the loop in which he was in for book 6, and I could just go on and on. But watching the movie again, I enjoyed it more, because I’d had enough time to get over my initial disappointment, and I could enjoy what actually was there.

Anyway, I’m off to rework the scene for the play a few more times, finish chapter 3 of The Lucy Gothic, do some outlining on the Billy Root story so I can get back to it tomorrow, and then tackle another project that’s come in and needs to get turned around quickly.

Busy day – fingers crossed the show doesn’t need me. I really need today to be a focused writing day.