Wednesday, January 5, 2010

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Waxing Moon
No Retrogrades
Sunny and cold

We are retrograde free for a few days. Can you believe it? Take a few minutes to really feel what it’s like, because it’s quite rare.

Costume Imp slept in yesterday. I was up early, as usual, yoga, meditation, fed the cats, made the coffee, did my first 1K of the day, taught my classes.

Around 8:30, I thought it was a civilized hour to make some noise, so I baked cinnamon rolls and showered.

We had a leisurely morning and walked the property, talking about garden possibilities, which are discussed over on Gratitude and Growth. We finally managed to get out of the house about noon.

Headed to Lavender Moon, which was, as always, was wonderful. I bought some incense, and Imp found a beautiful Egyptian piece which had obviously been waiting just for him, since the woman behind the counter couldn’t remember ever seeing it before!

We had lunch at the Beehive Tavern, one of my favorite spots. It was delicious, as always. Then, up to the Sandwich Village Herb Shop, where I stocked up on lavender (I want to vacuum the carpets before the party tomorrow, and I’m almost out of lavender for that — hopefully this summer, I can use home-grown lavender). I found a couple of books and calendars I needed, and then — there was a gorgeous statue of Cerridwen. I knew I shouldn’t really spend the money, but I kept coming back to it. It’s so beautifully rendered and just fascinated me. So I bought it. One less patio chair, right? 😉 Or I just have to write another menu for someone.

I better hustle a few quick-turnaround, quick-pay jobs this month to make up for what I’ve spent on books and statues!

After Sandwich, it was over the Sagamore Bridge and up Rt. 3 to Plymouth. They’ve drydocked the Mayflower! Perhaps they’ve done it every year, but I was truly surprised. And the great little shops next to it were shut, which is a shame, because they have delightful oddities you can’t get anywhere else.

We stopped at Plymouth Pebble — really, to have this gorgeous faux Greek temple around this tiny piece of granite just makes me laugh. We walked up the hill to the overlook, with its gorgeous view of the bay, and then walked up to the main street of town, which has lots of great little shops, most of whom are taking a much-deserved January hiatus.

Laughing Moon was, unfortunately, closed. They seem to open and close randomly, which, on days I drove all the way from NY to see them drove me nuts, but being only a few minutes away is not a big deal.

Drove back to the Cape, stopped at Trader Joe’s for the fixings for pizza and some things for the party. Came home, realized we hadn’t bought our MegaMillions tickets, went out and did that. Had some eggnog while we caught up on stuff online (I love wireless, we can work anywhere), watched the weather. Imp may be here an extra day or so because of weather.

We made pizza, which was great, and had a quiet evening working on our various projects that needed work.

Today we have a few errands to run and few things to get in for the party and the upcoming storm. We might go looking for the lawnmower.

The cats haven’t completely accepted him yet. They don’t run away quite as fast, and they hang out with us in the evening –staring at him. I feel bad, because he misses his cats and he’d love to play with mine and they’re still like, “Stay over there, Stranger.” But at least they’re not hiding. That’s a good first step.

He’ll probably wake up with them draped over him the day he has to go home! Cats.

Off to comment on exercises and respond to discussion comments on the classes. I was a little irate early in the day yesterday when a few of the students whined about wanting more time for the first exercise. It’s 750-1000 words. I do that every day before breakfast. 48 hours is more than enough time for the first assignment. Put butt in chair and DO IT. Let’s face it, given more time, most of them would wait until the last minute anyway.

I need to stash some boxes today and straighten up for the party, so I’d better get as much done on classwork today as possible before Imp wakes up.