Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and mild

I’m returning to the world of the living, slowly. Monday was bad. I couldn’t sit — it was as though all more core muscles just quit on me. I could stand or lie down, but none of the middle stuff, and every time I coughed, it got worse, and none of the cough remedies did a damned thing. My insurance isn’t finished being sorted — not my fault, the state is still fussing with the paperwork — so it’s not like I have many choices in care, since we live in a country where healthcare is non-existent for any but the rich, and the Republican politicians are determined to keep it that way and keep taking their payoffs. And there’s nothing they could do anyway – they’d put me through a bunch of tests and then say “I dunno” and give me something that wouldn’t work anyway and charge thousands of dollars I don’t have for it. You can’t use antibiotics on a cold, and if my back wasn’t in such bad shape, I’d just be snuffly and miserable for a few days.

We called an acupuncturist, who suggested that I come in early, early on Tuesday morning. I had a bad night Monday, and practically had to be winched in and out of the car, but we made it. Turns out this was the acupuncturist my acupuncturist suggested I track down AND the one a new friend on the Cape had suggested. It just happened to be the first number we called, and we hit pay dirt.

Anyway, I was there before 8 AM on Tuesday. He’s very gentle, very kind, and he works in the same way my acupuncturist back in NY does. He uses the small, Japanese needles like I’m used to, and, while he doesn’t use Moxa, he uses a heat lamp. I did the best impression of a porcupine EVER for about an hour, and then I nearly hopped off the table and did a dance. My back was still a little sore, but I had movement, and, even when I coughed, the cough moved THROUGH the back, instead of seizing in it, and nearly causing me to pass out. Since we speak the same healing language, I could be very specific on how anything felt at any given moment, and he confirmed what every previous person who has ever worked on me told me — one can instantly see the effect as soon as the needle is in. The energy line becomes visible to the naked eye (which happens, according to this guy, in less than 10% of patients) and each point then informs the next one. It allows for much more precise treatment, because the body gives instant feedback. And his pricing is absolutely fair and reasonable.

Stopped at the health food store to get a few more things (I’d stocked up on Sunday and forgotten the slippery elm, gosh darn it), came home, took a nap to let the treatment set, and, when I woke up, I was about 97% mobile.

I caught up on some stuff, spent time with my students, did some admin, read a lovely little garden book, and started planning for yard work. Of course, then we get news that we could get up to a foot of snow on Friday — not my idea of an April Fool’s joke!

Monday night into Tuesday, I had a bizarre set of dreams that linked a couple of set of dreams I thought were entirely separate, but, according to this set of dreams, are actually connected, and connected to the workshop I’m taking. Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to me, either, although at 3AM, it seemed perfectly logical.

The cough came back overnight with a vengeance, so I’m sore and uncomfortable this morning. I did my stretches, I used the eucalyptus tablets in the shower to do aromatherapy steam, and I’ll use the malachite stone later, too. I used the lapis on Monday on my throat, and I can now speak again and actually be heard, so that’s a good thing, and I used the malachite on the really sore points on my back on Monday to make them release (until the next fit of coughing). Malachite is tricky, because it’s easy to misuse, and there’s a certain level of toxicity to it if it’s misused. I’d only used it on swellings and wounds before, so I was pleasantly surprised when it helped here.

I’ve got a lot to do today — I may have to let the play go, I don’t think I can sit up long enough to do it. I also have to contact my publisher. Yet again, we’re two days before a deadline and I haven’t heard a word from my editor. Even if I heard back today, I can’t turn around a novel in two days, and the contracted deadline is April 1. This is supposed to be for the second round of revisions, and I haven’t even heard boo about the first. When I asked at the earlier deadline, I was scolded.

I have a follow up appointment next week (cancelled the other appointment I’d made at the other place). There’s a PT place down the street with a good reputation — I may go in and see if I can book 3 or 4 sessions so we can come up with a program for core and back strengthening. I’d rather go to a PT place than to a yoga teacher I don’t know, who may not have the anatomical training necessary for something this specific.

I’d love to just lie down and let the world go by, but the back won’t heal itself, so I’ve got to be active, while not trying to do too much too fast.

And I’ve got to the garbage to the dump — we’re full up in the bins and the recycling.


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Monday, January 4, 2010

Taken in the Museum of American History, Smithsonian, Washington, DC

Monday, January 4, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and brutally cold

Dealing with continues to be a horrendous experience. Their new “upgrade” means I can’t create new folders to sort my mail. I can’t send out my newsletter without hand-entering every address — because you can only LOOK at the address book, you can’t actually move anything or copy anything from the address book to . . ANYWHERE. They can’t even be bothered, half the time, to respond to complaints (the complaints department ignores me), and when support deigns to respond — they want my passwords. Uh, no.

I better get iWeb down completely in my workshop in a couple of weeks so that I can get the new sites well-designed and get everything off this host and onto one that actually wants my business and gives me what I pay for.

Support keeps sending me the same list of things to do in response to my telling them the way they’re telling me to do things doesn’t work. No help at all. And now they’re telling me I have to move all my addresses to a “different’ subfolder — but no information as to what kind of folder or how to move them.

I have to find a way to pull all my email folders off the webmail and keep them, because I can’t lose these years of work and correspondence, and it is, literally, tens of thousands of emails on various projects, which I can’t print out. So far, I haven’t been able to save anything to flash drive. Suggestions welcome. I’m on a Mac.

That threw a monkey wrench into my works for the bulk of the day, once I got back from my early morning excursion on the icy roads. Elsa’s hanging in there. She’s sticking to her routine, so I figure that’s a good sign.

I didn’t want to lose a writing day — I’m taking Tuesday as my writing day off this week because I have to get Elsa to the vet, and that’s an hour’s drive in each direction, at least. So I stopped myself from obsessing over the webmail, ate a hot lunch, had an “aha” moment on the Steampunk — it’s STEAMpunk, I don’t have to stick to exact historical details, the whole point is to expand — if I want to build a damn train line out where there wasn’t one in 1889, as long as I stick to some basic facts, I can do so! And I can make it really COOL. I’m using photos I took at the Smithsonian as inspiration.

Anyway, I reworked a bit of the first three chapters and continued on to Chapter 4. I didn’t finish it, but got about 2300 words done (not counting reworked sections/additions), and then worked on the outline, so I’ve gotten it written down, not just all in my head. I’ve got to figure out some transitions, but I think I can keep it moving and keep it tight and keep it under 30k. I am loving this story, this process, and this genre. Never realized I had an affinity for it.

Woke up with a very bad headache this morning,but have to push through. I need to work on the steampunk some more, then polish my column and get it out to SDR, work on Wednesday’s post, and work on the Kemmyrk posts. AND get over to storage at some point to bring back the ornament boxes, so I can take down the decorations on Wednesday.

I burned my hand badly the other day, doing the Ornament Hospital. The new hot glue gun (the more expensive one) is nowhere near as versatile as my old one. I should have gone to the hospital for it, but hey, this is a supposedly civilized country without health care unless you’re rich; I have no insurance, I couldn’t go. Yes, if it was a super-emergency, I could have gone to the ER — but I still can’t pay for it. I’m not going to lose what little I have to a collection agency for a hospital because a hot glue gun was badly designed. It seems to be healing well, but it’s painful.

Elsa’s hanging in there, but she’s having a hard time. It will be a relief to get her to the vet tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting back to the steampunk. I was dreaming about it last night. I wonder if that means it will be published in the 10th month of the year, since I dreamed it on the 10th night of Christmas? 😉

Have a great first week of 2010.


Steampunk word count: 9,133 words out of est. 30,000