Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Went outside to enjoy the sunny, cold day. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to tweak my knee, probably in transit on Friday, so things like walking were, um, difficult. Same problem I had on the stairs backstage on the Broadway shows. So I had to cut my outdoor time short. I did find a great, organic bakery in the neighborhood, since my previous neighborhood favorite bakery is under new ownership and now sucks.

Got bath salts and took a good long soak, which helped the knee a lot. It doesn’t bother me at all during yoga, just walking.

Spent most of the day writing, in longhand, on the WIP. Didn’t realize it. Just wrote until I was hungry, cooked, ate, wrote some more, and then it was time for bed.

The Comcast internet connection here is so slow compared to the Optimum I have at home. But I’m grateful to get online. Just frustrated that I can do an entire yoga sequence every time I’ve got something to download!

If you were in the midst of what I’m writing, it might be interesting. But since I’m writing, not talking about it, there’s not much to say, I’m afraid! I’m at a place in the work where I’m going very deep as far as getting it down on the page, and then, in the next draft, I have to go even deeper into the characters — I can feel their motivations as I write, but it still reads a bit flat and surfacy. But this is the first draft, the skeleton. The second draft is where I explore every possible tangent and mutation, and the third draft is where I cut and shape.

I have to start putting it in the computer soon, though. I’ve got about 80 pages in longhand written, in just over a week, and I don’t want to have to type 200+ pages in all at once. I keep wondering how I’ll have to restructure — this will be far too long for a single novel, I think. But I need to have it all on the page before I can rearrange and restructure, so the Editing Self needs to get out of the way right now. The piece as a whole needs to be as fully realized as possible, and honed to be as specific and clear as possible (even in the sections where ambiguity is the order of the day). And then I can figure out if I can/need to cut substantially more, or break it into more than one volume.

But first, the whole story and character have to be on the page, the themes coming forward, the characters and their desires fully realized — or fully thwarted — in order to find the structure that serves the piece best and is still marketable.

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