Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Sunny and lovely

Totally forgot to mention that, along with the other work I did this weekend, I also got out two fillers and two short stories. I’m trying to catch up on the backlog. I’d forgotten how long it takes to prepare hard copy submissions; however, a lot of the highest paying markets still require hard copies rather than electronic submission, and, since those are the markets I target, that’s what I have to do.

Managed to get through 480 pages of material for Confidential Job #1 yesterday. I’ll finish the in-depth analysis and get it off today. Whew!

Also took a few hours to walk in a local wildlife sanctuary, located behind the Amusement Park. I knew about it, but had never actually walked it. It was lovely. I’ll post photos when I get the chance.

Even got some writing squeezed in there, mostly notes. Some musings on ANGEL HUNT, some outline on another project, some structure on a third project. If you want to read more on the ANGEL HUNT breakthrough, read yesterday’s post, below this one.

ABC & Cablevision stopped acting like toddlers around 9 PM, so I got to see the last few hours of the Oscars. Wasn’t all that impressed with the production, but delighted that THE HURT LOCKER won both Best Director and Best Picture. The latter was a shock — I figured they’d split it between HL and AVATAR. I haven’t seen AVATAR, so I can’t comment on it. I went to see HURT LOCKER because I’m a big fan of Jeremy Renner’s work and of Kathryn Bigelow’s work — otherwise, the subject matter would have probably kept me away. And yet, I felt they did such a wonderful job showing the fight to retain humanity in situations beyond inhumane that I left a fan of the film itself. I”m pleased for Bigelow not just because she’s a woman and proved that women can handle topics that are usually thought “best left to men”, but because she’s been doing this for a lot of years, she’s damned good at it, and it’s about time she got public recognition for her work.

I’ve got laundry in the machines downstairs (hate having to haul it up and down four flights of stairs AND pay ridiculous sums of money to do laundry, but when I can’t take it to my friend’s place, that’s what happens). I’ve got some errands to run, packing to do, the assignment to polish and get out to Confidential Job #1, and then it’s back to MRS. TILLER.

Back to the page.


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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I’m delighted that Kathryn Bigelow won the DGA for HURT LOCKER. If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it immediately. It’s not an easy, lighthearted piece, it can be damn heartbreaking to watch, but it’s worth it. Bigelow’s work is wonderful. I”m a fan of Jeremy Renner’s work anyway, and he’s frighteningly good in this.

Friend called in trouble, frantic and frightened, so dropped everything and went to help. Situation temporarily handled, with more decisions to come. Can’t go into detail because it’s not my life. It was exhausting, though.

At least some of the tangled story/character strands started to make sense. Felt like a huge weight was lifted off me. My brain is clearer, it’s starting to make sense, I don’t feel trapped in the labyrinth of my mind.

Went to a Grammy party last night, because three actors with whom I worked on Broadway (and for whom I hold deep affection as performers and human beings) are in AMERICAN IDIOT, and the cast performed on the Grammys. I’m delighted by their success. It’s not my path right now to go back into the union and work on the show, but I’m definitely going to see it once it opens and support them.

If you haven’t read my opinion of WATHCMEN (and you give a damn), scroll down to yesterday’s post and see my take on it.

Excellent first writing session this morning, and I hope that sets the tone for an excellent writing day.

I’m off to the site job! 😉


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