Tues. Aug. 27, 2019: Trying To Get It All Done

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde

Busy weekend, but not very productive. I didn’t get anywhere near as much writing done as I needed to, especially not on GRAVE REACH. ELLA was in fits and starts. The main focus was on the article for Llewellyn, which I polished and sent off yesterday.

Saturday morning, friends stopped in on their way back from Nantucket. I had baked a chocolate sour cream cake on Friday night, and put on the brown sugar frosting on Saturday morning. It was supposed to be a 7-minute frosting, but took 27 minutes, as it does.

I read some of Elaine Viets’s books in her Dead End Job series and really enjoyed them. I finished reading a biography of Wendy Wasserstein, which got me thinking about my early days in professional NY theatre.

I did some research for a client meeting I have this afternoon. I did my paperwork for jury duty, and some other paperwork that needed attention. Got some bills paid and some errands run. Caught up on things like laundry. Cleaned the house.

Saturday was my last day on the antibiotic. I forgot that coming off an antibiotic is even more unpleasant than going on one, so I felt pretty miserable on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday evening, a friend came in on her way back to Nantucket. Brought us some fresh peaches. We’ll eat some and I’ll put the rest into a peach tart.

A lovely little black cat strolled through the yard, exploring. I’m not sure if she’s new to the neighborhood or lost. She was too shy to let me come close. I tried putting food out for her, but Che Guevera Chipmunk was all over it right away, so that didn’t work. I don’t want Che to think he gets room service. But I do want to find out if the little cat is lost and needs help finding her way home, or if she needs a home.

I made a Crockpot chicken tomatillo chili with cornbread, which was pretty good. Drove my friend back to the ferry.

Up early on Monday, writing and getting things done. Worked onsite with a client, prepped for today’s meeting, did some work at the library, went to meditation.

Have to run some errands this morning on my way in to the client’s. Then, I have to dash back to my home office for my conference with my potential client, then to the library to get some work done.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to show up for jury duty, unless I hear otherwise by 5 PM tonight. Not sure how much I’ll be posting for the rest of the week.

I seriously doubt I’ll get put on a jury. They don’t want someone who is experienced in jury service to actually serve. Someone who might actually understand the way the law works and not be manipulated by lawyers. I’m sure I’ll get kicked out of contention tomorrow.

But it’s important to show up. Vote. Serve jury duty. It matters. It’s part of the responsibility of citizenship. I have no respect for people who try to wiggle out of jury duty. And I loathe people who don’t vote.

I’ll see what happens and think on my feet. All I can do is the best I can do.


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Mon. April 29, 2019: Make the World a Better Place – The Big Picture — #UpbeatAuthors

Monday, April 29, 2019
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
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All month, we’ve discussed ways to make the world a better place. Self, home, work, community.

All of those are building blocks to do the bigger things in THE WORLD.

There are the basics — you vote in every election, especially the local ones, for the person you think has the most integrity and will do the best job in the bigger picture.

You SERVE JURY DUTY. Yes. Stop trying to get out of it. Make the system work. Serve every time you’re called, without moaning. Pay attention. Weigh evidence. Because one day it might be you behind that table, staring at a jury, hoping for justice.

You can’t fix everything, but you can choose one or two organizations with missions about which you’re passionate. Give what you can financially. If your skills match the group’s needs and you can, volunteer some time. You’ll meet great people with the same passions, also working to make things better.

Support your local library. It is a bastion of community, learning, intelligence, curiosity, and social justice. Library funding is decided based on circulation numbers (how many books are checked out) and how many people attend programs. Do both. Make a financial contribution if you can. Volunteer if you can. Create a program if you can. Keep your local library healthy, and it will keep your community healthy.

We’re all hit with way too many demands for money from organizations every day. It’s hard not to feel guilty that we can’t help everyone. But pick what matters to YOU. Not what someone else tells you matters. But what matters to YOU.

If you can’t afford to give money or time, because you’re working too many jobs trying to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, then it’s even more important that you vote in every election. Vote for those who will raise your wages, make sure you have health care, protect the environment so there’s actually a world in which to live.

Stand up for what matters to you. Don’t watch and say nothing when someone is attacked. To stand by and do nothing is to agree with the action.

We live in a world where doing nothing is no longer an option.

Be kind whenever possible. Don’t be a doormat. Stand up for yourself with quiet strength and dignity. Don’t hide behind “honesty” as an excuse for cruelty, and call it out when others do so.

Keep working on your own little patch of the world, making it better by the way you live every day. Then see where you can make a difference on a bigger scale.

How do you make the world a better place? By being the best person you can be, staying true to your core integrity, and walking your talk.

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