Mon. Oct. 19, 2020: Intent for the Week — Create With Joy

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I ended last Friday’s post with something I want to carry over into this week:

Create with joy.

So many of us have struggled these past months to create. We’re exhasuted and stressed and frightened. We don’t know if what we had to say and have to say and want to say is relevant.

At least for this week, I need to try to drop all those layers of worry and take joy in the creative process. Even if I don’t get a lot done, I want to savor each moment.

I wish creative joy to you, too.

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Mon. Dec. 23, 2019: The Joy of Taking a Breath #UpbeatAuthors

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Monday, December 23, 2019
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
First Day of Hanukah

How can you possibly take a breath?

It’s almost Christmas, we’re in Hanukah, we just had the Solstice, what about all those presents that still need to be wrapped?

That’s why we need to breathe.

From Solstice through the New Year, I add an additional 40-minute session of candlelight yoga/meditation when I end my workday and before cocktail hour. This small space of time, which is wrench from the rest of the day, helps enormously on both mental and physical levels.

So take a breath, smile, and have a great holiday!

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Monday, Dec. 2, 2019: Defining Joy #UpbeatAuthors

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Monday, December 2, 2019
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde


December is the month of joy here. With the Winter Holidays approaching, it makes sense to decide and define what gives us joy.

For me, especially around this season, it’s a combination of old and new traditions, decorating, baking, and doing unexpected small things for other people.

I’m a big believer in holiday cards. I sometimes cut it a little close getting them out, but it gives me pleasure to choose and write a card I think someone will enjoy, to let that person know I’m thinking of them.

I bake a lot at the holidays. I make platters with a central small cake or cupcakes and an assortment of cookies. I give those to neighbors and to people with whom I’ve had a lot of interaction over the year: the library, the mechanic, the firemen, the guy who mows the lawn, the postal carriers, etc. It gives me joy to give them something I made for them.

I go all out on the decorating. I have an entire closet in my storage room that’s the Christmas Closet, floor to ceiling winter holiday decorations (I celebrate more than Christmas in this season). I start decorating on the weekend after Thanksgiving. If I’m lucky, I get it all done by Christmas Eve! The cats know if they sit still too long, they might get decorated, too! Well, the new cats don’t know that yet, but they will.

I make the extra effort to smile at people and to say, “thank you” especially when I’m shopping. I don’t shop on Black Friday — there’s nothing I need that badly to make me wait in line in the cold for hours. I DO shop on Small Business Saturday.

I wrap up projects and look over my plans for the coming year.

When it comes to submissions, unless it’s a contracted deadline, I stop submitting by December 12 or 15, and don’t start up again until around January 6. People deserve a holiday.

It means organization on my part, to make sure I can clear as much as possible off my plate before then. If something comes in here and there for a quick turnaround, then I have the room for it.

I appreciate the decorating other people do, and the gestures they make, and the fun everyone wants to have. I try not to feel pressured by any of it, but to appreciate it. I don’t always succeed, but I try.

Instead of trying to do 20 more things, I try to do less. I work on the things that make me happy, and I steer away from that which makes me unhappy. I make an exception when it’s something that means a lot to someone who matters to me. Then I step up and do it — with grace, not grumble.

In my mind, the winter holidays are here to remind us that, even in when the weather is cold and the days short, we can create light by being joyful with and for each other. When it comes from the heart instead of because we feel it’s expected, then we can have a positive impact all around us.

I’ve talked about this all year — make a difference amongst your immediate neighbors, and start a ripple effect.

What gives you joy during this season?


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