Thurs. July 31, 2014: Thank You, NMLC and Joseph Finder!

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Yesterday was a busy, but terrific day. To work in the morning, cleared a few things off my desk. National Marine Life Center did a presentation here, their Marine Medical Mystery, at 11 AM. It was awesome! It was a tween-focused program, and the kids were eager and enthusiastic — very participatory. Tons of fun. The program itself is exceptionally well done, and to have such enthusiasm takes it to the next level.

Once that was done, we struck (still using theatre terms, that’ll never change, will it?) and set up for the Joseph Finder event. Tables, chairs, food, drink, putting together the gift, etc. Finder was a keynote speaker at the Writers Conference a couple of years ago, and I knew he was a terrific speaker, so we were thrilled to get him here.

Books by the Sea was there with his books, and there was a solid turnout. He was, of course, a terrific speaker — intelligent, funny, insightful, precise, with great stories. Fortunately, he also had some strong boundaries, because one of our audience patrons made the inappropriate request that he read three of her screenplays. She is someone who only sees other people as a way to advance herself (rather than putting in the work that would advance her). I was furious, but he handled it with grace and charm, still holding firm to his boundaries.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and a couple of us sat around noshing and talking about structuring other programs. It was a good night, although we were all pretty tired by the time we wandered home at 9:30 at night.

I overslept a bit this morning, but managed to get in 1000 words on INITIATE, finishing chapter one, before I had to head back to the library.

Busy day today, and then I have to run around and do things like pick up cat food and cat litter (or I will have angry kitties). I want to get some more research done for BALTHAZAAR tonight. I don’t really like moving between several books, but right now, with this schedule, I have to. So I will adjust the creative process to fit.

The copies of TRACKING MEDUSA ordered in June finally arrived — so I’ll have copies for the Conference. Hopefully, copies will also arrive soon for Books By the Sea.



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Wed. July 30, 2014: Canals and Fantasies and Suspense

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
sunny and pleasant

Monday was a busy day. Good busy, but busy. I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying! I got a good chunk of both research and writing done for BALTHAZAAR TREASURE. Very satisfying, along with playing with some ideas for a new piece whose lead character is annoying me. Got a few pages of notes on that, and now she is shutting up.

Tuesday morning, up early. A new book, a fantasy novel, appeared in my head overnight, almost fully-formed. I wrote the outline, in longhand, throughout the day — twenty-six pages for the Writers Rough Outline.

That was challenging, because yesterday was the Centennial of the Cape Cod Canal. It turned 100. We were invited to a private party next to the Marine Life Center, supplied with wristbands, parking pass, etc. The cop didn’t want to let us in to the lot, despite the pass, but I told him I was turning in and he could either stop the traffic or I was going to cause an accident. I mean, come on, people! Get a clue.

The food was great in the tent. Over 600 people went through the Discovery Center over the course of the day, which was great. The tents and entertainment in the park were fun. After the party tent closed, we walked along the canal, and then set up chairs near the Bridge to watch the fireworks. The fireworks were well done, especially when you consider the constraints the providers were under. They made very good use of the design of the rockets with the space and the bridge and the proportions. I’m still spoiled by New York’s fireworks, but these were good. It was interesting, though — I always make fun of the music they use in New York, and yet, I missed the music last night. Go figure.

Post-fireworks was a nightmare, though, and an unnecessary one at that. We got into the car at 9:20 PM. By 10 o’clock, not one car had moved from any parking lot, and everything was still at a standstill on Main St. Not a cop in sight. Also not acceptable. And unnecessary. I sat in the car and started writing the first chapter of the new book — tentatively called INITIATE.

We all reconvened at the Marine Life Center and had an impromptu party until a little after 11, when traffic was moving again. A cop showed up for about three minutes, forcing people to turn left out of the lot — even though most people needed to go right to get where they were going and it’s known that one doesn’t make left turns during summer season. The cop left after about 3 minutes, and everyone went back to what they wanted to do anyway.

We waited until traffic was pretty clear, and then got home fairly quickly. We didn’t get to bed until nearly midnight.

Overslept until 6:30 this morning, but managed to get my mom’s medication from the pharmacy and write 1250 words on INITIATE before heading to the library.

Marine Medical Mystery by NMLC this morning at the library, and Joseph Finder talks about his new book, SUSPICION, tonight.

It’ll be a long day, but a really good one!

Have a great week, people.


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Mon. July 28, 2014: Undersea (in a Good Way)

Monday, July 28, 2014
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and warm (after downpours)

I’m a little late getting this up today, but, since I won’t be online tomorrow, today’s post has to work for both days! 😉

Busy weekend. Friday was busy at the library, but good. I was able to work on my boss’s computer (I should have mine in about ten days) and catch up on paperwork, PR, book orders, etc.

Saturday, I ran back into the library to print out a few things I’d forgotten on Friday, drop off books, pick up books.

The rest of the day was spent in research. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to keep BALTHAZAAR set in the Bahamas, to keep the Woodes Rogers connection historically accurate. I got through several research books, taking extensive notes, and jotting down ideas for scenes. This morning, I got most of Chapter Four drafted. I’m trying to effectively weave together four plotlines, two of which are contemporary and two of them in the late 1700s. Plus layer in the paranormal aspects. Justin, the male protagonist, is going to have to fight to keep his central position, because Alec, a character introduced in this book who will also be integral to Book #3, is threatening to take over. Justin is very aware of the threat. I’m almost ready to do the Writer’s Rough Outline — it usually takes me four chapters to write my way into the book. That will make the rest of the writing go more smoothly, even though I’ll have to research and write simultaneously, instead of spending months researching, then spending months writing and only filling in the gaps.

Some of the research I can also use for DARK ANNIE’S SECRET and for when I dust off CUTTHROAT CHARLOTTE and adapt it from serial to novel, so at least the research will have far-reaching goals.

One of those funny things — I got so many research books from the library, and the most useful one is a volume I own. Typical.

Quick check online, and then back into research. I won’t have time to do much tomorrow except play — I’ll be at the Cape Cod Canal Centennial Celebration. Don’t worry — I’ll take lots of pictures.

There’s also a Marine Medical Mystery by the NMLC at MMPL on Wednesday morning, and suspense author Joseph Finder speaks Wednesday night. So Wednesday will be busy, too.

I can’t believe that the Writers Conference is next week, and then the Mermaid Ball, and then it’ll be September!

Things are happening quickly. It’s all good, it’s just fast.


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