Wed. Sept. 1, 2021: September!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Waning Moon

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Uranus Retrograde

Cloudy and cool

It’s September! I love autumn!

The contrasts are so different. On Cape, people put on shorts as of April 1, even if it was still snowing. They’d march around in shorts and Uggs, if necessary, from April 1 until November. Here, this week, people were already wearing jackets. It’s entertaining.

I’m pleased with the work I did on the outline yesterday morning at the laundromat. There’s too much distraction to actually write scenes, but I can read there, and now I found out I can outline. Because I’m going to make use of the time.

I like how this piece is shaping. I’m working on outlines for three very different pieces, although all in the same genre, while getting back on track with the other pieces, and continuing to work on the novel-out-of-my-wheelhouse first thing every morning. I’m getting back into my creativity.

I slept better last night, because I wasn’t reading scripts up until bedtime. When I do that, there’s too much noise from other people’s work in my head, and it gets in the way of my own. So I need a longer stretch between stopping my reading for the night and sleep. Perhaps I’ll add in a creative session of my own (longhand, not screen).  I need my own work to have room to breathe and percolate overnight as I sleep.

I can read finished, published work up until I sleep, no problem. But drafts, where I’m supposed to comment, or work for review — I need a gap, or something different, between finishing that work for the night and going to sleep. Or it interferes with my work. And protecting my own work/voice/creativity is the priority.

The rest of the morning was spent in bureaucracy. Necessary, but annoying. Lots of paperwork to do, connected to the move.

Headed out to the post office to mail the bureaucracy, then to the library, to pick up a book on hold. Once there, I discovered that I’d walked out of the house without my wallet AGAIN. I offered to go back to get my card, but they let me check out the book without it.

I leave my wallet at home too often lately. That has to stop. Once is a genuine mistake. Multiple times is carelessness and stupidity, and I don’t have room for those kinds of errors. I keep things in the same place, and have a preparation ritual to go out the door, so it is inexcusable to have left my wallet home, now, multiple times.

Headed for a big grocery shop to Stop and Shop, getting in what I need for the cooking/baking for my friend’s visit. Headed to Wild Oats for a few more things. Will have to do a trip to Big Y tomorrow for some stuff I couldn’t find, and then another swing by Wild Oats to get some stuff I want fresher than sitting around from Tuesday to the weekend.

My downstairs neighbor-one-over gave me some produce from her garden, and it is yummy! So, when I bake cookies tomorrow, I’ll make some extra for her.

Read for about an hour in the afternoon. Was supposed to attend a virtual networking event, but couldn’t get the Zoom link to work. Turned out it was a Spectrum problem – there were trucks on the street. I’ll have to send an apology to the organizer today.

I have a lot of script coverage to complete today, and a couple of writeups. Tomorrow is my last day to get anything written up, so that I have the whole weekend off. I’m looking forward to the break.

This afternoon, I’m looking forward to Remote Chat!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Waning Moon
Sunny and pleasant

We seem to be in for a stretch of good weather, thank goodness.

I was booted off the workshop site in the late morning yesterday and couldn’t get back on all day, which was frustrating. I tried from three different computers with three totally different internet connections, and, nothing. If I can get on today, it means I have a lot of catching up to do.

Wound up driving to Fairfield, where I haven’t gone for years, to a bookstore there. I picked up the third of the CE Murphy books I wanted — they didn’t have the second. The traffic on I-95 was ridiculous. What were all these people doing out? They were supposed to be in church for Good Friday services! 😉 So I took the Merritt back, much nicer, but still lots of storm damage.

Got a little bit of writing done — I have trouble concentrating when so much is still hanging over me with the workshop. Had a decent, but not great, writing session this morning.

Elsa gets better for awhile and then gets worse. I’m trying to reach the vet so we can figure out what to do.

The author copies of the ARDEUR anthology arrived. Always nice to hold the finished book in one’s hand! It looks really nice. AND the other half of my advance was tucked in with the book, yee-hah! A check for one’s work always makes the day better.

Okay, let’s hope I can actually get on the forum and get my work done today.


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