Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011
Dark Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Saturday was all about class, which was good. Caught up with my students, commented on work, answered questions.

Sunday morning, I hit the road a little after 8 AM. Traffic was heavy, but moving. I had the music turned up, and it was a reasonably smooth ride. I stopped in Old Saybrook, at my favorite place, and picked up a variety of oddities — small pottery bowls, whorled glass vases, wooden hatboxes, mercury glass candleholders, etc. along with a lamp I liked for the bedroom — only I didn’t pay attention to the kind of bulb it needs, and it may be more decorative than useful. But that’s okay; I still like it.

Arrived in CT. Tried to get settled. Went out to get Chinese take out in Greenwich. Instead of my familiar haunts, I went to the closest, Hunan Gourmet in the Whole Foods Plaza, which was about 20 minutes away instead of 30+. Well, THAT was a mistake. When I got back and unpacked, I found they left the moo shu pork out of the moo shu pork order. The pancakes and the rice were there, but no filling. When I called, the response was, “oh, yeah, we found it in the kitchen. We wondered which order it went to.” EXCUSE ME???? Supposedly there’s no manager on duty or anyone I can talk to. I go back and they hand me the congealed, tepid thing that’s now been sitting there for 40 minutes. No interest in making it right, no interest in giving me my money back or re-filling the order properly. By the time I got the tepid mess back, the pancakes were like glue, and when reheated, resembled rubber tire treads. On top of that, the reheated moo shu was just plain BAD, and the spring rolls had shrimp in them, even though I had specifically asked before I ordered, telling them I’m allergic to shrimp, and was told there was no shrimp in them. Not only did I have a lousy mess of a “dinner” that THEY messed up and didn’t make right or refund my money — and they were TWICE the price of any other place around here — it made me sick. Literally. I had a miserable night. I should have driven the extra ten minutes to one or fifteen minutes to another restaurant I know, where I know the service and the quality are good.

It would have been so simple to make it right — either replace the full order or refund my money. If I’d wandered off and left it sitting on the counter, it would have been on me — but they couldn’t be bothered to fill the order properly. And it was sealed and the contents attached, meaning it had been checked before it was brought out.

Yeah, they are going to hear from me, as it the state’s restaurant board and the BBB. Not acceptable on any level. And I reviewed them on Trip Advisor.

I”m still feeling lousy today, but I have work to do, and then I have to go back on the road in the late afternoon to drive home.

But that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I’d like to go back to bed, but that’s not an option right now.


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