Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and hot

Hop on over to Lori Widmer’s Words on the Page, where I’m a guest blogger while she’s out of town. I write about the Home Writing Retreat.

Of course, yesterday’s post didn’t post when scheduled (et tu, Word Press?), so it’s below this one.

Yet more techno-drama. Yesterday, my mother’s cell phone died. So, today, I’m taking all the phones and chargers and tossing them at someone’s head at the store. Done with tech problems. I want the services for which I pay.

Later that night, the landline where she’s staying went out. I went over and managed to fiddle with it so she can call out if there’s an emergency.

Parchment, quill pens, carrier pigeons. Just sayin’.

I was out of the house yesterday early, having cleaned up, taken out the garbage, cleaned out the litter boxes, taken out the recycling, filled the feeders and waterers, checked to make sure everything was turned off/unplugged/locked.

I couldn’t believe how full the car was: the duffle with my clothes, my yoga bag, my computer bag, my workbag with files/research materials/DVDs/etc., and three bags of food.

I arrived a little early to go over the instructions for the week, and it started raining soon after. I unpacked the food, unpacked the work stuff and clothes, etc. and settled in. Ah! Peace and quiet. I’m happy to say the Time Machine back-ups seem to have worked, and MOST of my files are intact. Those that I have to re-download are easily accessible, and I didn’t lose any original work. I was settled in to work before 10 AM.

That midair crash on Saturday between the helicopter and the small plane over the Hudson is horribly tragic. Nine people killed. There are too many crashes — every day on the roads and now in the air.

Had a reasonably productive day. In addition to the site work, I got the first draft of “Plot Bunnies” into the computer and started getting “Personal Revolution” in. I also managed to work in some work for an editing client. I was very fatigued all day, the fallout from the previous day’s stress.

However, one of my favorite things about working/staying at this site is the kitchen. Last night, I made poached chicken in orange/lime/cilantro sauce, made creamy mashed potatoes, and steamed some peas and corn with more cilantro and just a touch of garlic. Yum! And pizza for lunch.

Had a great yoga session this morning. Started the next short story on the list. Another comic mystery. Got everything sorted at the site until I get back.

I’m headed back home to feed the cats (will probably post this from home), clean up after them, print off some material on my computer, download some more editing projects, maybe finally get my bins from White Plains, and get the cell phone situation sorted out with Verizon before heading back to the site. It’s supposed to take me about two hours, but we’ll see. I’m keeping careful lists as I move from the site to my home office, because specific things have to be done at each, and I only have about an hour or two off-site each day in which to get it all done.

It’s supposed to be nearly 100 today, so I’ve got to make sure I get the apartment cooled off, the cats have cool places to sleep, and there’s plenty of cool water for them.