Thurs. April 26, 2012: Working through a mini Dark Night of the Soul

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Yesterday just sucked. No two ways about it. Too many unpleasant things to be dealt with, all at once. By dinnertime, I just wanted to throw in the towel on just about everything and stay in bed for the next few weeks.

Not an option.

It was heartening to get into the workshops and see the leaps that some of my students have made in their work. There’s some outstanding stuff going on, and that brightened my mood enormously. I WANT them to succeed and achieve their writing dreams. They need to understand there’s no magic “Easy” button, that it takes work, commitment, persistence (because, really, if you can’t commit to a class of a week, a month, et al, how do you expect to commit to a career?). And if you quit every time it’s hard — it’s only going to get harder. When you triumph over a “hard” assignment, it’s that much more satisfying. And getting into the mindset of finishing what you start does more, in the long run, than anything other than writing steadily. Finish what you start until the end. See it through. It still might not sell. But the act of finishing gives you momentum into the next project. If you keep starting things and not finishing them, you sabotage yourself. You drain your energy on “maybes” instead of “dones.”

I still can’t completely shake this whatever-it-is. Yesterday, it was stomach bug and migraine. Today, my throat’s scratchy again. Time to get down to the stillroom and mix up some vile-tasting herbal concoction that’s going to blast it out.

My mom’s next surgery is today. She has a follow-up tomorrow, and the next few days are crazy busy.

I had a nightmare for the first time in months, too — set back in the old apartment.

But the sun is shining and the yard looks lovely, so I’m going to spend some time outside, too (although it’s kind of cold).


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter DIRECT
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Jupiter goes direct today, thank goodness. That should ease up on some of the hearth-and-home and tangible stuff. Neptune’s still retrograde — which, as my ruling planet is no fun, and Uranus retrogrades are just a pain in the ass, pun intended.

Yesterday was busy — although not all 81 students are regularly posting exercises, enough are so that I’m spending 8-10 hours a day reading and commenting. It’s a little more of a challenge this year, because I wasn’t able to clear the desk off as far as deadlines, so I’m juggling projects.

I have to say that I’m delighted with the students. They’re dedicated and have some great ideas. There are a few who’ve taken the workshop every year, and their growth as writers is joyful to behold.

Acupuncture was great yesterday, and I feel so much better. She fixed the ear problem I’ve had since I got on the plane and got most of the knots out. A lack of sleep is bringing some of them back — between the scumbag landlords banging around all day so I can’t rest or concentrate and Metro North working on the train tracks across the street all night and me hating ANY kind of repetitive machine noise — life Chez Devon is not a barrel of laughs right now.

The work on the short story is going beautifully, although I know I’ll have to make cut to get it in under the word count. But it’s all I really want to be working on — so it’s a challenge. I love the characters, I love the potential.

I’ve got to write up the stuff for Confidential Job #1 and do another pass on the essay today, along with keeping with everything in the Muse Conference. All the while, trying to refrain from burying the scumbags with their own ditch digger.

1and1 is still not working properly, so next week’s priority needs to be redesigning the websites and pulling off what I still need from the mail accounts so I can move hosts. This is out of control. I hate to lose the design of the Cerridwen site, but I’ll just have to come up with something better. I think I can — I’ve got a few ideas percolating. I know what I want from the Devon site — I’ve even picked out a few designs. It’s the Fearless Ink one with which I’m struggling. I have a basic, overall idea, but I’m not sure how to execute it in iWeb or where to find the elements I want to layer. Redesigning the logo is the hardest part — I’m fully capable of it, but it’s settling on the elements of it that are the challenge — what I feel represents both me and the sense of “fearless” and open space that’s so important to the site, yet still tied to writing and business writing. Something that smacks of corporate isn’t going to cut it for me, but something a little too granola won’t do it, either.

The beautiful Linden tree in the back that we hope to save gave me a wonderful gift yesterday, as I returned from acupuncture. It’s a little longer than a branch for a traditional wand, but it’s lovely and will be treasured.