Wed. Aug. 15, 2012: Injury Slowing Me Down

Tessa and Violet resting between patrols

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
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Sunny and warm

Good work day yesterday, and got the front mowed. Today, it’s the terraced back area.

Somehow, managed to hurt the hip flexor in my right hip. I remember feeling discomfort during the conference, which got worse as the week progressed, and also driving to and from CT over the weekend. Now, it’s gotten very bad — can barely sit to drive. Sitting, in general, is excruciatingly painful. Standing, walking, lying down are fine, but sitting . . . which makes work more difficult. I think I’ll have to cancel out of tonight’s event — I can’t sit long enough to drive there, and then I can’t sit when I get there.

Planned to go to a reception for a new theatre collection at a local library. Only there was no parking. After driving around the area three times, and refusing to do what other people did and just park on people’s lawns, I left. If you’re going to have an event and don’t have enough parking, make arrangements with a nearby place who does, and let people know the overflow. Very disappointed. But, in light of the amount of pain I was in, perhaps it wasn’t entirely a bad thing to come home. Ice doesn’t help, heat doesn’t help, stretching doesn’t help, ibuprofen doesn’t help, pressure points don’t help. I may take a Valerian later this afternoon to force it to release, especially if I cancel out of tonight’s thing.

Something was rummaging out in the back of the garden this morning. I couldn’t tell what it was — too far away — but it was fairly big and made noise. Not like a cat or dog, either. Tessa was furious — got all puffy and was ready to rumble when I took her inside. Not afraid at all, but very protective.

Got a good day’s work in yesterday, and have an even longer one today. I’ve got an errand to run early this a.m., but then I’ll be at my desk, working. A lot of work over the next few days will be on the ghostwriting gig. Need to land another couple of quick-turnaround, quick paying gigs in the next couple of weeks, since one long-term assignment is ending in the next couple of weeks, and it’s replacement hasn’t panned out as well financially as promised.

It’s hard not to feel discouraged when one is in pain, because it’s so exhausting, but I’m trying to keep my attitude in perspective and the rest will align.

I read CE Lawrence’s SILENT VICTIM yesterday. It was great to see how what we talked about in class is applied. I loved all the New York stuff — really a great example of “Setting as Character” (will add her to my reading list for that class). Well-done story. Kept me on the edge of my seat in the best possible way. A lot of things I knew in theory are now making sense in practice.

Off I go, then, trying to get everything done, and also get this damned hip injury sorted.


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