Wed. Sept. 2, 2020: Die For Tourist Dollars Day 105 — Keep on Keeping On

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and mild

Yesterday’s oil change was a nightmare in a place that didn’t follow ANY safety protocols – only I couldn’t get out once the car was in the bay until they were done. I am furious. The company lies and the employees are a bunch of anti-mask COVIDIOTS. I will not go back there unless I have no other choice.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they sabotaged the car because I was wearing a mask. We will see, over the next few days.

Home, extra disinfectant protocols (to scrub off the scum),

Admin work, client work, article work, getting out press releases for Grief to Art.

Grief to Art Logo

The allergies are really, really bad. Sneezing like crazy, runny nose, itchy eyes. Finally broke down last night and took anti-allergy medicine, which knocked me out so I could sleep.

Some decent writing yesterday; not sure what today will bring. I have to go onsite for a client, which is always more stressful than it needs to be. I need to replace this client, and I’m working on it.

Read the first book in a series where I’d read the fourth book a week or so ago and really liked it. Unfortunately, this book uses a slur like it’s something common and normal – which, even if people do it, we should know better by now and it shouldn’t be accepted. I felt slapped in the face and so disappointed. I’d gotten other books by this author out of the library; not sure if I’ll read them. I was annoyed by the slur, and the character seemed a little weak to me – although, since I liked this character so much in book 4, maybe it was simply the starting point for growth.

Those “share the first sentence of your WIP” or “give us an excerpt of your WIP” are running around again. No. Just no. First of all, my publisher is very specific about not sharing unedited work on anything that’s contracted, and that’s something I respect. Second, why would I blow first rights on a social media game? Third, why would I “share” unedited work? WIPs are just that – working drafts. As a reader if someone splatters their unedited work out there, it immediately defines them, to me, as unprofessional. Self-published or not. And reading an excerpt that’s a hot, unedited mess is more likely to turn me off an author than be a marketing tool that works on me.

I’m all for sharing work privately with Trusted Readers for feedback — but not splattering it on the internet. Some random read-by opinion is not going to help me shape/fix/hone the work.

Excerpts are great – of edited material that’s about to be or has just been published. But I skip the WIP splatters. Not for me, as a writer OR a reader.

On a happier process note, I figured out how to fix a problem I’ve been having in one of my own manuscripts. I wanted the title to be a pun on a show title. I realized I could do that by simply changing the murder victim’s name, and have his new name be the pun in the title. A simple fix that makes all the difference. Why it took me several months to figure out, who knows? I’d like to blame pandemic brain, but that’s too easy.

A call for submission landed on my desk for a nine-month script development project. I think I will submit one of the pieces I did for the 365 Women clearing house – either the play on Giulia Tofana or Lavinia Fontana. The Tofana piece needs more work; it might not get chosen for just that reason, but the stated reason is to work and develop the piece over nine months, and that’s the piece of mine which would benefit most from a long development process, so I think I will risk it. I’ll do another pass on it this weekend, before I submit.

If I don’t try, there’s not chance at all, right?

Pulling together material for the next few weeks of the Knowledge Unicorns homework group (they came up with the name and a logo and want to study the Octopus as a special project for September). The group officially starts next week.

I wanted to participate in the virtual Spark by the Freelancers Union tonight. The closest meeting is the Brooklyn chapter and that’s full (how can a virtual meeting be full?) and I feel strange about signing up for the DC meeting, so I guess I’m not doing it this time around. Oh, well.

At least there’s Remote Chat today. Then, I need to polish my article to send off on deadline tomorrow, and work on my review.

The weather’s been lovely the past few days. Perfect temperature, low humidity. I’ve enjoyed working out on the deck in the afternoons. Yes, taking the cats out in their playpens.

I have to put in another Chewy order this week. Those little dickenses eat a lot!

Results are coming in from yesterday’s primary. So far, so good. Let’s hope the ballots for the general election arrive on time.

Tomorrow, I have to set up a bunch of medical appointments, and also set an appointment so my mom can renew her driver’s license next month and we can renew the car’s registration. Good thing I have the Llewellyn money coming in to cover it.

Back to the page for me, and I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

So, I bet you all want to know about the Freelancers’ Luncheon, don’t you?

I was the only one who showed up.

Yep. Not one of the other people who RSVP’d in the positive was there. Nor was there a representative from the Freelancers’ Union to talk to us about insurance. Nor did the restaurant have any idea we were meeting there.

Before you ask, yes, I checked all the details before I left, and I checked to see if there was a message canceling it. There was not – just a reminder as to time and place.

I lost 3 hours of my writing day, 2 of it driving, for a non-existent event.

It won’t happen again.

And, when I got home to see if I’d somehow missed the cancellation message – the head office had sent me a message asking me how it went.

I had a few choice words. They all had more than four letters, don’t worry.

And I withdrew from the group, letting the regional head know in no uncertain terms why. I’m sorry, for the rest of the group (albeit a small one) to suddenly have emergencies so close to the lunch that they can’t send out word they’ve cancelled? I don’t buy it. To me it speaks of the following: disorganization, disrespect, lack of time management skills.

As a freelancer, first impressions are important. My first impressions of these people is so low, I wouldn’t do business with them, and, should one wish to become a client I’d charge 100% up front, because I don’t trust them to ever pay otherwise!

You better believe I stayed and had a delicious lunch. I wasn’t about to turn around and drive back another hour on an empty stomach! The food was great, the restaurant very gracious. No, the rest of the group wasn’t elsewhere in the restaurant – I was the very first customer to arrive in the entire building, and the manager asked every person who entered if they were there for the luncheon. The only other group booked was a group of seventy-year-old women who played tennis all their lives. They’d met as young marrieds in their thirties, playing together regularly for years, and now, scattered throughout the counties as they are, they meet every few months for lunch. I also met an aristocratic woman who’d been released from jury duty in White Plains early and drove up to Yorktown Heights to treat herself to lunch!

The foliage along the river drive is beautiful, so I enjoyed that. I got a good lunch and a bit of a break, so it wasn’t a total loss, but I won’t be dealing with these people again. I don’t care what the excuses are. The bottom line is that they’re unreliable, discourteous, and not worth my time.

You KNOW how I am about wasted time! Especially when I’ve spent it in heels!

I figured out some more plot stuff for the Cozy Which Must Be Renamed. And yes, I got out my late assignment before I left for lunch, with apologies to my editor, who was very understanding.

Iris and Violet, my two Russian Blues, are more demanding than usual, now that a Russian Blue was named Best in Show at Madison Square Garden last weekend. They watch the news – they keep up!

Shout out to PJ Hoover! Her book THE EMERALD TABLET released yesterday. I look forward to reading it!

I’m participating in the event over on Wild on Books next week – stay tuned.

And, hopefully, in a few more days, I’ll have another fun announcement!

Took the rest of yesterday off, once I returned from the non-lunch. Figured some stuff out, did a little research, did a little reading – all good. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hit the wall this week. Part of it is definitely exhaustion from the conference.

Had a great morning’s work on The Big Project and baked apple muffins for breakfast.

Now, it’s on to a hopefully productive writing day.


The Big Project – 19,069 words out of est. 75,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
19 / 75

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