Fri. June 29, 2012: The Kind of Work I Love

These roses planted themselves

Friday, June 29, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

It’s been a long time since I drank tequila. More on that later.

Busy day yesterday, but tons of fun. Between prepping production for the PSA and IM’ing to live follow the Supreme Court Decision with the people with whom I’d worked so hard to get a decent version of health care passed, I had my hands full, once I got back from yoga.

Yoga was great– it kicked my ass. I came in with nothing in the tank and was wiped out when I left, but it really upped my energy for the rest of the day.

I was thrilled and delighted by the Supreme Court Decision. Surprised — I fully expected it to go the other way — and felt like all that work I did with my elected senators and representatives and their staffs hadn’t been thrown out just because the other side could afford to pay for more lies. It’s good to know that the highest court in the land doesn’t think I don’t deserve access to health care simply because I’m not rich, which is the right’s position on it. Even though I don’t agree with the mandate, there are many, many elements of the health care law that are important, especially for women. The provisions that insurance companies can’t charge women more than men simply because they’re women, and that they can’t turn away someone for a pre-existing condition are important. And, let me remind you, if the Republicans hadn’t forced those 168 stupid amendments, the insurance companies wouldn’t have been able to raise premiums the way they have. That was NOT part of the original legislation — that was ADDED by the GOP politicians owned by the insurance companies. If you don’t believe me, go to the government website, read the original legislation, and the read the GOP-forced amendments. There’s a lot more to be done until health care is fair for all. Erin Gloria Ryan has an hilarious and frighteningly on-the-mark response to what this decision means for women here.

But the happy dance had to pause, because I had a video shoot to deal with! Loaded up the car, got there on time. It took awhile to get set up, and there was a lot of noise all around on the early takes (because it’s not like we were shooting in a studio and had control of the environment). And we changed the background a few times, and tried takes with different wardrobe choices, and I was glad I brought some clip lights, because I needed to add some fill in to offset the overhead florescent. Obviously, it’s not studio production quality, but it’s something that’s simple and clean and clear and usable for what we need. It was fun for a day, and I realized that I miss some elements of the work — but if I had to do it every day again, it would quickly get old.

After the shoot, we had a good meeting, and then a couple of us went over to Captain Al’s, on the water to just go hang out. It was a ton of fun. I had a couple of margaritas — first time in a long time I had tequila. Fortunately, I’d brought dinner along to the shoot and the meeting (I made an Asian-style chicken salad), so we’d eaten before we went! It was nice to just hang out.

Today, I’ve got to edit the PSA and send it off. I’ve got to work on a couple of articles and get out some interview requests. It looks like another article assignment from a “slick” (print magazine on glossy paper) may have landed in my lap — I have to find out the deadline and word count. I start the ghostwriting gig — the check arrived and they emailed me the materials I need to get started. I have to turn around an assignment for Confidential Job #1. I’ve been invited to a press jaunt in Newport next week — if I can arrange it, I’d like to go. That’s very iffy at this point.

Edits, then errands — and I’m going to try to mow a bit before the rain starts.

Have a great weekend!


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