Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and cold
Earth Day

Today actually IS Earth Day, and I will celebrate by spending time in stewardship of my own little patch of it later today.

Lots of admin yesterday. Got the payment situation for the workshop sorted out, and should be paid soon. Glad I asked — or I wouldn’t have seen the money.

Good day’s work on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY, which was nice. It’s starting to come together and make a little more sense. I have a feeling that Daisy and Dulcie, the two Yorkshire terriers who share the protag’s life, are going to be scene-stealers!

Ran some errands, picked up some books that the library got in for me on Sissinghurst, the famous English garden. When we travelled in the UK, we visited a lot of big houses and their wonderful gardens. Felbrigg, where we stayed in “the Mustard Pot” cottage had gorgeous gardens, including a walled garden and an orangerie filled with camellias and tropical plants. Blickling Hall, not too far away, had gorgeous, formal Italian gardens — and even some stone sphinxes and a pyramid! The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall remained lost to us — never could find ‘em –but I hear they’re wonderful. Anyway, I love visiting and looking at the formal gardens, but I don’t think I could live with one — and not just because of the upkeep. I admire the designs very much, but I need a garden I can live in. Someone asked my garden style and I said, “Enchanted cottage garden with gothic touches”. I like to tuck in surprises that will make those with good intentions laugh at the contradictions, and those without good intentions will get a jolt.

Took a drive down to the large, shoreline compounds on the water in and around Hyannis. Beautiful stuff. The water was an amazing shade of blue-green yesterday, really wonderful. Again, a lot of these large summer houses are too formal for me. They’re pretty, I appreciate them, but I need something that can be lived in, not just admired.

People who live here year-round do most of their own yard work and planting, while people who live here part-time hire in landscapers and the rest — which makes perfect sense, because they’re not here, and someone’s got to stay on top of it. But again, there’s a difference. The landscaped properties look sterile and aloof, whereas the ones where the individual owners do the work are filled with life and enchantment. In CT, where I still work a lot, almost everyone hires in people to “do” the yards, which means they mow and use leaf blowers all the time, but things rarely look enchanted and individual — just cut. It’s interesting to see the contrasts in different styles.

Started working on the back bed of my own yard, which will take MUUUUCH longer than I expected. I got maybe an eighth of it done in the hours I spent on it yesterday. I’ll write about it in detail in tomorrow’s garden post.

Unpacked some stuff in my office, and then unpacked six of the kitchen boxes still in the garage. Found some cool stuff, including a set of martini glasses I didn’t remember owning. I need to get a couple more shelf units for the basement, so I can store everything properly. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.

Occasionally, I watch THE MENTALIST, because I like the ensemble cast. I happened to flip it on last night, and it was a story-line that supposedly took place at a racetrack. It was AWFUL. Either the writer did ZERO research, or the showrunner/producers/network execs decided to ignore the research. The episode was a slap in the face to anyone who works in the industry and who loves horse racing. So many details had nothing to do with what it’s actually like to work on the backstretch — and most of the story took place there. It wasn’t even remotely plausible. I understand that some things may need to be changed for dramatic reasons, but at least root it in the reality of the world, so it’s got some relevance. Absolutely an offensive and insulting episode. The lack of research and respect for an intense and unique industry was unacceptable. Guess I won’t be watching that show again.

Frost again last night — Mahoney’s sent around another warning to cover the in-ground plants. I saw a squirrel run away with a few tiny leaves of the neighbor’s lettuce this morning, which was pretty funny.

If you celebrate Easter weekend, may you have a beautiful time.


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