Thurs. March 9, 2017: Preparing for Another Storm

Thursday, March 09, 2017
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and mild

Supposedly, we have a big storm coming tonight, so I’m running around like a maniac getting done all the errands that would otherwise be spread out. My head is killing me, so there’s a storm coming.

Yesterday, was the Day Without Women. I was sick anyway, and grateful to have the chance to rest. I read some, dosed myself with all kinds of herbal remedies, and didn’t write (although I thought about writing a lot). I mentally worked on POWER OF WORDS, NOT BY THE BOOK and SONGBOUND SISTERS, so I hope to get words on the page for all of those today.

I did more Italian Renaissance research. I wish we had minds like that working nowadays. We wouldn’t be in such a great big mess.

Took my mom to the lovely firemen to get her blood pressure checked.  In four days on the new medication, it’s adjusted to where it should be.  A good doctor makes a difference.  Plus, you know, my firemen are the best.

Today, I’m racing around doing errands and then writing. I’m not sure if I’ll get online tomorrow – it depends if they’re right about the snow and how much we get.

Here on Cape Cod, our lives are dictated by weather. And climate change.

Have a great weekend!

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Wed. Feb. 15, 2017: Of Words and Firemen

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Waning Moon
Rainy and cold

Yesterday was an odd day. Dump run in the morning, to get rid of the trash. Errands. Library.

Had a huge craving for fish and chips. My characters ate it in a recent scene, while they were having a production meeting, and suddenly, all I could think of was how badly I wanted fish and chips.

There’s a place just down the street from me, a chain restaurant I usually avoid, but they were close and reasonably price.

As I pull up and get out of the car, three fire trucks pull up. And the guys, my firemen, are busting my chops, because here we all are again. Together.

Turns out the power outages caused problems in the sprinkler system for the whole plaza, and they had to check each pressure point. The fire alarms were going off all over the place, including in the restaurant. They couldn’t cook, but people could stay. Most didn’t.

I hung out, nursing a beer, and about a half hour later, it was all settled, and I got my fish and chips. Worth the wait. The manager knocked 50% off, but I left the waitress a huge tip, because three tables had walked out on her, and she was having a rough day.

So it was all good.

But I didn’t get started on my writing day until nearly 3 PM, and only got 14 pages in. Which is still decent.

I figured, as I was doing my mid-month GDR evaluation, that I’ve written 177 pages so far this month, a little over 44K words. Even though it’s not on the projects I planned, it’s a good pace.

I’m rethinking some of the plot points of SONGBOUND SISTERS, and I hope to get back into that this weekend. I’m not quite sure how I can get back on track with NOT BY THE BOOK, but I’d like to, because it’s high energy, fun, and romantic, and I think readers would enjoy it.

I’m hoping to have a solid writing and research day today, and later, spend some time on Constitutional Law. I’ve also got some material to work on for FIX-IT GIRL.

Back to the page, which is my favorite place to be.

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