Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and humid

Well, yesterday was an adventure. I went out in the morning to do errands. Went to the Post office, which was actually open at a time I could go. Stopped at the wine store, went to Staples to get my external hard drive. The guy at the store tried to push me into having my PC cleaned. I explained I switched to Mac, and didn’t need the PC cleaned anymore, and I was there to get a Mac-compatible external hard drive. The Apple store used Seagate quite a bit, and it was on sale at Staples, so that’s the one I chose. Continued on with other errands, to Bed Bath and Beyond, who didn’t have what I needed and Michael’s, who didn’t have what I needed, and, well, you get the picture. I didn’t even make the planned stop at DSW. Just not in the mood.

Got home, took a look at the hard drive — and it’s only compatible with PC. Yeah. Part of that is my responsibility — I should have checked before I left the store, instead of trusting the employee to get from the stock room the item for which I asked. Especially at that particular Staples. But I should also be able to trust that the guy brings me the right piece of equipment.

Went back to the store, and, of course, heaven forbid any of the accounting should be easy. There were all kinds of accounting histrionics, and I won’t really know how it’s sorted until I get my statement next month. They didn’t have the Seagate hard drive that’s compatible with Mac, so I got a MyBook, which one of the other employees actually uses with her Mac.

Came home, hooked it all up, set up Time Machine — and it was done in an hour. An hour! That’s it! The last time I tried to back up the PC, a window popped up saying, I kid you not, that it would take FIFTY-FOUR HOURS to back up the computer. And I already have way more on the Mac than I ever had on any of my PCs.

One of my books arrived from National Geographic yesterday, the book on the Hubble Telescope. It’s amazing. It will take me weeks to thoroughly read it and absorb it, and it’s a book to which I will often go back.

Laid-back afternoon. Disappointing dinner — picked up some Thai food and it wasn’t very good Watched a movie — THE HOLIDAY. I’d heard awful things about it, and it wasn’t bad. There were a few logistical lapses I wanted fixed, and I think they could have pushed the comedy and still not gone over into slapstick, which they were careful to avoid. I like the casting. It was a perfectly pleasant evening’s diversion.

Elsa had a bad night, which meant I had a bad night. I was up with her quite a bit. I think the respiratory infection is back. This morning, I gave her medicine, which made her throw up, but now the respiratory infection seems to be better. Maybe we can both nap in the afternoon. I’ll give her some Rescue Remedy tonight, and then some more medicine tomorrow, and see how she does. If she’s got a relapse, I’ll have to take her back to the vet.

Violet raced around this morning like a lunatic, and then ran head first into a large, hard-backed book I held. I was worried she had a concussion, but she seems fine.

I finally had a really good writing morning today. What a relief! I’ve got an article to finish today, some information to get back to an editor, and then I’ll have to make sure everything is taken care of early in the week, because I’m working out of town the second half of the week — and will probably bug the cat sitter by calling every half hour to check on Elsa.

I need to get a bunch of stuff packed and hauled over to storage before I go.

It’s a lovely day — I was out for a walk this morning to the bakery, and maybe I’ll get a chance to go out again this afternoon — if I don’t opt to nap.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.