Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

The days are flying by so fast! Part of that is because the writing is going really well, which is a good thing. I still have to rearrange my schedule to bring in some more short turn-around paying projects, but I don’t want to tip the strong writing rhythm that I’ve got right now.

Someone else dropped out of the year-long, and I had to hear about it third hand, which annoyed me more than the actual quitting. Acting with professionalism and grace costs nothing. Slinking away like a coward does not serve anyone. The expectations were set out at the beginning of class, and even earlier, during the application process. If anything, I scaled back some of the requirements and there are STILL people who thought it was too much work? What did they think writing a novel in a year-long INTENSIVE is? A vacation? A fluffy-bunny-white-light-kumbaya?

Well, that’s life. People never stop surprising you, and it keeps things interesting, right?

I’m glad I went to the meditation workshop on Friday night, although it was very different from the way I prefer to practice. It’s good to try new techniques, because until you try it, you can’t know whether or not it works. It was a little too much “guided” and not enough “mediation” for me. It’s hard to be “one with the silence” when you’re being yapped at all the time. And the leader had us OPEN our chakras, but not CLOSE them again, which I find dangerous. I closed mine, as is my practice when I do chakra cleansings or balancings, but it should have been part of the guidance. It’s unhealthy to walk around with totally open chakras. You’ll get whomped.

Wrote a lot, spent time with students, worked on the Harry Potter lectures. The class starts today and runs for the week. It should be really, really fun. I bet most of the people who signed up even read the books! It’s my last deconstruction class for the foreseeable future, and I think it’s a good one to wind things up with.

Put together the hard copies of media kits that have to go out in the coming weeks. I’m sending out some today, and dropping off several at local places that have interest in my work later today. I’m researching local book groups and putting together a proposal for them, too.

It’s supposed to be warmer today, which means I’ll get to work in the yard. I want to get most of the front mowed and tidied up. If everything work out, this will be the last mowing I need to do until spring. It will take me four or five sessions to get it all done, especially if the mower continues its wonkiness, But then, I’ll just need to keep up with the raking.

Re-read the ENCHANTMENT PLACE anthology edited by Denise Little. It’s a lot of fun. I was laughing out loud as I read some of the stories.

Put together another bookcase that will live in my room and hold urban fantasy, etc. There’s just enough room for it. Now, I think I’ve run out of space for bookcases in that room, as big as it is!

We’re still getting tomatoes and eggplants and strawberries from the plants under the grow lights, so all is good.

Should be a busy hearth-and-home week this week. I’ve also got to try a couple of lasagna recipes. I’m always responsible for the meal for the family in Maine on the night before Thanksgiving, and this year they’ve requested lasagna. Which I’ve never made before. So I want to do a couple of test runs!

I turned down a book contract this morning. I’ve been worrying over it for awhile now. It’s simply not the right fit. There were some red flags, and I ran it past my lawyer, who flat out said, “No way.” I’d done research on the company before I submitted, but once I looked at the paperwork they sent me, the warning bells sounded, and my gut told me it wasn’t the right fit. Better to bow out now gracefully than to get frustrated and miserable during the process. It’s always a risk to say no, but in this case, I think it serves everyone — including that publisher — the best. Scary, risky, but I want to re-think the approach on this series and try something else.


Today’s word count: 2985
Total word count: 64,684

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, October 12
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and lovely

Well, yesterday turned out to be a day of unexpected pleasures!

Got some writing done in the morning, including another short story, with two more percolating away. Which is good, because I need them as examples for the ebook I want to get up and market in the next few days! Plus, then I have a new batch of short stories for submission.

Caught the 12:46 into the city. It was filled with annoying people, but oh, well. Climbed through the SFTs (stupid fucking tourists) in Times Square and then through a street fair to get to 44 ½ over on Tenth Avenue, where I met Costume Imp. It’s a lovely place, and we had a grand time. He heads off tomorrow morning back out on tour and I won’t see him again until I go up to Montreal to visit in February. But we had a good catch up.

While we were “brunching”, I got a phone call from the show. Someone had an emergency and needed to be out for the evening show, so they wondered if I could fill in. So I said yes – I mean, I’m in the city anyway, why not? I warned I was in a skirt and heels, without my kit, but I don’t need much for that track, so they outfitted me with the rest, including finding me flat shoes!

Costume Imp and I traversed the street fair to go to Borders up at the Time Warner Center to buy books. We couldn’t find the ones he wanted and I wasn’t sure what I wanted, so I picked up an anthology edited by Denise Little entitled ENCHANTMENT PLACE, about a magical mall. It is wonderful! So far, I’ve enjoyed each and every story, and, again, it introduced me to new-to-me writers whose work I will now hunt down.

I grabbed a quick snack, went to the show. Everyone was glad to see me, it was great to see everyone. One of my actresses got sick right before the places call, so we put on the understudy and sent the unwell actress home to rest, poor thing. But after that bit of scramble, it was all good.

Came home late, puttered around.

Thank you so much, everyone, for the advice about the photographs! I can’t wait to try all that out. I don’t have Photoshop – I’m in Microsoft Word, and, while eventually I’ll invest in the whole Adobe Creative Whatever, it’s out of my price range right now, I really can’t justify it yet until I’m doing more graphic-type work, so I’m trying to learn different ways of doing things. I invested in a few photo editing software programs before my last computer crash, but they didn’t let me layer, so I haven’t loaded them back in.

Today, I have to write a lot and put the finishing touches on my workshop. The Muse Online Conference starts tomorrow, and I’m excited to spend time with my students.

Today, I want to get some work done on The Big Project and the ebook. I’d like to have it up in the next day or two. That means a few more short stories to write, but it’s all good.


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