Tues. Nov. 5, 2019: Nice Start to November

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde

Busy weekend.

A friend arrived on Thursday afternoon. We had cocktails and snacks. Homemade chicken pot pie for dinner, with orange rye bread. Gingerbread for dessert.

The weather was pretty vile, so there were only 8 Trick or Treaters.

At least I had enough candy.

We watched TEA WITH THE DAMES, talked. I’d done my ritual in the morning. I did my Tending the Dead ritual once everyone was asleep.

Willa bonded with my friend immediately, which was good. Charlotte behaved better. Tessa came out a little bit.

I tried anti-anxiety medicine on all three cats. It did nothing for Willa. It confused Tessa. It made Charlotte less aggressive, but more nervous. I kept Charlotte on it for a few days, but she was miserable.

A Letter to the Editor I ghost-wrote for a client appeared in the local paper. I felt a bit smug, and she was very pleased.

The weather was bad all night into Friday, although it started clearing up Friday mid-morning.

I cooked a big breakfast. We stopped at the library.

Then we went to the Cahoon Museum. It was delightful, as always, although it was between exhibits. I was sad they took down my favorite oil painting. But Ralph and Martha’s work always delights me. One of the two new exhibits, by a weaver, was beautiful. I’m trying to decide if I’ll go the opening reception this next week. It’s the last exhibit of this year, before they close for the winter.

We came home, and I made bahn mi for lunch.

Then, we headed up to Sturgis Library, and then over to the Edward Gorey House in Yarmouth. I hadn’t been there in several years. It was delightful, as always.

The guy at the front desk is someone I recognized from one of the local reading series where I’ve tested new work. He had no idea who I was. I’ve attended often enough that one would think he’d recognize me.

That’s what gets me here. It’s a small community, so “everyone knows everyone.” Yet, in professional contexts, they don’t retain information. They’ll remember gossip about the friend of a friend’s neighbor’s cousin like they know them and it’s first=hand information, but not remember someone with whom they interacted professionally.

Stopped at Parnassus Books on the way back, always a pleasure. Then, went to Tumbleweed Quilts so my friend could buy some novelty fabric for her sister.

It was nice enough to have a cocktail on the deck. I made a Venetian pasta out of THE BRUNETTI COOKBOOK. We watched the first, very dark episode of Season 4 of SHETLAND.

The cats behaved pretty well. Tessa needs to stay out more, so they all get used to being together. She holes up in my office all the time.

Saturday morning, up early. My friend was looking for something for her mom. We drove around all over Hyannis, three different stores, and finally found it at a yard sale down the street.

My friend left in late morning. I brought in the Halloween decorations, cleaned them off, packed them away. We packed all the Samhain decorations and put them away. We switched out the spider web curtains for the winter curtains and changed Halloween fabric coverings to Harvest fabric. Re-made the beds. I did laundry.

Charlotte and Willa discovered the basement, and had adventures.

They didn’t like empty boxes coming out, but once they were filled, the settled down. Tessa always avoids the chaos when decorations go up or come down. She hates it.

Finished reading MISS BUNCLE MARRIED by D.E. Stevenson, and started THE UNWRITTEN LIBRARY, which is quite wonderful and weird, but I’m worried it’s going to wind up being too religious for my taste.

Remembered to turn the clocks back.

Up early. Spent a good portion of the day working on edits. This draft is in good shape, and I’m happy with it. I have to smooth out a couple of things, and then I can get back to BALTHAZAAR TREASURE and DHARMA. I need to come up with an entire new outline for DHARMA, and I need to outline THE BARD’S LAMENT. I only have the most basic idea of where I want to go with it.

Yesterday morning, up early, trying to get back into the routine. Willa and Charlotte don’t really understand the concept yet of yoga and meditation time. They’re constantly up to something when I sit. It’s pretty funny.

Worked on my edits. Worked on THE BARD’S LAMENT. Worked more on it than I expected, but it’s flowing. Worked on site with my client. Bagged 30 gallons of leaves from the front yard.  Took a big stack of materials back to the library. Went to meditation. Worked on a book for review. Worked on a piece I’m doing for NMLC.

This morning, another writing session, another editing session, then off to my client. I’m debating whether to grocery shop today or tomorrow. Doing some more work on the piece for NMLC. I’m working with the Executive Director on it later this week.

Have to do some raking and yard work. I need to cut back a bunch of stuff, put the pots away from the deck (either cleaned and stacked, or, for the big plants, to the spot where they overwinter in the garage). I figure, if I do a little bit every day, eventually, it gets done.

I’m also doing some sorting and purging. Again, trying to do a little bit every day. Set the time for 15 minutes here and there, make a commitment to unpack a box or two. I want to get rid of a lot of stuff that’s not relevant to me anymore. I’ll keep most of the books, especially non-fiction, but release what I no longer want to define my life.

I’m redefining my life right now, which feels good, is scary, and most definitely necessary.

Meanwhile, I keep the writing steady. So it’s back to the page.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heritage Museum and Gardens

Saturday, July 2, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn went direct a few weeks ago — missed it
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune went retrograde a few weeks ago — missed it, but it explains a lot.

So yesterday’s email brought a mixed bag. On the positive side, I heard from a friend and former colleague who will be on the Cape later in the summer, and we’ll have the chance to hang out together. On the negative side, I got a rude, dismissive, and inappropriate email from someone who is supposedly in a people-managing position. Not only was the email rude, dismissive, and inappropriate, but it is in direct conflict with what the organization claims is its mission.

I was shocked, floored, and angry. Especially since I’ve been valued by organizations that are much bigger fishes in much huger ponds than this one.

But, better to know up front than get in an unhealthy situation. And, by the end of the day, I’d figured out how to kill of a character inspired by this so-called “manager” in a new book! 😉 It’s all material, and when you piss off a writer (at least this writer), a character inspired by you will meet a nasty and untimely end, and I will make lemonade out of your damn lemons!

Windmill at Heritage Museum and Gardens

To get the lousy taste out of my mouth, we decided to take advantage of the Free, Fun Fridays series. We started at the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich — 100 acres of gorgeous grounds. Considering I’d already walked three miles in the morning, by the end of it, I was hurting, but in a good way!

They have a wonderful working carousel, and a display. I didn’t take photos of the carousel, because it’s kind of skeezy to take photos of kids you don’t know, but I did photograph some of the exhibited pieces.

They had a labyrinth done in brick and white gravel, which was nice, but I found I prefer more definition — when I own property, I want to put in a labyrinth, because I enjoy walking them so much. I didn’t walk it, because of the small children running around it — glad they’re having fun, but it wasn’t conducive to contemplation! They also had a maze, but instead of being a traditional hedge maze, it was a full-out garden maze, using a variety of climbing plants, and placing benches in the deadends, so they became small, contemplative arbors. I’d never seen that before, and thought it was an interesting choice.

From the Gardens, we went over to Yarmouth, to the Edward Gorey House. If you’ve ever watched Mystery! on PBS, you’re familiar with his drawings. He wrote and illustrated books, as well as designing plays and ballets. And he loved cats, one of which still holds court in the gift shop. The house he lived in, overlooking the common in Yarmouth, is now a museum, filled with his whimsical drawings and objects. It’s quite wonderful, an oddly laid out house with a wonderful kitchen, plenty of fireplaces, and quirky in the most wonderful ways. You can tell many hours of delighted creativity took place there, because the atmosphere is still so joyful.

Edward Gorey House

Came back, had lunch, took a nap. Not taking the time I needed to take directly after the move, and after four years of fighting with scumbag landlords is coming back to bite me in the butt now, so, on the rare days when I can take care of myself, I try to do so.

I wanted to go to the Wampanoag Powwow today, but I can find so little information on it (like directions and whether there’s an admission fee), I may have to skip it this year. Traffic was backed up over the bridges 5-7 miles most of the afternoon — great for small businesses, but I may run a few errands close to home and focus on the garden.

I’d like to get some quality writing in, too. I managed to outline the beginning of a book yesterday, but I’ve got to finish the one that’s actually due first! 😉


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