Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008
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Sunny and cool

I had such a hard time getting going on Friday. The weather was miserable, and I dreaded Preakness weekend. This is unusual, because Preakness weekend is usually the wackiest and most fun of the three Triple Crown weekends. I guess part of me was filled with the dread that more horses could break down.

I putzed around, I had trouble getting things off on time, I was hours and hours and hours late getting out of the apartment, the weather was awful, the roads were terrible, and I just kind of holed up all Friday night.

The good part is that I read the ARC of Yasmine Galenorn’s upcoming novel DRAGON WYTCH. I enjoyed it, and it has some interesting surprises in it. I’ll review it on A Biblio Paradise on Friday, June 13.

And I got a lot of writing done. I got some solid work done on the adaptation-which-will-someday-have-a-name, a short story that came out of nowhere, the anthology short, and THE MATILDA MURDERS. I’m getting into some very interesting territory in the adaptation, where some of our protagonists discover that, just because they’re on different sides from the antagonists, it doesn’t mean the rank and file of “the other side” are all evil. And THE MATILDA MURDERS is coming along well. The characters are surprising me in a good way. Hope the producer feels the same! The story that came out of nowhere is kind of a departure for me, and I’m having an interesting (in a good way) time of it; the anthology story will make some people uncomfortable, but . . .too bad. Saturday morning was sunny, and I dragged my feet about starting race coverage to write outside in the sunshine on other projects for a few hours, which was great.

The race day was better than I expected, although I hadn’t been particularly impressed with the card. A friend of mine trained a horse who had a big win in the tenth race, and I was thrilled for him. And I got to catch up with some other friends, and talk to other people and see some horses that are under the big radar but still worth watching.

Big Brown just blew everyone away in the Preakness. One of the things that struck me about the horse, especially that day, was how smart he is. And how playful. He’s got a great sense of humor. And yet, when it’s time to race, he’s all business. I’m impressed with his learning curve from race to race. Some horses need multiple races to understand what’s expected. He really processes what he’s done and what happens around him and applies it to the next race in a very logical fashion that I think is pretty rare in a horse. He listens, he trusts the humans around him, and he puts it all together. Once he made his move on Saturday, that was just it.

If Casino Drive runs in the Belmont, I think that will be his toughest competition. He’s going to have to run the race of the century so far, because Casino Drive is tough as well as talented. And he shares a mother with Rags to Riches and Jazil, previous Belmont winners. The mare Better Than Honor’s giving us a better line of horses than most of the highly-regarded sires.

I was also really pleased by my long shot pick, Ichabad Crane. I thought he’d make the show spot, and that’s exactly what he did. He was pretty much ignored, and he just did his thing and kind of ignored everything going on around him.

I wrote and sent off two articles Sunday morning: the owed Preakness wrap-up (just over 2K)and my ideas on some of the implementations to create better safety for horses and jockeys (about 1200 words). Those should go up later this week. Some of the issues that feed into the bigger overall safety issue are being ignored as the industry tries to soothe the upset that Eight Belles’s death caused. Don’t try to placate . . .DO something. I should probably be less cynical about the NTRA than I am, but until I see definitive action, I will continue my skepticism.

The weather was vile yesterday, too. Ick.

I managed to stop at my friend’s place on the way home and do four loads of laundry (much needed and no, I didn’t haul it around in my car all weekend, I stopped home to get it). The cats were cranky, poor things, and I just pushed to do as much writing as possible.

I decided that J-WAT (the July writing marathon) is a good time to get started on THE BALTHAZAAR TREASURE, the second Gwen/Justin book. I should have the research completed by then.

I’m getting my ducks in a row for my next foray into Massachusetts, and I’m trying to get ahead of deadlines so that nothing hangs over me when I have to go out of town, or when I have a show day. My dear writer pal Lori prefers to have deadlines waiting when she returns – I need to have it clear before I leave, or I fret the entire time I’m gone. Because if you assume there’s time to do it when you get back, the Universe will make sure to bite you in the butt! Or is it just me?

I need to get out of my own way on one project in particular. I’m being silly about it – I’m perfectly capable of doing good work, but, for some reason, seem to have lost my confidence for it.

Today, I’m out for most of the day. I’m at the Museum of Natural History all day for research, meeting a friend for cocktails, and then attending the PEN Literary Awards at Lincoln Center. Something a little different – I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.

Hope your week has a terrific start!


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