Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Just a quick check in. I have many opinions about the debacle in MA yesterday, which denies me health care for the rest of my life and has the Republicans circling around me, clapping and singing, “Die fast.” However, right now, there is far too much rude language in what I have to say, and there’s a more elegant and stronger way to say it, so I’ll wait, and I’ll revise it into a paid opinion piece (yes, people do pay me for my opinions) instead of simply ranting on the blog. I’m not surprised the Democrats lost the seat — the day Vicki Kennedy sneered that she “wasn’t interested” in running, as though it was beneath her, was the day she slapped everyone in the state in the face and guaranteed Republican victory. She didn’t have to run; what she had to do was phrase her choice it in a less insulting manner, and the family needed to be active in the campaign, instead of washing their hands of it because none of them were running.

On a happier note, I had a great writing day yesterday. I wrote about 20 pages in longhand (yes, my hand hurts) on the project that’s currently on fire, while percolating the next section of the steampunk, which will get the bulk of my attention this weekend.

I never made it to meditation — the writing was going well, and I was not about to stop.

I nearly forgot that I have a piece up on the SDR blog. That’s what I get for being organized and writing all my articles for the publication and blog at the top of the month! 😉 It’s called “Setting Up a Successful 2010”, and it’s about setting up systems to make your submission/pitch/query process easier.

I’m going back to the page for about an hour, and then I’m headed up-county to have lunch with a friend in a small town on the Hudson River. It’s a lovely day — perfect to get outside for a bit, though well-bundled.

And then it will be back to the page. I’ve got some straightening up to do, and tomorrow’s my last day of prep before the trip. The final proofs of the anthology essay came through yesterday, so I have to take a look at that and turn it around before I leave on Friday morning. I think the book itself drops in early April.

If you haven’t read my kids’ story, “Mina’s Test”, it’s in the current issue of STORIES FOR CHILDREN magazine, under the Jenny Storm name. It’s my first shot at a piece for 7-9 year olds, and it’s kind of cute.

Have a great day!