Mon. March 5, 2018: A Place That Gives You Peace #UpbeatAuthors


Wow. That’s a more complicated topic than it should be.

If you’d asked me about a place that gives me peace when I lived in New York City, I would have said the place that gives me peace was Cape Cod. When I couldn’t get to Cape Cod, I went to the Hall of Gems at the Museum of Natural History where it was dark, and, in between tour groups, quiet. I have no idea what it will be once they finish renovations. Probably light and loud.

I moved to Cape Cod in 2010 because it was the place that gives me peace, and that’s what I wanted for my writing.

Of course, living somewhere is different than visiting.

Sometimes I feel peaceful here; more and more often, I do not.

I love walking on the beaches off-season. Race Point in Provincetown has been a favorite of mine since I was six years old. Craigville Beach, close to where I live now, is where I often nip down for a quick hour or two in nice weather. I love the nature sanctuaries, especially Long Pasture and Ashumet, with all the holly trees.

I love my back deck, which is covered, with skylights, and, in summer, I turn it into an enchanted garden. When the Summer People invade, I don’t have to go out; I can escape to my back deck and enjoy myself, whether I’m reading, writing, or just being.

My meditation space, in my current bedroom (which is larger than my first NYC apartment), gives me peace. Every morning and most nights, I “just sit” in my practice, preparing for or letting go of, the day.

I find peace in my yoga practice, be it at the studio or at home. I used to find it at Kripalu, until they stopped enforcing their no cell phone policy and people started using their phones everywhere, including the Silent Dining Room.

I find that I need to seek peace multiple times a day, since so many people can’t stand quiet (because they might have to face who they really are, and it terrifies them). Because they can’t stand to face quiet themselves, they are determined to destroy it for those around them.

So I’ve built places and spaces, some within my own imagination, to find peace.

I have an inner place to find peace, one I’ve constructed inside of my imagination, one to which I can retreat whenever I want or need to. I won’t describe it here; that will destroy it for me. But it means I can take my “place where I find peace” with me wherever I go.


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Thurs. Dec. 13, 2012: Working along in the New Moon

Thursday, December 13, 2012
New Moon
Uranus Direct
Sunny and cold

Yesterday was a decent workday. Went to the post office to get stamps for the cards; got a few small gifts that still need to be mailed, made a library run for some of books I’d ordered. Made the certificates for the people who successfully completed the tarot workshop. Spent time with my students.

Writers Night Out was a lot of fun last night. We were at Uno’s, in Hyannis, the usual place. Food’s not fancy, but fine – in fact, the pizza was very good. We had a lively, laughing table (many of us the new board members), and ten people read from their work, which was good.

Home at a fairly early hour, unwound reading in bed.

Up early this morning to move the car, meditate, get my first 1K of the day in on MURDER’S INTOLERANCE. I’m starting chapter five now, which means I need to sit down and do the outline for the whole book, or I’ll get derailed.

Helped my mom pack gifts for Germany. Sorted out the pumpkin seeds that have been drying from Samhain. One set from each pumpkin will be put away and planted in spring. I put aside some others to make pumpkin runes out of them — will have to get a nice Sharpie and some lacquer spray to do those.

Yoga was great this morning. Stopped at Craigville Beach on the way back — on Thursday mornings, coming back, it’s now my routine to take the road by the shore and stop for a few minutes at either Covell or Craigville Beach. I live on the Cape to be near the water — I plan to enjoy it whenever possible.

Must work with students and finish the play today, along with doing this week’s coursework and following up on some pitches. Also have to get the cards done and out. Roofers still here — they’re doing good work. Cats aren’t happy with the noise, but compared to the morons who worked on the building in NY, destroying more than they fixed, these guys are angels. They’re conscientious, know what they’re doing, give a damn, pleasant to be around, do quality work, and clean up after themselves.



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Thurs. July 26, 2012: Becoming a Student Again

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and about to storm

Nothing in the tank and trouble focusing. Doing the best I can. Something very specific triggered this problem, and the person who triggered it did so with the intent to harm. Not acceptable.

Yesterday, I managed to get some work done (not enough), work with students a bit. We went to Daily Paper for breakfast, which is always fun. On the way back, we stopped to visit the beautiful cat. He’s still there, still looking for a home. Gorgeous boy.

Got some more work done in the afternoon, and some research.

Then, we went up to Sandwich, to Hemisphere, a really lovely restaurant right on the water. We met up with friends, and had a great time. After, we walked on the beach a bit — the water was just the right degree of cold.

From there, we went to Craigville Beach — where the water was a good 10+ degrees warmer! I always thought the ocean side (Craigville Beach) would always be colder than the bay side!

Overslept this morning. Made it to yoga. Good class.

Trying to get some work done this afternoon, because we’re going out to have dinner with friends tonight.

Trying to put my head down and get things done. Some more errands to do this afternoon.

Signed up for three courses for the fall at Coursera — a class on sustainability, a class on world history, and a class on Greek & Roman Mythology. It piles more work on me in the fall, but I need to challenge myself in that way, and all three courses support my work. I’m looking forward to being a student again!


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Tues. March 20, 2012:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Spring Equinox
Cloudy and pleasant

Yesterday was just a gorgeous day! Did a lot of work in the morning, with students, on HEART BINDER, and on the HEX BREAKER edits. I have one more scene on the latter that needs tweaking, and then, off it goes. The editor is pleased with the last round (phew, I was worried). I have to work on the updated front matter, so I can send that off, too.

Worked a bit on the new project, but didn’t get it uploaded. Still have to finish writing up Confidential Job #1, which has to go off today. Worked on a couple of proposals that will go out this week, and started an article that I have to get off today, which will go live on Thursday. Packed (since I leave tomorrow for the site job) — have to finish packing the writing bag. Percolated on the new Jain Lazarus story that has to be finished by next week, so it can be copyedited, designed, and ready to go along with the book release. The previous stories will also get snazzy new covers.

Ran some errands in the late morning. It was a gorgeous day, so, later in the afternoon, Imp and I packed up some work and went to Ashumet Holly Sanctuary. Well, first we went to Craigville Beach, which was gorgeous, but the breeze was too brisk to really get much done. So we tucked ourselves into the pitch pine grove at Ashumet for a couple of hours.

We met a friend for drinks and appetizers at Siena, then came home and relaxed. I got some other work done.

Today, I’m headed off to meditation, then it’s flat out work (since I’ll be on the road for most of tomorrow, and, while I’m able to juggle, I also have to do the job for which I’m paid to be on site).

The weather was absolutely wonderful yesterday — warm, breezy, truly felt like spring. I hope this doesn’t herald a hideously hot summer. My neighbor fertilized his lawn yesterday, but it seems just a tad too early for me. Because once I fertilize, it means I gotta mow! 😉

Off to meditation. I did the early morning Spring Equinox ritual; will plant some seeds later today in starter pots. May pumpkins flowering on the vine be a sign of wonderful things to come in this cycle!


Mon. Jan. 30, 2012: New Possibilities, Good Work Pace

Monday, January 30, 2012
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy weekend. Happy with my new short story; can get it out today. Still have to polish two more, but they’re not on the same tight deadline, and get going on a third. Work continues on the second book of the Harpy Trilogy. Have to get back to the other book, and prepare for the edits on HEX BREAKER to come through soon.

Got a lot of client work done; will wrap up one project today and the other a few days early (I hope). In negotiation for a new one. Working with my private students; working on the lectures and listings for Holiday Hocus Pocus.

An interesting possibility has come up — it would take a good bit of work initially, but the payoff would be good, it would stretch me in new directions, and, if I can integrate it into the rest of the work, it might be worth it. I have to mull it over a bit more and do some planning, to see if it’s actually viable, or if I’m taking on too much.

Yesterday was my day off. I like making myself take at least one day a week off, and not even turning on the computer. But it definitely makes me feel more pressured when I return on Monday morning, even when I’m on top of the workload. But I need that day off, to read stuff because I WANT to read it, not because I HAVE to read it, and to putter around the house and do other stuff.

It was cold, but sunny, so we took a walk on Craigville Beach. Lovely. I found some lovely stones and shells. I need to get a book on shell recognition. I thought I had one somewhere — maybe it’s just not unpacked yet. Then we drove over to Sandy Neck beach — that was lovely, too. Amazing how the beach is filled with smooth chunks of granite. I picked up a few interesting ones there, too.

I’m working on garden planning — maybe “garden dreaming” is a better term. I’ve got plenty of seeds. I’m going to buy small herb plants this year and maybe some others, but, other than the Asian vegetables I want to grow, I’m in good shape with the seeds. I hope I will have a better harvest this year — but my primary focus is on herbs and medicinals, because that’s what I use the most.

Back to the page. A lot to get done today.