Mon. April 29, 2013: Terrific Weekend and Hitting the Ground Running


Monday, April 29, 2013
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

QUITE the weekend!

Friday was about the final prep for the conference, including re-assembling the inspiration board for TRACKING MEDUSA.

I attended the Arbor Day ceremony, which was a tree planting in memory of one friend’s mother/another friend’s grandmother. It was great fun, and the photos, etc. will be up on the Beautification Blog either today or tomorrow.

Worked on Chapter 14 of the book, worked with students, put everything together for Saturday. Wrote a review, worked on finishing up stuff for the judging.

Did not sleep well Friday night, and had to get up at 5 AM Saturday. Yoga, meditation, walking the property, breakfast, and then it was into the car and up to Burlington, MA for the NECRWA Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference.

It was a lot of fun. I went to a presentation on making historical characters come alive, I sat outside (It was a gorgeous day) and re-arranged my presentation. We had a good group, and I had stuff to hand out, which is always great — tipsheets and the like. It was a fun, lively presentation — and, of course, they had to write! But people kept coming up to me the rest of the day to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

Corinna Lawson, with whom I’m Twitter pals, and who I met at the Write Angles Conference was there, and we headed off to lunch together. The lunch was a lot of fun, lively conversation at the tables, and Caroline Linden as the speaker.

After lunch, I attended Donna Alwood’s presentation on staying sane in the fluctuations of the business, which got me thinking about a lot of things, and Ella Drake’s presentation on formatting. I went to the signing (I hadn’t signed up to sign), and by then, I was worn out, so I headed back.

Managed to get back while it was still light and relax with a glass of wine on the deck. Love the longer daylight hours!

I certainly slept well Saturday night.

Sunday, I was up early, morning routine, newspapers, off to the garden stores. We got some pansies and marigolds and things for the front urn, and black gloss rustoleum paint for the plant stand I bought a few years ago that needed a touch-up. Managed to get the plants in and the rack painted before jumping in the shower and leaving for yoga.

The Unitarian Church in Barnstable hosted a community yoga day. I went for the first session, Hatha Yoga, which was fun. The teacher’s style was very different than the teachers I usually study with, but I enjoyed it.

The plan was to then go to Nirvana, get some work done, and go back for meditation. Unfortunately, it was lively and noisy at Nirvana, and I couldn’t concentrate, so I went home and sat on the deck working instead.

Made it back for meditation, which was great — using singing bowls and something called “an ocean drum”.

Came home, cooked a great dinner, and relaxed in the evening.

It was a really good weekend.

However, I didn’t do a lot of the traditional work I need to do, so today, I have to hit the ground running, especially on the book, working with editing clients, getting some admin done, and winding up stuff for the contest and Arbor Day.

So I better get going!

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