Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and pleasant

Up and out for my run by 5. No skeezy people this morning, probably due to the police car parked in the municipal lot across from the building. On my way back, I stopped by the car to say hi and thanks for being there, since there were some real shady people out here this early. The cop says, “Yeah, I know. I read your blog.” Too funny! So thank you, this town’s finest, for being that and looking out for me!

Yesterday was scary, Elsa-wise. She seemed to be getting worse again, after improving the night before. I went back to the pharmacy and got a ParaClenz I’d had my eye on the day before. I also had to go grocery shopping, and I fully expected her to be gone by the time I got back. But, she wasn’t, I gave her the Clenz, and within an hour, she was eating again. Over the course of the day, I got a whole big jar of her favorite organic chicken w/brown rice baby food into her, which is more than she’s eaten over the past few days. And she’s started following us around, getting into stuff again. I started adding the Candida cleanse back into the baby food in the evening, and she continued to eat. This morning, she ate a little bit of regular cat food (her choice), and I gave her the digestive enzyme, so we’ll see where we go from here. I’m going to try to give her some more baby food every hour or so.

For the past few days, workmen have been on the roof. I don’t know what they’re doing, but yesterday they were flinging windows and metal vent covers and poles and wooden frames off the roof. Supposedly, it went into the dumpster, but half the time, they missed. If I had put my air conditioner in last week, it would have been knocked out by the debris. It is terrifying to see a window fall past the place and hear it smash onto the pavement, with glass and dust scattering everywhere. The landlord, of course, ignored my questions. It starts again today, I call the City — although this new mayor and City Council will let anyone do anything they want, if they pay for it. Typical Republicans. If something comes smashing through the window, one of us or the cat will be killed. Can you imagine how much force a large object picks up when it’s tossed off a fourth-floor building? With NO safeguards?

I took photos.

On top of that, I barely got any sleep, because they’re renovating the train station across the street at night. And, last night, all the machinery they used was in reverse — beeping all night long. With this new mayor and City Council in place, the quality of both life and safety in this town has gone down to ZERO.

Got very little writing done. Hopefully, I’ll have a better day today, writing-wise, and Elsa will continue slow steps to improvement.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Iris, AKA “Princess Hellion”

Friday, January 8, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde

We’ve only had about two inches of snow, so it’s not too bad, but I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere today. When it stops snowing, I’ll go dig the car out, before the temperatures plummet and I have to hack my way through the ice tomorrow.

Because tomorrow, I do have to go out. I have to pay some bills, hopefully get some more decorations to storage, and, around noon, go set up a site for a colleague, then retrieve her at 11 PM and drive her to the site. Her jobs overlapped by a day, so she’s bringing me in to cover the 12 hour overlap.

Yesterday was — well, yesterday, and I’m glad it’s over. Took a load of decorations to storage. Headed to White Plains. Went to Target, which was a madhouse. Bought bins and sheet protectors. Wanted to go to Home Goods, but it was later than I’d hoped (traffic), so I headed back, hauled the bins up, hauled more decorations and the laundry down, picked up Chinese food, dropped the decorations off in storage, and headed to my friend’s place. Did my laundry and just hung out. I’d brought my computer, but just didn’t feel like doing anything except sitting in a big chair by the fireplace reading and looking out at the garden.

Today, I will alternate between writing and ironing. Once the holiday fabric is ironed, I can pack it away in its new bin. I’m not driving to storage today — I’ll drop off a load of stuff tomorrow on my way to the site. It’s not like these are full carloads — basically, every time I have an errand, I take down whatever I can carry and swing by storage on my way to the other errands. Much more convenient having storage five minutes away rather than down in the city with the hateful folks at U-Haul. Yet another instance when dealing with local, family-owned businesses trumps corporations.

I got a story idea during meditation. Yeah, sure, not supposed to do that, but hey, it popped out fully formed. Will make some notes — don’t want to take any focus away from the steampunk.

I could use some quiet.

Michelle, they do have the rules for construction here, but they’re never enforced. Remember when they were doing all that asbestos removal a few years ago, right under my windows? Scumbags. It’s cheaper for them to pay the teeny, tiny fines than to actually solve any problems. Until the regulations are tightened to something where, if a developer has X number of violations, he forfeits his rights to develop the property, nothing will change. Current rules and consequences are a joke. They’ve certainly cost a lot of lives in NYC, and who knows what kinds of long term effects a lot of it will have all over the area.

I do enjoy watching the snow fall when I get to stay inside, though! 😉

Have a great day, everyone. Elsa’s hanging in there. Sometimes she seems better, sometimes not.


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