Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008
Waning Moon
Snowy and cold

I’m doing a wrap-up on A Biblio Paradise today, so cruise on over if you get a chance.
These past couple of weeks, hosting the diverse authors met through the Infinite Worlds of Fantasy group have been fascinating.

It snowed most of the day yesterday. I think we’ve got about eight inches of snow, which has quickly turned to ice. I’m not looking forward to digging out the car later today, but, since we’re supposed to get another big storm starting this afternoon, I better do it.

It’s beautiful, though, and I did some errands on foot yesterday in it, practically dancing down the main street of town, which people found amusing. I wouldn’t have been so delighted if I’d had to drive in it, but maneuvering on foot wasn’t bad.

Did some more work on the Aunt Doris/Cassio story. It’s been so long since I was in the world of Congress Corners, I’m having a bit of trouble getting its rhythm. I’m getting there, though, and one doesn’t need to have read the previous stories in order to enjoy this one. It stands alone. I’m determined to keep it SHORT, and I want to have it ready for Christmas Eve.

A film company for whom I do some work occasionally sent me both a poster and the DVD of a piece on which I’d done some work last year – it was sweet of them to include me, since what I did was for-hire and not credited (but paid).

Started re-reading Beverley Nichols’s book MERRY HALL. He was a well-known writer in the 1940s – and a bit before and after. He’s one of those people with whom I don’t think I would have gotten along in person, but I enjoy his garden writing. The book makes me laugh out loud, and the cats stare at me as though I’ve lost my mind.

Baked more bread yesterday – another loaf of rye and a loaf of Vineyard Portuguese Sweet Bread – one of the few white breads I still eat. The latter is from THE NEW ENGLAD COOKBOOK, and my favorite bread recipe ever – it’s a sweet, light, soft white bread that isn’t like wet cardboard, the way store-bought whites are. I used to buy it from the family-owned Portuguese bakeries on the Cape all the time, and I was thrilled to find the recipe in this book.

I got my column done and out yesterday. The focus today, once I’ve got the car dug out, is to work on the article that’s due and spend a lot of time on the revisions.

I find I miss the mystery, which is a good thing – I look forward to going back to it once OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK is finished and with the publisher, alternating the work on that and on the third Jain Lazarus, which I will start shortly after the new year – this one will be from Billy’s point of view, and take place mostly in Scotland.

That’s pretty much it. I’m staying as tucked in as possible during the bad weather. When the roads are clear enough, I have one more gift to get for my mom, but everything else is done and out. I can focus on writing and then enjoy the holiday, and then go off to my site work.

I’ve refrained from physically packing, because it’s a week until I leave, but I’m mentally packing – bet you anything that I pack on the day before Christmas Eve, because I always like to have everything packed far in advance, and just leave the writing bag to pack for the night before.

The Jain Lazarus New Year’s story is almost complete in my head, so as soon as I finish the Aunt Doris/Cassio Christmas story, I can actually put the New Year’s story on paper.

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