Fri. April 26, 2013: Arbor Day!

Friday, April 26, 2013
Last Day of Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Yoga class was great yesterday, as I said. I’m not anywhere near as flexible as I’d like, but I notice the improvement I’ve made over the past year or so. The best teachers I’ve worked with promote the “every body is different” and that you do what’s right for YOUR body. When a pose is difficult, they provide a modified version, and then let you grow in to the more difficult version. They encourage your growth, but don’t push you beyond capabilities. I feel very, very lucky in the teachers I’ve found in this area — both Valerie and Maureen are the best teachers with whom I’ve worked.

The rest of the day was a bit frustrating. I couldn’t seem to get going very well. I got some work done with students, but not enough. I fought with Chapter 13 of the book, finally got it into shape, and then moved on to Chapter 14, which is nearly finished. I’ve got to decide which of the next two scenes I want to end the chapter on.

I printed out most of the rest of the conference materials for tomorrow, in spite of the Canon MX860, which not only chewed up my expensive paper, but now the screen is dark, and I can’t track ink levels or put in any specifics for printing or copying jobs. This printer has been a nightmare since the first week I had it. It worked well for about three days, and then caused problems. Too many plastic parts, and Canon’s customer service has just gone down the drain. I have a laser printer (gift from a student) that I can use for black and white printing, but I need the color capability of this one, too. I’m sick of this “disposable printer” theory. I want my electronics to work for YEARS, not just days or weeks. Every time I look at printers, I gravitate back to the Canon, but I’d be an idiot to keep buying them at this point. I don’t like HP, so I’m not quite sure what I’ll do for the next printer.

But conference materials are printed and packed. My presentation is ready. I’d kind of like to put together an inspiration board to use as a visual aid, and will try to do that later today.

I’ve got to do a write up for Confidential Job #1, and wrap up the paperwork for the contest. AND work with students, and finish Chapter 14 and write Chapter 15 of the book.

Had a good garden meditation this morning — I’m doing that with my first cup of coffee in the morning. Walking the property, letting it “talk” to me, seeing what needs to be done, and what’s coming up. Put out the strawberries (which look pathetic — they’re supposed to be perennials, but haven’t come back properly either year), the raspberries, and some of the other plants.

Took the chairs I rescued and put them out on the deck. The rope seat area needs to dry out. I’m going to have to completely strip at least one of the chairs and either figure out the technique myself, or replace it with a board.

I’m off to an Arbor Day Ceremony, in memorium for a friend’s mother. It will be lovely.

And then — it’s back to work!


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Thurs. Jan. 17, 2013: Real-Time Webinar Kerflamma & Excellent Student Writing

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Still feeling a little under the weather, although better than yesterday.

Yesterday was rather frustrating. I was supposed to attend a live webinar at 11 AM, so I focused and got a lot done earlier. Then, the GoToMeeting software wouldn’t let me in — even though I had it downloaded, was registered, had the ID and password. It kept saying, “error, try again later.” Um, isn’t the point of GoToMeeting to be there in REAL time? “Later” doesn’t cut it. The LIVE meeting was NOW. Support was no help, and someone on Twitter contacted me to supposedly help, but vanished after two Tweets that proved the company was “responsive”, although they resolved NOTHING.

I’ve never found GoToMeeting to be reliable, and I’m done with them. I just won’t sign up for anything anymore that’s presented on them. It was time wasted that could have been spent earning a living.

The conference materials had been sent out ahead of time, so I went through those. Some good information I can use as a jumping off point. However, there were too many ads for services BEFORE materials, and every few pages was another ad hawking services I became more and more convinced I didn’t want. Also, I felt some of the contributors/speakers were saying one thing, but doing another.

Regarding the questions on the SETTING UP YOUR SUBMISSIONS SYSTEM ebook, I plan to have it up as long as it sells and earns its keep! Yes, please, spread the word to writing groups and more! I’m honored!

Did some work on a non-fiction book in the afternoon and some admin stuff; got out a few LOIs. Worked with students. Was blown away by the depth, beauty, and quality of the pieces in the Sensory Perceptions workshop. Writing like that is what makes teaching a class exciting. These students are starting to come into their own as powerful and unique writers, and I’m proud of them.

Most of today needs to focus on the new play — we have a brainstorming/pre-production meeting tonight. I also want to get some work done on that other proposal for my agent, and the non-fiction book. I need to write a letter to the neighbor of a family member overseas, who wrote to let us know we hadn’t heard from the family member because he’d died back in September. We didn’t even know he was ill — we only ever heard from him at the holidays. It was very kind of the neighbor to take the time to get in touch.



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