Wed. Jan. 27, 2021: Die For Your Employer Day 252 — Finally, Snow!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

First Day of Full Moon

Snowy and cold

I’ve got a post over on Ink-Dipped Advice about tidying up one’s materials, with an eye to where one wants to move, career-wise.

Yesterday was one of those days when, even though I put in a long day at the computer, it felt like not a lot got done.

I got out a bunch of LOIs, worked on (but did not finish) my article, wrote two blog posts, did some client work, worked on contest entries.

Didn’t get any boxes purged from the basement, which made me feel like a failure. Means I have to catch up on that this afternoon and tomorrow, WHILE handling client work and finishing my article.

Because that’s the way it goes, when you don’t get something done. You have to dig deeper and get it done anyway.

One of the contest entries was outstanding, though, and is in the pile I’m making for possible winners and finalists.

Knowledge Unicorns was fun. We are back to dealing with their schoolwork, although we’re talking about the trial in the Senate, too. It’s important they understand its impact and importance to their future. It affects them directly.

An editor sent off a contract that will cover all the pieces she wants me to write for the year (and make sure I get paid on time). So that was nice. I signed it and sent it back this morning.

It started snowing late yesterday afternoon. I’d had the pre-storm headache since late morning, so it was a relief when it finally started. We didn’t get that much – maybe about 3”. But I will wrap up in about twenty minutes or so, if it’s light enough, and shovel the driveway and the front walk.

I have to spend some overlapping time at a client’s today, and I don’t want to wait to shovel until five minutes before I leave, and then be grumpy the whole time I have to be there. I’m grumpy enough that there’s any overlap.

I’m frustrated at the lack of information about scheduling my mother’s vaccine. Seniors 75+ are supposed to be able to get the first dose “starting Feb. 1” only there’s no way to start scheduling until Feb. 1. I’m going to call her doctor’s office this morning, and then maybe Whole Health, where she got her pneumonia and shingles shots when CVS kept giving us the runaround. I do NOT want her to go through CVS. It will be a nightmare. According to the Governor’s site, those with “comorbidities” will be contacted by their doctor to get the vaccine. Only I don’t know if the three surgeries and two cancers still count, since the last surgery had such a good prognosis. So I will get in touch with my doctor, too. I don’t plan on waiting around. I want those “Fauchi ouchies” for both of us, as soon as we can have them, and it’s more important to get my mom’s, because she is 96.

I hope today won’t be too stressful. I want to get home, decontaminate, finish my article, and purge boxes.

But now . . .it’s time to shovel snow.

Have a good one, friends.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Dark Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Humid and hot

I puttered around and got work done in the morning, got the grocery shopping done, took care of some other business. Then, I headed off to CT for some site work in the afternoon, and also managed to get some other client work done and out. I cooked, for the first time in a few days, which was a nice change. When I’m stressed out, I lose my appetite, and the computer situation’s been stressing me out so much I haven’t been eating properly, pretty much only one meal a day. So, I’m trying to get back on track.

Meditation group was interesting — only one of the same people from my last session, but two other people who come pretty regularly and two new people. They said that last week it was packed — about twenty people — which must have been an interesting experience. Of the new people, one was really open to the experience and one was not. The latter kept trying to force confrontation, and no one engaged, so she was left spinning in her own bile. Anyway, I got a lot out of it, and, although it will probably be about two weeks again before I can go back, I’d like to keep working with this particular group. The structure of the meditation works well for me, and I find the interpersonal dynamics interesting without feeling as though I need to engage with anyone who’s trying to make it all about them or push negativity onto anyone else. The negativity is spewed and then dissipates; the rest of us aren’t touched by it, and the spewer is left feeling rather confused at not getting the desired reaction. It’s quite an unusual scenario. In any group, everyone plays a role, and my role in this group has developed into the one who makes the comment that gets everyone to laugh when the mood needs to shift, without being negative. Positive wit rather than negative humor.

I definitely have some philosophical questions that are formulating, which I will bring up in the coming weeks, but I want to see how the natural dynamic comes into play.

More preparations for Prague. I find Czech history very confusing, but I’m trying to wade through these books anyway. Language-wise, I’m not putting in the time and picking it up as quickly as I’d like — I have to get back to that again when the moon turns and it’s easier to begin a new project. Granted, there’s very little time for this project, but hopefully, I can use the turn of the moon phase as a catalyst to get me back on track. I also have to call the exchange bureau to find out when I can pick up my currency.

Difficult morning’s writing. I have to look up a few things for “Amends” and I forgot what that arched trellis thing one puts in a garden and lets vines and roses, etc. grow over is called. I want to say “arbor”, but I’m not sure that’s correct.

“Amends is developing nicely; I’m very happy with it. It’s just that now I have to stop and look up a few things before I can continue. But it feels good to be in a steady writing rhythm again.

I’m weary, and I’m tired of worrying, every time I turn the computer on and off, that everything will go kaplooey. But, until I have a sustained period of time where the computer works well, that’s the way it’s going to be.

Elsa’s been a little under the weather for the past few days again, and I was worried about her. But I changed something dietary yesterday, and it’s made a big difference. She perked up within an hour, and has been engaged and playful ever since. Well, she is my “special needs” cat.

Back to the page. I want to get a good day’s writing in today. I’m out of the office for most of the day tomorrow, on an adventure, so I have to get a lot done today.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy, hot, humid

Okay. I’m officially exhausted.

Got home yesterday — it was very temperate in the apartment. I turned on all the fans to get it as cool as possible while I was there, spent time on the internet downloading and sending out things that needed to be sent. I also did a back-up — which took longer than I hoped, because it was the first time Time Machine met the new hard disk, and they had to get acquainted. Still, it took less than an hour (an ounce of prevention, and all that), which is much better than the PC’s 56-hour back-up time!

Went to Verizon, Throwing the phones was definitely a viable option. They couldn’t/wouldn’t even test my mother’s phone to see what was wrong with it, because it was more than two years old. WTF?????? I had to BUY a new phone. Not happy, especially since, two weeks ago, on the phone they said I could simply trade it in for the one I got, which is specially featured for seniors, with large keys and displays. Heaven forbid anyone at the store is “able” (yeah, right) to confirm this promise with anyone at the call center — even though I have the person’s name who made the promise. Liars and thieves, the lot of them. And now I’m stuck in a new two year contract, or I couldn’t get a new phone, and my elderly mother would have been put into danger by not being able to call for help, should something go wrong. They also swore up, down, and sideways, when I tried to find a better-priced plan to meet my needs better (as in, add in text and email) that such a plan doesn’t exist — even though it does, according to The only plans that include what I need, are, of course, quite a bit more expensive than what I pay now. Which is typical of Verizon. They charge you to breathe. Just because I’m saving money by getting away from Verizon for landline, cable, and internet — I’m not giving them all that savings for a new phone plan. The personnel are perfectly pleasant, but the company does not give them what they need to actually provide customer service.

I didn’t even bother to try to upgrade my phone. If my poor little old phone can limp along another two years, I’ll simply get iPhones, even it means switching to AT&T.

And now they want me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey. Are they serious? Face it, would YOU want to be the one reading that particular survey?

Never made it to Target, because I had to get back to work. Dropped off my mom’s phone, and had to go back later in the evening to set it up.

Worked, went over and set up my mom’s phone, and had to do an evening event for work. Totally wiped out. The heat and humidity don’t help, either.

Slept well, though, and had a good morning yoga session. A good, long yoga session in the morning helps my posture and helps keep me in alignment far into the day.

Did some work on both “Personal Revolution” and “Amends” this morning.

Heading out — hope to make it to Target this morning on my way to feed the cats, check a few things online at home, and then get back here EARLY this time for a productive day on site.


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