Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde (as of January 21).

So Mercury IS retrograde, which explains just oh, so much.

I felt so badly for the lovely people at my local pharmacy yesterday. I tried calling in a refill for one of my mom’s prescriptions in the morning. Couldn’t get through. Called the main number to let them know, and they were nice enough to take it down on that line. When I went to pick it up, they couldn’t find it, even though the record was noted as “completed.” I told them to take a breath and not worry, a few minutes’ wait while they looked for it was no big deal. They were really scrambling with everything, which is completely unusual, because they’re always organized. And they’re always NICE, which means when they have their designated Rough Day, one cuts them slack. They’ve earned it. They eventually found the order, and it was all good.

Ran around and did all the necessary errands I would have normally spread out over the week, since we’re supposed to get another 3-6 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. So, if it’s nasty out, I don’t HAVE to go anywhere.

The publisher told me to figure on a late summer release date for DIXIE DUST RUMORS, which sounds PERFECT.

I’m seriously thinking about joining SCBWI. Those of you who are members, would you share the positives and negatives with me?

I pitched for two jobs yesterday that, should I get them, would be tons of fun. If the money sucks, I’ll have to say no, but if the money is decent . . .tons of fun. I heard from one of the jobs this morning – they filled it, and now wished they hadn’t, because they think I’m better qualified; so we’re going to keep in touch and if something opens in the future, we’ll talk again.

So Citigroup got $45 billion in TARP money, none of which has gone to help consumers; instead, they’re spending $50 million on a new luxury corporate jet. I urge everyone to take the 5 minutes it takes to send an email to your senators and representatives to demand action on this. Citigroup should not get ONE PENNY more of bail-out money; not only that, this action should forfeit the money received, and they should be forced to return it. They shouldn’t have ANY corporate jets; let them take mass transit. This notion corporate executives have of their inflated importance, and that they must fly in private jets in case of terrorist attack, is ridiculous. No one wants ANYONE to die in another terrorist attack, but let’s face it, separate from that fact, if these corporate types do, the only ones who will mourn them are their friends and family – just like any other death. All of these companies will continue to run – and some will run better – without these top executives. Getting killed in a terrorist attack is not the way anyone wants to see them removed from their positions, but that fear and inflated sense of importance does not justify a $50 million jet. Citigroup cannot be allowed to get away with this.

These people can take the MegaBus for five bucks, just like everybody else. They’re worth the least of anyone in the company, actually, because they’re the cause of the problem, not the solution.

Finally finished Chapter 4 on the Billy Root story. It needs a lot of work in the rewrite, but at least the first draft is out, the information that needed to be communicated is on the page, and I can move on to more interesting parts of the story. I’ll probably rip it apart in the revision and figure out how to drop in nuggets of this info elsewhere, but for now, I needed it out on the page.

Back to CHANNELLING JIM MORRISON, and whatever else needs to be done today.

Abby, I answered your Mercury Retrograde questions in the comments section under the post. Amy, yes, Merc Ret affects travel – leave yourself lots of extra time for travel, expect screw-ups, be meticulous with your documents, and pack an extra book for waiting times. Diane, according to my calendar, Mercury goes direct on February 1, which is really unusual, because it’s usually about a three week retrograde. Because it’s so short this time, maybe that’s why it’s so intense.


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