Fri. June 17, 2016: Happy for My Friends’ Successes

Friday, June 17, 2016
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Yesterday was busy. The Red Sox program was a hit (no pun intended), and the peanuts and Cracker Jack snacks popular. Then there was work to be done on tomorrow’s Tour de Force, along with all the regular library stuff.

When we closed, I headed off to Falmouth, to the awards dinner. I had three sets of directions – all of which were wrong. What should have taken 29 minutes took an hour and a half. I finally pulled into a fire station and the fireman on duty helped me. Because, you know, when you need help, you can always count on firemen! 😉

Seriously, he gave me clear, simple directions, and I had no problem finding the place.

The dinner itself was lovely. It turned out that I knew four of the honorees! The food was good, the drink was good, the ceremony was good. All around, a lovely evening.

Another friend was featured on CHRONICLE last night for her book on the Lizzie Borden case. I’m so pleased for her!

Working on the short radio plays – I hope to have a solid draft done this weekend. Also did some work on INITIATE. I have some serious work to do on CHARISMA this weekend, too.

However, tomorrow I’m working extra hours – we have an event partnered with the historical society. I’ve been invited to what sounds like a really cool event tonight, but I’m not sure I have the energy. Still, it might be fun . . .

I have to see how I feel later in the day.

Have a great weekend!


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Wed. May 14, 2014: A Day of Writing

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Full Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cooler

Worked flat out yesterday on the scripts. Ran into some obstacles with revisions on one episode, but got the episode that was due polished and out, and got some decent work done on the one due tomorrow.

Finished Ann Patchett’s THIS IS THE STORY OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE, which is excellent. Started the next book I have to review for my editor — it’s in present tense, so the writer already lost me. It’s also very impressed with itself.

And that was pretty much my day. Writing all day. Pretty decent day.

Today, I’m off for a full day at the library, and then some grocery shopping, then polishing the next episode. The Marine Life Center will be featured in a segment on CHRONICLE tonight, so if you watch it, please do!


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