Fri. April 26, 2013: Arbor Day!

Friday, April 26, 2013
Last Day of Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Yoga class was great yesterday, as I said. I’m not anywhere near as flexible as I’d like, but I notice the improvement I’ve made over the past year or so. The best teachers I’ve worked with promote the “every body is different” and that you do what’s right for YOUR body. When a pose is difficult, they provide a modified version, and then let you grow in to the more difficult version. They encourage your growth, but don’t push you beyond capabilities. I feel very, very lucky in the teachers I’ve found in this area — both Valerie and Maureen are the best teachers with whom I’ve worked.

The rest of the day was a bit frustrating. I couldn’t seem to get going very well. I got some work done with students, but not enough. I fought with Chapter 13 of the book, finally got it into shape, and then moved on to Chapter 14, which is nearly finished. I’ve got to decide which of the next two scenes I want to end the chapter on.

I printed out most of the rest of the conference materials for tomorrow, in spite of the Canon MX860, which not only chewed up my expensive paper, but now the screen is dark, and I can’t track ink levels or put in any specifics for printing or copying jobs. This printer has been a nightmare since the first week I had it. It worked well for about three days, and then caused problems. Too many plastic parts, and Canon’s customer service has just gone down the drain. I have a laser printer (gift from a student) that I can use for black and white printing, but I need the color capability of this one, too. I’m sick of this “disposable printer” theory. I want my electronics to work for YEARS, not just days or weeks. Every time I look at printers, I gravitate back to the Canon, but I’d be an idiot to keep buying them at this point. I don’t like HP, so I’m not quite sure what I’ll do for the next printer.

But conference materials are printed and packed. My presentation is ready. I’d kind of like to put together an inspiration board to use as a visual aid, and will try to do that later today.

I’ve got to do a write up for Confidential Job #1, and wrap up the paperwork for the contest. AND work with students, and finish Chapter 14 and write Chapter 15 of the book.

Had a good garden meditation this morning — I’m doing that with my first cup of coffee in the morning. Walking the property, letting it “talk” to me, seeing what needs to be done, and what’s coming up. Put out the strawberries (which look pathetic — they’re supposed to be perennials, but haven’t come back properly either year), the raspberries, and some of the other plants.

Took the chairs I rescued and put them out on the deck. The rope seat area needs to dry out. I’m going to have to completely strip at least one of the chairs and either figure out the technique myself, or replace it with a board.

I’m off to an Arbor Day Ceremony, in memorium for a friend’s mother. It will be lovely.

And then — it’s back to work!


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and cool

I finished the first round of edits and got them out to my editor by the end of the day. I think I’ve hit and fixed all the places she pointed out, and I cleaned up some messy writing, unnecessary repetitions, and things that should have been caught first time out. So that’s a relief. There’s got to be at least one more round of revisions, to clean up proofreading stuff I missed, and to hone some of the new material.

Hop on over to Gratitude and Growth and see the progress!

Found some Adirondack chairs that are comfortable AND within the budget, so grabbed them. Didn’t realize I have to put them together. Since it’s raining today and they’re too big to do inside and then get through the door, I’ll wait and put them together in a day or two when the weather’s nicer.

But at least we have all the furniture we need, it works together, and it’s comfortable.
Gotta love the shopping aspect of Mercury retrograde!

My mom’s medical appointment went well. Everyone at the medical facilities here is really pleasant, no one rushes, yet everything gets done much more efficiently than down in Westchester. At her previous doctor’s office, the front desk staff was beyond rude and unhelpful, they were always dashing around getting nothing done, paperwork and lab results were never where they were supposed to be in time for the appointment, and, if you were lucky, they might spend 3 1/2 minutes with a patient. Plus, whenever she went for a blood test, it would hurt and she’d have bruises for weeks. This technician was so skilled my mom barely felt the needle, and there’s no bruising. And she waited less than five minutes to be seen, even though there was a full waiting room. She always had to wait at least forty-five minutes to an hour past her appointed time in NY. The facility was very busy, but it ran calmly and smoothly, and everyone was seen in a reasonable time, but no one was tossed in and out of the room. It’s run much more humanely and efficiently, even though they’ve got just as high a caseload.

It was mild enough to eat on the porch yesterday afternoon (with a coat on). Iris stood at the door, peering out at us, feeling excluded. It was very funny. Next time I hit Target, I have to look for leashes and harnesses for them. Elsa used to come to the theatre with me in a harness and leash, but the twins have never had them on. That will be interesting!

Caught up with the workshop last night. There should be a lot new pieces posted today, although there are some students falling behind. I sent a bunch of pieces back for revision — I bet several students will simply ignore it. Or, they won’t get the request until after they’ve already posted the next exercise, because of the delay in the loop. Live and learn. I won’t agree to teach on a loop again. It doesn’t work for the structure of my classes, and to change the structure means to dilute the writing, which I’m not willing to do.

It is official, though. I’m teaching in person at the WriteAngles Writers’ Conference at Mt. Holyoke, MA on October 22. That should be a ton of fun, and I’m looking forward to it.

In either January or early February, I’d asked if I could restructure what I was going to teach this year for the another conference where I’ve taught for the last six years, and never received a response. A week or so ago, I withdrew from that conference, because fall has gotten so overbooked, I couldn’t give the conference the attention it needs without said restructuring — restructuring that might not work in that environment, which is why I wanted to discuss it and not just declare it. And, even with the restructuring, I had my doubts it would work this particular year. Of course, no response. It was definitely the right decision not to do it this year. I would have put myself in a situation where I was frustrated and unhappy, and that does not serve either me or the students well.

I’m tired of people not responding because they’re “too busy”. If you run a business, part of the responsibility is communicating with clients, potential clients, vendors, etc., even if the answer is “no.” We all get busy, we all fall behind, but communication is key to keeping positive business relationships working. And, by telling someone “I’m too busy”, you are letting the person know he is not worth the time it takes to respond. So why should the person want to do business with you?

We’re having a lovely thunderstorm here and a lot of rain. I waited to turn on the computer until the worst of it was past so nothing would go boom! It is, after all, Mercury retrograde.

Now, back to work. I’ve got to finish my taxes, a new local writing buddy asked me to be a first reader for her new book, and, tomorrow, I need to get back to THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY. I need to update the media kit for ASSUMPTION before it goes out — we’ve rewritten the material I’m using as excerpts, making it stronger, and the kit needs to reflect the updated copy.

I was invited to help plant the Butterfly Mosaic garden at Long Pasture at the end of the month. I said yes. I think it’ll be fun!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Iris under the tree

Saturday, December 25, 2010
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and happy weekend to those who don’t.

Hop on over to Gratitude and Growth if you get a chance — I have a short post for the holiday.

I got my chairs yesterday, and am totally in love with them. I had to struggle up an unplowed road (the car was NOT amused), but we did it — twice — and made two round trips to get both chairs home.

Iris investigates one of the pair of new chairs.

The chairs look nice, they’re comfortable, and the cats are fascinated by them. Maybe they smell of the dog in the house, although the legs look like there was a cat involved at some point. No matter what, they’re fabulous, the price was completely within the budget ($50 for the pair) — a true example of Mercury Retrograde at its best.

Finished the grocery shopping. Mail came early, packages kept coming, including Fed Ex (who doesn’t feel it’s beneath him to leave the truck, unlike UPS). I feel very spoiled this year, and very unapologetic about it! 😉

I’m writing this in the afternoon of the Eve, scheduling it to post. I’ve got the pork roast in the oven. I’ll make my leek-and-potato dish to go with it, and the green beans with Hollandaise. We’ll have plum pudding for dessert. We will try lighting a fire again this evening, and hope I’ve got the flue figured out properly. We’ll know pretty quickly if I don’t. We do our big celebration on the Eve, so we’ll be drinking our good cheer and opening gifts tonight.

We plan to get up very early on the morning of the Day, peek into our stockings, give the cats their toys and treats, bake biscuits, and take a look at the weather to find out if we think we can make it to Maine and back for dinner.

I’ve got a pleasant, relaxing Boxing Day planned for Sunday, complete with a turkey and all the fixings, like potatoes, and my carrot-and-parsnip dish. We have plenty of sweet things with which to indulge, too!

I’ll check back in on Monday, power permitting. We may get another foot of snow on Sunday night. My new little snowblower and I will be very busy!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Violet wishes you a Merry Christmas, too!

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