Tues. Aug. 27, 2013: Workday

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Waning Moon
Rainy and warm

I had a good workday yesterday. I got a lot of admin done, did a wrap-up document for the Mermaid Ball, got permission to post the Casting Notice for NMLC productions, got out two conference proposals for next spring, resigned from the Centerville Beautification Committee, and un-enrolled from two Coursera courses. They’re good courses, but I’m not putting in the time to do well and enjoy them, so they had to go. It’s not fair to anyone to sit in a class and not fully participate. I don’t allow it in my classes; I won’t disrespect someone else’s class by doing the same thing.

I got some character work done on the book-specific characters for the next book in the mystery series, and some plot and character work done on another piece, while also working out some plot details for the comic ghost story.

Worked with students. I’ve accepted a new year-long student starting in January — I’m excited about her potential. After all the rejections I’ve sent out in the past few weeks, and the arguments from students who don’t want to do the work and can’t be bothered to follow application instructions, it’s great to find someone with whom I’m excited to be working.

Worked on grant proposal stuff for the next NMLC play. I’m putting together those figures at the same time I’m getting the re-casting sorted out for the re-mounting of the play, because grant and play all happen the same week, and I want the grant out the door before things get too crazy with rehearsals.

Read in the afternoon a bit, both for fun and for Confidential Job #1.

Unwrapped the chair decorations from the Mermaid Ball. I have to iron all the navy blue satin sashes today and roll them, but I want to bring everything back tomorrow.

Up at 4 AM because Violet was howling; it was raining, so I put out the buckets to catch rainwater for the garden.

I want to get some work done on articles due next week, and clear off some work for Confidential Job #1 this week, so I can invoice by the end of the week.

Need to do some work on the fantasy novel and the shorter pieces.

To work!


Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013: Conference Rhythms

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
New Moon
Sunny and cool

It’s Old Home Week in Centerville, and we have our annual auction tonight here.

Yesterday at the Cape Cod Writers Conference was so much fun! I actually enjoyed working the desk (me, who isn’t good with people). But the conference attendees are so happy to be there, and it’s fun to talk with them. Each attendee and presenter is very interesting in his or her own unique way. It’s also fun to spend time with fellow Writers Center Members and get to know them better.

I agreed to be the reader for the presentation, today and tomorrow, of “Conference Idol.” A panel of three agents (including mine) listens to someone (me) read the first page of an entrant’s manuscript — when the judges have had enough, they ring a bell and explain WHY they would or would not read more. I’ll rely on my theatre training to give each piece the best possible reading, since I don’t get to look at the material ahead of time.

Had to dash home for a bit in the afternoon, because the owner came by to take some measurements so we can get the new washer and dryer in next week. Yes, we’re getting a new SET! As an ex-wardrobe person, the mere thought of a NEW washer and dryer makes me drool.

Early in the morning, I mowed the front, and then moved a forsythia bush that planted itself in front of the bulkhead (where they will need to load in the washer and dryer) to a new spot. Hopefully, it will like it there. That gosh darned shrub nearly defeated me, but eventually, I won. Those roots are complicated! I was singing “Me and My Shovel” rather than “Me and My Shadow” — sounds like the opening to a mystery novel.

I also found two old friends with whom I’d lost touch — via Facebook! We have been looking for each other (and in the wrong places, obviously) and found each other through a mutual friend’s page. Yeehah!

I’d been invited to join a group for dinner back at Bogie’s, the restaurant in the Conference Center. There were nine of us for dinner, and it was such fun. I sat between Brian Feinblum, the keynote speaker for the night, and Jeff Herman — yes, THAT Jeff Herman, who puts together the wonderful guide for writers. It was a lively, fun dinner. Really good conversation, and not all shop talk.

Upstairs to listen to Brian speak (got me thinking in some new directions, always good), and then headed home. Nope, I’m not closing the bar every night this year. Too much to stay on top of outside the conference this year. I had to comment on a student’s short story, take care of some emails, and get some other work done.

This morning, I’m doing some stuff for the Mermaid Ball, taking the recycling to the dump, writing a bit, and prepping for the day. I’m working the desk again for a few hours, then a quick break (I’m going to stay at the facility, find a quiet corner,and write), then Conference Idol and tonight’s keynote speaker. I was going to stay for some of the readings, but not sure I can. Will play that by ear.

What I love about this conference is how it refreshes the creative spirit.


PS It was so cold this morning I had to wear socks for my morning writing/thinking session on the deck!

PSS The cats (especially Tessa) are unhappy that I am not home much this week. They alternate between being sulky and being needy. I will have to make sure I give them quality play time at night when I get home.

Mon. Nov. 12, 2012: Good Writing News

Monday, November 12, 2012
Dark of the Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

Busy weekend. Trying to juggle lots of things on Friday, including getting out press releases and discussing the possible play commission. One short story was rejected — have to get that back out — but another was accepted.

My 200-word flash fiction piece “Love in a Wok” was picked up by DAILY LOVE, and will run on November 26. Don’t worry — I’ll remind you!

Which is a good segueway into the flash fiction workshop, Flash 7, I’m teaching from December 7-16. Students will write, revise, and submit 7 flash fiction pieces in 10 days. Since they should all be writing 1000 words a day anyway, and no assignment is more than that, there better not be any excuses! You’re all done and submitted before the holiday madness strikes! 😉 More information here.

Here’s a press release about the Playwright Intensive. The CAPE COD TIMES was also very kind to run something about it in the Sunday paper.

Saturday, the Beautification Committee did a work day at Mother’s Park. We had a lot of fun. It was definitely a time of “many hands make light work” — got everything done and had time for coffee, cake, and a chat before heading home. At home, I kept going, cutting back and getting the beds in the front of the house done for the winter.

I’m luxuriating in the NOTEBOOKS OF HENRY JAMES in my down time. Fascinating stuff.

Sunday was all about catching up on school work. Watched all the lectures for the World HIstory class and aced all the quizzes but one. Watched all the lectures for the Mythology class — we studied the Orestia this week, which I practically know by heart. So, yeah, I did well on the quizzes, too.

Got some writing done, but not enough, so I have to buckle down some more today — have to get work done on two novels, a non-fiction project, and revise a press release — and, hopefully, hustle a few quick-pay, quick-turnaround short gigs, such as press releases.

Busy week this week, lots going on — I have the final galleys for OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK — and I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is already next week!