Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Not one, single snowflake all day yesterday. Unbelievable! Honestly, as badly as I feel for those who were hammered, I do feel cheated!

So, in the past two days, I’ve read two mediocre books (I kept hoping they’d get better) and one book so bad that I had to put it down by page 15. Hate it when that happens. Fortunately, the one I started last night is a lot of fun.

Yesterday was a DAY. I’ve been dealing with harassing phone calls for the past few months, from a commercial number, but I can’t trace it back because it’s an 877 number. I’ve told them numerous times to stop calling. I am on the Do Not Call list. It’s ignored. They don’t actually tell me what they want anyway — just heavy breathing. So, I filed a formal complaint with the FCC — and the calls escalated. That SOB on the other end of the phone better hope the FCC finds him before I do. Because I am so done. I also told Verizon they damn well better pay attention — I’ve complained to them for months and they don’t even have the courtesy to respond. I’ll file with the Attorney General’s office and name them as an accessory. I did some further digging and managed to get information on the number — belongs to an outsourcing telemarketer with a history of scams. So, at least I have a file to send to the FCC and the AG.

Add to that, my neighbor went all weird, putting on NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET at top volume, with the door open to the hallway in the afternoon. The cats flipped out. Several neighbors and I asked her to turn it down and we were ignored. So I fought back, first with Bach and then with Nordic rock, an album called WILD WOMEN OF THE NORTH. I won. Gee, I can tell you’re surprised. 😉

Later on, the same neighbor had on a war movie, although not quite as loud. The cats were freaking out. I think she has a new large-screen TV with surround sound — she better get the settings worked out sooner rather than later, because I am not having stuff fall off the walls and listening to someone else’s idea of “entertainment” indefinitely.

At least I had a good first writing session on REDEMPTION KILL. I want to do a little more on it this morning, then switch back over to the steampunk, which never got the attention it deserved yesterday, because of all this other chaos. I also managed to participate in a loop chat on Castles in the Sky, which featured my new publisher at eTreasures.

So, all in all it was a productive, of somewhat frustrating and chaotic day.

Back to the page. I’m really glad I’m working out of town so much for the rest of this month.