Mon. Sept. 16, 2013: Strong Writing and Canon’s Unreliability

Monday, September 16, 2013
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

Busy weekend. I focused mostly on Project D, writing a chapter a day (anywhere from 10-14 pages) and I’m far enough in where I can do a writer’s rough. I see almost the whole thing — I have to sort out some of the end logic, and I have to do it before I go much further, so that it will make sense.

What’s evolved into Project D started as something I assumed would be a sequence in Project B or C — most likely B, since, originally, it had to do with creative process and emotional ballast. But it didn’t fit in B — the situation didn’t fit the plot, and the way the characters in this sequence behaved couldn’t be integrated with any of the established characters in B. Then, I thought, well, it can evolve into a category woman-in-peril piece, slap on a title, and off we go. Quick write, quick read, out the door.

Only that didn’t work, either, because my women don’t just stay in peril and wait to be rescued. They Do Stuff to get themselves out of peril, and my lead female protagonist was like, “I don’t know what drugs you’re on, but I am in CHARGE of this adventure, so shut up and listen.”

So I am, and it works better. It’s more of a thriller now.

Had terrible trouble with the printer on Friday. Dumped the scanner ability and I couldn’t reload it and get it to work. This printer worked for exactly one month and then Canon hemmed and hawed until it was out of warranty and they didn’t have to provide customer service anymore. Canon used to be the BEST — used to have great products, reliable, and strong customer service. The last printer I bought from them sucked, and the camera I had to buy a year or so ago when my other one broke is a piece of crap. Not only do Canon’s products no longer have quality, their customer service is non-existent. After being a loyal customer for over twenty years, I am angry and betrayed. And will spend my money elsewhere.

But I backdoored a scan and got out a contract. It’s a small, regular gig, and I hope that will grow.

Saturday, drove my mom to CT for a dog-sitting gig — after I wrote my chapter! Was so tired when I got there, didn’t do much, went to bed early, and slept like the dead. Wrote a chapter in the morning, then headed back. Did a big grocery shop and tried to settle in during the afternoon and evening, and watched a movie and then the season finale of NEWSROOM. I was worried about it, because last week’s episode was disappointing. This one, although it definitely stretched credibility, also gave a lot of room for interesting developments next season.

Lots on my plate today, so I better get moving.