Mon. March 17, 2014: Stress Builds

Monday, March 17, 2014
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde

Comcast fucked me again. They blatantly refuse to follow the laws, and the lawmakers let them get away with it. Disgusting. No corporation should be allowed to bully citizens in the way that the telecommunication companies and banks do.

Busy weekend. Worked hard all day Friday. Pitched for jobs. Ran errands. Worked on contest entries. Finished the next book for my editor. The last FIVE have been excellent. Roasted a chicken for dinner and then made chicken soup. Saturday morning, I was up early and at the Middle School to check people in for Tomorrows Writers Today. Cast my Corinne for SEAL TIDES — she’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for. And then she pulled out this morning, so we’re back to auditions. Came home, finished the latest revision on the script, sent it out, worked with students. Sunday, I broke my rule and worked.

I also found a box of books I’ve been looking for since I moved here. Re-read Christina Baldwin’s ONE TO ONE, a terrific book on journal writing and ground-breaking when it came out, and am in the process of re-reading Natalie Goldberg’s THE LONG QUIET HIGHWAY, which I have more mixed feelings about this time around.

Also did some terrific research for my ferry girl book. Now I have so much information for the opening chapter, I’ll probably wind up overwriting it and have to cut back.

I did some correspondence this morning, and sent back some contracts. Working at the library for a bit, and then will work at home.

The play goes into rehearsal on Wednesday. Even if you’re far away, for only $10, you can be included in the program, and support us. Our Indiegogo campaign is here. I hope you’ll consider tossing us a few bucks. The more we can raise in the campaign, the more dollars from ticket sales benefit the patients.


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