Thurs. May 11, 2017: All Types of Theatre and Creativity

Thursday, May 11, 2017
Last Day of Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny/cloudy and cold

Yesterday wasn’t quite as productive as I hoped. The library was fairly quiet, so I got a good chunk of necessary work done there, finally, thank goodness.

I got caught up in a book and spent too much time reading, but I’m glad I did. I spent most of the day fighting a migraine, and could only do creative work in short spurts. For some reason, reading doesn’t bother my headache as much as, well, thinking.

I did some research for this morning’s meeting, so that I can feel properly prepared. It looks like I’ve landed a steady reviewing gig again that will start in the next few days; we’re trying each other out to see if we’re a good match.

I did some work on the play proposal. So much of it is thinking work, planning work. I need to know the shape of it for myself before I can effectively communicate it.

Angry and frustrated with the way the GOP is deliberately dismantling everything good about this country, and letting a Narcissistic Sociopath play Emperor and sell us out.

Burned my forearm badly on the steam from the roasting pan. I’ve got ointment and the whole thing gauzed up to protect from infection. I keep aloe in the kitchen, and applying that right away helped a lot, but I’m in for a few uncomfortable days.

Went to see a reading of THE CRUCIBLE last night at Cotuit Center for the Arts. My friend’s daughter had one of the major roles. The reading was much better than I expected — the actors committed and gave it their all. My friend’s daughter was good in a role that required quite a few reversals over the course of the piece. The play never gets old, never gets tired. It is particularly relevant with what’s going on right now. And, while it reflects the error of McCarthyism, is also reminds us how often religion is perverted in this country to justify injustice.

Ran into someone with whom I’d served on a board for a couple of years. Either he genuinely didn’t recognize me when I greeted him, or he chose to be rude. Not my problem, but it’s very telling about this area, and it’s growing lack of basic courtesy. I lived up to my standards for myself; what other people do is up to them.

Still fighting the migraine, but trying to be productive before this morning’s meeting. I hope it goes well. There are a lot of variables to make it a viable option for me.

One of the organizations I sent some asked-for advice (with 24 hours of the requests, I might add) was pleased, grateful, and thanked me. The other, an organization with whom I worked much more closely for many more years, has, of course, not. Fuel for the article, right?

I have to finish up with some of the Lavinia Fontana research material this weekend, because they have to go back. Time to get my head out of 1930s Hollywood, 1920s Maine, 1890s New York, and back into the Italian Renaissance.

The meeting went well; now for follow-up and prepping for other meetings. Good to be busy, especially when it’s creative!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Taken in the Museum of American History, Smithsonian, Washington, DC

Monday, January 4, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and brutally cold

Dealing with continues to be a horrendous experience. Their new “upgrade” means I can’t create new folders to sort my mail. I can’t send out my newsletter without hand-entering every address — because you can only LOOK at the address book, you can’t actually move anything or copy anything from the address book to . . ANYWHERE. They can’t even be bothered, half the time, to respond to complaints (the complaints department ignores me), and when support deigns to respond — they want my passwords. Uh, no.

I better get iWeb down completely in my workshop in a couple of weeks so that I can get the new sites well-designed and get everything off this host and onto one that actually wants my business and gives me what I pay for.

Support keeps sending me the same list of things to do in response to my telling them the way they’re telling me to do things doesn’t work. No help at all. And now they’re telling me I have to move all my addresses to a “different’ subfolder — but no information as to what kind of folder or how to move them.

I have to find a way to pull all my email folders off the webmail and keep them, because I can’t lose these years of work and correspondence, and it is, literally, tens of thousands of emails on various projects, which I can’t print out. So far, I haven’t been able to save anything to flash drive. Suggestions welcome. I’m on a Mac.

That threw a monkey wrench into my works for the bulk of the day, once I got back from my early morning excursion on the icy roads. Elsa’s hanging in there. She’s sticking to her routine, so I figure that’s a good sign.

I didn’t want to lose a writing day — I’m taking Tuesday as my writing day off this week because I have to get Elsa to the vet, and that’s an hour’s drive in each direction, at least. So I stopped myself from obsessing over the webmail, ate a hot lunch, had an “aha” moment on the Steampunk — it’s STEAMpunk, I don’t have to stick to exact historical details, the whole point is to expand — if I want to build a damn train line out where there wasn’t one in 1889, as long as I stick to some basic facts, I can do so! And I can make it really COOL. I’m using photos I took at the Smithsonian as inspiration.

Anyway, I reworked a bit of the first three chapters and continued on to Chapter 4. I didn’t finish it, but got about 2300 words done (not counting reworked sections/additions), and then worked on the outline, so I’ve gotten it written down, not just all in my head. I’ve got to figure out some transitions, but I think I can keep it moving and keep it tight and keep it under 30k. I am loving this story, this process, and this genre. Never realized I had an affinity for it.

Woke up with a very bad headache this morning,but have to push through. I need to work on the steampunk some more, then polish my column and get it out to SDR, work on Wednesday’s post, and work on the Kemmyrk posts. AND get over to storage at some point to bring back the ornament boxes, so I can take down the decorations on Wednesday.

I burned my hand badly the other day, doing the Ornament Hospital. The new hot glue gun (the more expensive one) is nowhere near as versatile as my old one. I should have gone to the hospital for it, but hey, this is a supposedly civilized country without health care unless you’re rich; I have no insurance, I couldn’t go. Yes, if it was a super-emergency, I could have gone to the ER — but I still can’t pay for it. I’m not going to lose what little I have to a collection agency for a hospital because a hot glue gun was badly designed. It seems to be healing well, but it’s painful.

Elsa’s hanging in there, but she’s having a hard time. It will be a relief to get her to the vet tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting back to the steampunk. I was dreaming about it last night. I wonder if that means it will be published in the 10th month of the year, since I dreamed it on the 10th night of Christmas? 😉

Have a great first week of 2010.


Steampunk word count: 9,133 words out of est. 30,000