Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I was very, very lucky yesterday, and I am grateful. I had trouble getting everything I needed together, and was late getting to the train for the city. I knew everything was going to take longer than it should — it was that kind of day — so I had my book and my iPod and whatever.

Once on the train, I get a call from my mom, telling me that there’s a bridge fire between the Bronx and the City, and all train service is suspended in both directions. Meanwhile, I’m on a moving train. I ask the conductor, who swears nothing is wrong. My mom says she’s looking at the Eyewitness News footage of the burning bridge as we’re talking. The conductor then says, “Well, maybe there are a few delays.”

So when the train stops in New Rochelle, I jump off along with a couple of other people who don’t want to risk getting stuck for the usual 8-10 hours it takes for Metro North to get anything done.

A guy who jumped off with me said he just got a call from his dad, who works at the UN, who said the cops received information that made it worth their while to search everyone as they get off the trains in Grand Central. Whether or not that’s connected to the fire, I don’t yet know. Heck, I may never know. I was just happy not to be in the middle of it.

In New Rochelle, I ask at the ticket window what’s going on. The guy looks at his monitor and says, “Everything is moving. There’s another train coming along in 20 minutes. Get on that one.”

I say, “Then why is the news showing footage of a fire?”

He tries to call Grand Central and can’t get through. He says he’ll keep trying and make an announcement as soon as he has some information. I decided I didn’t want to risk going into the city, so I went to the platform for trains headed back home. Almost immediately, the announcement comes on that there’s a bridge fire and service in both directions is suspended indefinitely.

I was very glad not to be stuck on a train. But it also meant there were no trains back in the other direction. And my car was at home. I asked for directions to the bus stop, found the bus headed in my direction, and only had to wait about 10 minutes, which is great, since they only run once every hour. Yes, it took 50 minutes to go 12 miles (we meandered a lot). But it was perfectly pleasant, the same price as a subway ride, I got to see bits of the neighboring towns I’ve never seen, and it dropped me off in front of my building, so it was all good. Better 50 minutes in motion than 8 hours stuck without a cocktail, right?

I called to cancel all of the city-based appointments, and we’ll give it another go today, provided the trains are running. They better run by Thursday — I’ve got to get to Penn Station to pick up the bus!

Anyway, I was extremely grateful not to be stuck somewhere and stressed. It was a lovely day to be out and about. An example of modern technology at its best!

Someone who doesn’t want me to move, because it’s not convenient to her personally said it “meant” I wasn’t supposed to get the paperwork done and things sorted for the move. My response was that, actually, I felt rather cared for by the Universe for finding out early enough to get on the train and not be stuck for hours. It’s all about perspective, right?

Iris is bored and Violet is depressed, which is never a good mix. It’s hard to be without Elsa.

Got about 80 more disks transferred from floppy to flash drive yesterday. I still have one big drawer of disks and one file box to convert — and some of the files are very old versions of Word that need conversion before they can be transferred. But I hope, if I work a few hours every day, I can finish in two weeks, minus my time out of town.

I had a great first writing session of the morning and hated to stop, but I’m trying to get into the city early today (Metro North willing) and get back out by mid-afternoon. I overslept, so that’s putting everything behind.

This week’s deconstruction workshop seems to be going well.

I’m off, and hoping for smooth travel and easy paperwork. I have a migraine, which is a bit of a set back. But there’s no option of lying in a dark room until I feel better.


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