Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I frittered away far too much time online yesterday, although I sent a proposal to one place to pick up some work for March, and I did some brainstorming on another possibility.

Ran some errands, including post office and library. Found a book on local history, about which I was very excited, but it’s so badly written I have to return it. It is unreadable. In other words, I will not be hunting it down for my personal library! 😉

Everything stopped when the mail arrived, because it included a box of books. Within that box, was Yasmine Galenorn’s newest release in the Otherwworld series, Book #9, BLOOD WYNE. Life had to come to a screeching halt while I curled up in the big chair in the living room and read it straight through. Came up for air in time for dinner, that’s it. It’s really good; the series keeps getting better, and it’s wonderful to watch the sisters grow and change.

Also in the box are Susan Wittig Albert’s two memoirs, AN EXTRAORDINARY YEAR OF ORDINARY DAYS, her journal of 2008, and TOGETHER ALONE: A MEMOIR OF MARRIAGE AND PLACE. Both will go on the recommended reading list for the Setting as Character Workshop.

I’ve started reading the first, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It should go on the must-read list for every writer. Heck, it should go on the must-read list for every human!

Today, I have to be very focused, and catch up on everything that didn’t get done yesterday. The most important thing is to get signed up for my own insurance. Ick. And catch up with work on the book,which has been percolating. That should make it easier to sit down and write. I’ve also got to tackle the essay and the short story, although I have a feeling the short story might be done all in a burst over the weekend.

Weird dreams, some of which had to do with riding on a new type of triple-decker Amtrak train (which is yet to exist). The start of the journey — a place I don’t recognize from my real life — is a place I’ve dreamed about before, with train dreams. I have no idea where I was going or why, but the train was very full, and I’d just gotten settled in one of the few seats left all the way up top when the Hounds of the Baskervilles woke me up with their howling. So I never found out where I was going, or why I was going there on Amtrak.

I should have a post up at Gratitude and Growth by the end of the day — I’ll post the link tomorrow. I got out the thank-yous, links, and PDF files for the article out to all the contributors. I have to check some dates — an editor of mine is going to arrange for a press pass for a few things around here. My clothes are packed for the trip — I have to pack my writing bag and my reading bag.

Onward and page-ward.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Someday it will stop snowing. Someday.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
New Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Snowing, sleeting, raining

So far, one groundhog “claims” spring is coming. I’ll believe it when the crocuses bloom! And I don’t have to shovel any more.

I had serious concentration problems yesterday. I was procrastinating, with no good reason. I wound up ordering two of Susan Wittig Albert memoirs and Yasmine Galenorn’s newest, BLOOD WYNE. Yeah, I’m on a book-buying moratorium EXCEPT for Yasmine’s new book until my birthday, and I cheated by adding the Albert memoirs to it. That’s on me.

I was also concerned, because, according to the tracking, a book that hadn’t been delivered was marked as delivered a few days ago. After some backing-and-forthing, I found out that it had been delivered elsewhere on the street; a kind neighbor returned it. Last week, there was a different carrier on the route for only a day, but everyone’s mail got mixed up, and we’re still going from house to house sorting things out. I think he just put all the mail for the street together, shuffled it like a deck of cards, and delivered a handful to each house. Because I know I had at least one, sometimes more, pieces of mail for each person on the street. And they had mine.

Not going to Staples before the storm bit me in the ass. I needed to print out a full novel manuscript and send it out (they want a hard copy, not as a PDF or RTF), and then later got a request from someone else for the first fifty pages of a manuscript, again, hard copy. Have the paper; don’t have enough ink. Not going to be able to get the ink until at least tomorrow. So they will go out on Friday, which is fine. Since they are just as snowed in as I am, it’s all good. But I’d like to get it out the door sooner rather than later.

Terrible time concentrating on actual writing. I need to focus, because I’m negotiating what will be a long-term contract with a client, and that will reshuffle my writing time. It’s all good, but it will mean I either need to focus more when I put butt in chair, or butt in chair will regularly stay there past midnight. What has to get done has to get done, whether I’m in the mood to do it or not. Since I haven’t heard back on the questions I had about another potential job with in the requisite 48 hours to answer business correspondence, I’m assuming it’s a no-go, at least from my end. The red flags I questioned were obviously justified.

All the dicks and ignoramuses who are anti-health care should go though something like this type of experience and/or loss personally, so they can experience how much they hurt people.

It hits close to home, because this could just as easily be me as this lovely writer.

The ONLY reason the health care reform sucks as badly as it does is because the cowardly Democrats compromised with the Republicans on over 160 amendments, all in favor of the insurance companies who perform economic rape and violence on a daily basis, with full permission from the GOP, who are on the special interest payrolls. It is a Republican amendment, not the original bill (the good one) that’s allowed insurance companies to hike their rates this year. The original bill prevented that. I worked on it with my representatives; unlike most of the media and most of the public who only listen to the sound bite crap, I know what was actually in it.

The unpublicized call that came right after the House voted to “repeal” the current health care reforms was one put forward that, until there is real health care reform in this country, Congress should give up THEIR health care — which is among one of the best plans in the world and works similar to single-payer system the Republicans are paid to hate. Fourteen Republicans, the few who are not complete and utter hypocrites, said fine. The rest, of course, did not, because it’s not about health care at all, it’s about pleasing the people who fund their campaigns, who are making money off of the general population like vultures.

You can check any of the votes in the House or Senate at the Government Printing Office site. It’s a good resource to follow what’s not getting coverage in the media, and also via the Library of Congress, which keeps tabs on Roll Call votes. The local papers here are also very good at keeping track of how various MA state and federal politicians vote on different issues, so you can keep track of who’s actually representing you and who’s only representing special interests.

It really doesn’t matter what any of these individuals says during a campaign — it matters how they actually vote (providing they show up to vote at all).

Speaking of which, on Friday, I have to sit down with the agency that helps MA residents find affordable heath care and sign up with someone, or I’ll be hit with a fine. I’m glad that states are challenging the ruling and saying that you are forced to BUY healthcare — what we need is a single-payer system that covers everyone. Insurance companies used to be non-profits — that is what they need to return to. No one, certainly not some damned executive, should be getting millions of dollars in salaries and perks because his company leaves people to die, and his board pats him on the paycheck for saving them the money they are supposed to use for CARE.

Shoveling wasn’t too bad, but still created a problem in the back healing. Not looking forward to today, either, although I think it’ll be more ice than anything else, which means more chance of power loss. So I’m trying to get as much done as possible before it goes out.

Had to take something for the back pain (pretty soon my liver won’t be speaking to me) so I’m hoping it kicks in soon and I can get some writing done.

I managed to get most of the work on Confidential Job #1 done yesterday — the assignment is just as cool as I hoped it would be, and I was so thrilled to be chosen for this particular one. I’m going to wind up getting it in over a week early. Which means I can invoice.

I hear that an article of mine goes live today — will post the link tomorrow for you all and will prepare the PDFs for people who were kind enough to be interviewed for the article.

Back to the page (ow — sitting still hurts).