Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Hazy, hot, humid

Well, THAT was an adventure! I got a call around 6 PM last night from my publisher, inviting me to be on her radio show, Dragon’s Den – in two hours! Of course I said yes. Jumped in with both feet. Hopefully I didn’t sound like too much of an idiot – at least there were three of us there. I love doing radio, so I had a good time.

You can hear the whole one hour broadcast yourself here:

It would be the broadcast with last night’s date on it. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s up yet, or if it will be uploaded later.

They wanted to know something no one knows about me. Um, isn’t there a reason why NO ONE KNOWS IT? 😉 Seriously, though, I said that I was 35 before I gave up my dream of being an astronaut. Which is true.

And then someone made a comment about reaching the stars, and I said, “No, I dress them.”

Which, for those of you who know I work on Broadway, makes sense. For the rest, not so much.

But for any of you who found this blog thanks to last night’s radio show: Hi and welcome. And thanks for all the wonderful emails coming in about the show!

Oh, and I was told my release date for HEX BREAKER: August 1.

Again, those of you who know me well know what an important date August 1 is to me.

There will be an audio version of the book, and I may even teach some online workshops for the company.

I’ll post cover art as soon as I have it, and, as soon as I have it, I can start ordering the “stuff” that you’ll be able to win!

Had a great meeting with my producer regarding SIDEKICK. The title will be changed, and there are a few tweaks that need to happen, but we’re all set and going to contract. The play will open the theatre’s season in January 2009.

I’ve got some other play news percolating – if we go to contract on anything, I will make sure to let everyone know.

Got my contract for the date book articles. I can get started on them this week.

Thanks for all the good wishes for my grandmother’s recovery. The sad truth is that she won’t recover; she may rally for awhile, but she’s been so ill for so long, that it’s simply more of a slow fade out. And it’s heartbreaking.

I didn’t get much writing done yesterday; I was too frazzled between my grandmother’s illness, the arrangements that need to be made, and building crap. Yes, there’s more building crap.

So I need to get my head together today and get to work. Now that I have more deadlines piling up, there’s no luxury for having slow writing days. I need to get my contracted articles out of the way, I need to get to work on the next story with the crew of The Merry’s Dalliance, tentatively entitled “The Poison Gold”. Many thanks to one of my actors on the show – something he said to me the other night gave me the idea for the story, thank goodness, because I had no idea what adventure to take my characters on next! And now I do!

I need to finish OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK asap and get started on revisions, so that can go to my publisher, and get started on the story told through Billy Root’s eyes (we first meet Billy in HEX BREAKER as well). I think I’ll call Billy’s story LESSONS IN PRACTICALITY. I need to do the revisions on SIDEKICK and THE MATILDA MURDERS. I need to do a revision on “Yuri’s Tale” and get that out.

In other words, no more lazy days or excuses – there’s writing to be done!


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