Wed. Oct. 18, 2017: Best Buy Fails Again

Wed. Oct. 18, 2017
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Sunny and cool

Best Buy fails yet again. My phone died this morning, so I am technologically crippled right now. Four months old, and the black screen of death. I don’t drop it; it doesn’t get wet. This is the third phone in three years that they’ve sold me that barely worked. This is their third strike. So, before an important client meeting, I have to hightail it over to the store and try to convince them to fix the problem — because I’m sure as hell not putting another cent into anything from their company. This is not acceptable.

Especially since the damn phone pinged me all night with this alert and that alert, and then, when I actually needed to check my email this morning, the screen went black. When I plug it in to charge it, the orange light goes on instead of the green, and the screen only stays black.

Yesterday afternoon was about getting new prescriptions for my mom and dealing with the upcoming surgery.

I managed to finish John Scalzi’s THE HUMAN DIVISION, and started a Carolyn Hart book set in Bermuda.

I wrote up some notes and ideas from the client meeting, and prepared for today’s client meeting.

But not a lot of creative work done.

THE MARRIAGE GARDEN is percolating. I’m giving the characters their heads for the moment, but I may have to change things back to the original plot. New developments have changed their decisions, and it’s a case of do those developments change their futures completely, or wind up bringing them back around to each other? I don’t yet have the answer. It’s a first draft, so I don’t yet have to, but I have to keep in mind what will, ultimately, be satisfying. I may not know that until I’ve finished the draft, set it aside, and then start tearing it apart again.

So, today will be difficult and stressful. I have to lay down the law at Best Buy and then get it together for my client meeting. This afternoon, I have to get back to creative work.

I’m looking forward to yoga tomorrow.


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