Tues. May 10, 2022: Off To Yet Another Mechanic

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Waxing Moon

Pluto & Mercury Retrograde

Sunny and pleasant

This is scheduled to post, since I had to leave the house very early to get the car to the mechanic, and I have no idea how that will go.

I made sure I had a quiet weekend.  Friday and Saturday were all about finishing the contest entries.

First thing Saturday, though, I went to the Farmers Market. This is the last time it’s indoors; starting in June, it will be outdoors every Saturday until November. What adds a sense of festivity to the market is that you buy wooden tokens (yes, I’ve considered the wooden nickels jokes) when you go in and pay with the tokens.

The woman who made the amazing baguettes wasn’t there this time, which was a shame, since I’ve been fantasizing about those baguettes since last month! But I made a stop at Bohemian Nouveaux Bakery and had a good chat with the baker (who was a theatre major in college), and stocked up on the espresso coffee cake muffins, some cocoa bites, and a loaf of challah bread. I bought a cranberry pecan loaf from Cookies & More. I bought a big bag of spinach, a big bag of mixed Asian greens, and a lovely head of Bok choy from Red Shirt Farm. I bought a camembert-like cheese from Cricket Creek, and a bottle of maple syrup from Senecal’s Sugarhouse.

Filled up my bag with goodies!

And all through that, it was about chatting with the vendors and the other customers at the market, everyone in a good spirits and eager to share their favorite things.

It reminds me of the best of the Union Square Greenmarket, when I lived in NYC, rather than the markets in my previous location, where the vendors usually acted like they were doing you a favor by selling something, instead of it being a mutually beneficial transaction.

I wasn’t there very long, but I was tired when I got home, even from positive socializing! The joy of being an introvert. But I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad I’m meeting people slowly. Most people are still masking; everyone’s as vaccinated as they can be.

Once I put away the bounty, I took a rest, and then went back to work on contest entries.

For dinner, I used the whole head of Bok choy with the rest of the leftover chicken to do a stir-fry from one of my favorite cookbooks, CHINESE SOUL FOOD by Hsiao-Ching Chou. It was delicious. I also made more vegetable stock.

Saturday was also the Kentucky Derby. I lost all respect for those running Churchill Downs when I learned that the Narcissistic Sociopath was in attendance.

It was pretty exciting to see Rich Strike, who wasn’t even in the race two days ago, win, at 84-1. My baby Epicenter came in second. Tiz the Bomb decided this wasn’t worth the effort that day (very much like his grandfather).

When I used to cover horse racing (more years ago now than it seems), I quickly found out that the Derby was the least fun of the three races, in spite of being the start of the Triple Crown, where everything is possible. And that’s because it’s stopped being about the horses and focuses more on the audience who wants to see and be seen. The Preakness became the most fun for me. It’s raucous, less pretentious than any of the others, and there’s still a lot of Triple Crown possibility. The Belmont was at my home track, and, while I always loved the race and the site, the crowds and the tension were exhausting.

As an off-site observer, for years before I started writing about racing, the Preakness was my least favorite; but, once I started getting more involved, it was the most fun to actually be onsite of the three races, in spite of all the chaos in the infield.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. We had the espresso coffee cake muffins for breakfast. I made salads for lunch, using the spinach, Asian greens, carrot, cranberry, Canadian bacon, and hard-boiled egg, with an Italian vinaigrette. My mom asked for bangers and mash for dinner, so that’s what we had. And, of course, cheesecake.

I read for pleasure on Sunday, instead of logging entry scores, although I made a list of my top picks.

I read BOSS WITCH by Ann Aguirre, which I really liked, and CLAWS FOR SUSPICION by Deborah Blake, which I also loved. It was nice enough to sit out on the porch, so I read out there for a good portion of the day.

I went to bed very early on Sunday, because I was tired. In the third year of the pandemic, with the right wing Christofascists openly telling us they’re planning to murder us, after packing the courts so they can get away with it, and the DEMS SIT BACK AND LET THEM – it’s exhausting. Trying to live my life and also fulfill my responsibility as a citizen is exhausting, even if I don’t write about all the details of it here.

There is NO such thing as “not being political” anymore. If you make that claim, it means you agree with the rightwing extremists and think you’re safe from their hate. The thing is, they always need something and someone to fuel their hate, so no one is safe.

Up early on Monday.  Worked until 2 PM finishing the paperwork on the final category of contest entries, and sent it in. It was accepted and invoice requested. I sent the invoice at 7 PM and it was paid 39 minutes later. That’s how you show your freelancers you appreciate them!

I stress-painted the garden frog we bought when we first moved to the Cape house. I didn’t have the dark pink paint the petals on his back used to have (yes, he’s a frog, but his back is full of flowers), so I used a lighter pink, and then the yellow for the centers. He’s a bright, happy frog again who can sit amongst the plants on the front porch.

Read for pleasure (a mystery set in Venice, and then started reading a biography of Ngaio Marsh).  Spinach and cheese omlette for dinner.

Neighbors across the street are building a garden in front of the house, with all kinds of cute little plants and hanging baskets. Only. . .they plant but don’t water anything. I’m sure they will learn.

Finals at the college across the way must be done, because the students started playing music and hanging out in the street and blowing off some steam. Yes, they’re still masking. Even though they’re all vaxxed. Good for them (and us).

I am off to the mechanic. Let’s hope this guy will actually fix the car and not put me off another month. I’ve basically been without a car for six months now. I want to get it done.

Have a good one, and hold a good thought for the car and me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, June 6, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cooler

I woke up very, very early and went out for a run. No creepy delivery guy. Nearly a half hour earlier than I usually run. Just ran into the milkman’s van –yes, there’s a place that delivers milk again! But that was not a problem.

Quite the busy weekend. Elsa was too sick to leave on Saturday, so I wound up covering the Belmont via live feed. That was positive because: A) I could be here to take care of Elsa; B) it was so hot and humid, I would have been awfully cranky at the track; C) A Very Famous someone I utterly loathe was there and a nasty confrontation would have ensued when I performed my civic duty by slapping the smirk of the smug little sociopath’s face had we been within a mile of each other.

On the negative side, my not being there meant I saw video rather than experiencing in person the Belmont win by my friend Mike Smith. I’m so proud of him and thrilled for him and all the rest. But I still congratulated him — we’ve been friends for a long time, and we’ve got each other’s backs, whether we’re in the same physical location or not. He also won races on the lovely filly Proviso and jumped aboard Tanda when her original jockey had to be taken to the hospital unexpectedly, bringing the horse to a third place spot. But, of course, the Belmont is a glorious achievement. He’s won a lot of Breeders’ Cup races, the Preakness, and the Derby. Now he’s also got that Belmont win. He’s a wonderful horseman and a great guy, and no one deserves it more.

It’s a rough road with Elsa. One of the medications that’s supposed to settle her stomach instead disagreed with her, so I stopped giving it to her, and just gave her the other one. Getting her to eat is hard. She’s interested in food, she WANTS to eat, but it seems to make her feel queasy again after a few bites. Of course, in the heat, NONE of them were eating much. I was in despair on Saturday, but Sunday morning, Elsa bypassed the baby food and ate actual cat food again. Not much, just a little, but it had substance and it stayed down. Today is cooler, so I’m hoping everyone eats more, and I’ve got another call in to the vet.

I got the second section of POWER OF WORDS out to my readers. I started Part III, the shoot of the mini-series, with the chapter at the Cape Cod location. I felt like I hadn’t gotten very far, but I actually wrote over 2K, so that’s not bad. I worked on my Belmont wrap up article, which I will finish, polish, and get to my editor today. Ran some errands, including trying to find some other supplements for Elsa and round up some more of that Earth’s Best organic baby food, just in case. Whole Foods (AKA Hole-in-the-Wallet-Foods) had some, and it was actually reasonably priced, but still not Elsa’s favorite chicken with brown rice. Seems it’s everyone’s favorite, and hard to find.

I have a lot to do today, and, if the vet decides Elsa has to come in again, that has to be factored in. I’m annoyed at the director of the play running — I told her what’s going on, and yet I’m getting badgered about when I’m coming to the show — although heaven forbid they comp me, per DG rules! I’ve warned them several times — do not nag me. I told them I would let them know as soon as I could. Ask me to do something once, I tell you when I’m going to do it, and that’s when it’s done. Nag me, and I dig in and won’t do it Period.


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