Fri. Jan. 16, 2016: Gearing up for a Busy Week AND Mercury Retrograde

Friday, January 16, 2015
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy day at work yesterday, juggling lots of different tasks, writing press releases, booking people, helping with patrons, etc. It was one of those cases where each patron needed a lot of individual time. Which is fine, it just put everything else back.

The weather worsened as the day wore on. Several libraries closed early, due to black ice. As I drove home, the water hit the windshield and froze. I drove home with the heat blasting, but my window rolled down and my head hanging out of the window like a puppy. Not fun.

Watching the British version of HOUSE OF CARDS. Interesting to see the different interpretations. You’d think, though, these women would learn that they won’t be the one who’s different, the one that won’t wind up dead.

Going through a stack of research books I needed to return, I discovered that a book I’d checked out for another project had a chapter relevant to the research on the historical play. Love how that works.

I have both readers for the Burns/Woolf tribute. We do a read-through on Monday afternoon, and we do it next Saturday. I got out the press for the program on weather by the ex-NASA meteorologist that’s happening in two weeks, and today I’ll write the press release for the Valentine’s Day tea. I ordered the DVDs of the Oscar-nominated movies and sorted out some stuff for the book clubs. Helped a patron fill his Kindle for an upcoming vacation, helped another patron learn how to use the copier, helped another patron find several new-to-him authors. Dealt with correspondence and emails, and questions at the front desk. Set up for Tango.

Going back and forth with the Harvard Library. They have copies of the research papers I need (the originals are in the Library of Congress), and they’re available for interlibrary loan, but I have to fill out the right paperwork. They told me to talk to my local library. I pointed out that I AM my local library, and I just needed to know which paperwork they wanted me to fill out. I’ll probably wind up booking a “research appointment” up there at some point, but if I can get those initial reels, that will give me an idea where else to look in the files.

Did some work on the edits for KILLER QUINTET last night. Hope to finish them tonight and get them to my editor tomorrow. Also have to fill out the PR sheet.

Threw a pork roast and some sauce in the slow cooker before I left this morning, so dinner will be just about ready when I get home tonight.

Tomorrow is my Saturday “on”, and then it’s a cat food run and back to writing. Sunday is all about writing; Monday is about writing and rehearsal. Tuesday, I have a board meeting over the bridge, a program at the library, and another board meeting in Hyannis.

Next week will be hugely busy, AND Mercury goes retrograde. I’m already nervous about it. Fingers crossed.

Have a great weekend!


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