Saturday, November 27, 2010

Violet likes the sofa

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Yesterday was busy. A few hours’ work unpacking more kitchen boxes (22 left, and then about 60 in the garage). A few hours’ work in my office — didn’t get enough unpacked, mostly because I’m at a loss where to put stuff. Never managed to unpack anything in the bedroom. A few hours’ worth of paperwork. Citizens’ Bank is a pain in the —, and I’m starting to think I made the wrong choice there. Waaay too much hoop jumping. If they continue to act like Chase, I will take my business elsewhere. They have three months to prove they’re worth the hassle.

Caught up on a lot of the paperwork that’s built up during the move, did a lot of filing, set up the files for next year.

Nipped down to the store down the road to get the BARNSTABLE PATRIOT — the small, local paper that contains more actual information and journalism than both of Rye papers combined– and the CAPE COD TIMES.

The Cape is Very Busy for the holidays, and there’s lots of fun stuff to do. I booked reservations at a few things that sound like they’d be interesting. And I was invited to a breakfast at the National Marine Life Center over in Buzzards Bay, an organization to which I toss a few bucks whenever I can because I like them so much. Got the voice mail set up — we haven’t even given out the number and are getting scam trash calls. I was rather abrupt, and made sure we’re on the Do Not Call Registry. I can’t screen calls and decide what to pick up, so I just won’t pick up. I also blocked any call that doesn’t provide Caller ID. If you won’t tell me who the hell you are, I’m not interested in talking to you!

The weather was too bad to do any raking, so lost yet another day of that. Heated up some beef stroganoff for dinner, which was good, watched some TV, played with the cats. Did some work (but not enough) on the lectures. Stacked more stuff in the basement. Since the Danish sofa probably won’t be ready by Christmas, we may put the enormous tree in that corner in the living room.

This morning, I’m about to make the banana-walnut chocolate-chunk cookies (the bananas really need to be used), then haul up the area rug from the basement for the livingroom, unroll it, and use rug cleaner on it. While it dries, I hope to get about an hour of raking done. Then, I’m driving to Brewster for the owl program (I love owls). I have to run a few errands on the way back, and then, hopefully, I can rake some more. The next three days are supposed to be clear and cold, so I hope I can make good progress.

The workshop starts Monday, so this evening I want to finish the lectures. Hopefully, I can post my welcome message this morning, and then I’ll post the first lecture tomorrow night, encompassing the various time zones inhabited by students.

The cats are sleeping all day and roaming all night. Going to have to do something about that. Sigh.


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