Mon. Dec. 5: Bad Day Out, Good Days In

Monday, December 5, 2011
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cool
St. Nicholas Eve

Friday simply sucked, six ways from Sunday, as they say. A piece I was sure I’d uploaded before I left for Thanksgiving was supposed to go live on Writers Vineyard on Thursday. I didn’t get a chance to check it until Friday, and nothing. Not in the queue mis-dated, nothing. Somehow, I managed to lose it. I apologized to the blog coordinator. It was MY responsibility to check the night before and make sure it was ready to go live. And I didn’t. I feel badly about it, and promised to be more careful moving forward. Then, I got shortchanged at the bank, but, because I didn’t realize it until I was home, setting up the cashbox for the press fair, I was SOL. It wasn’t much money, but I’m still kicking myself around the block for not paying closer attention. Again, that was on ME. And then a bunch of other things that were out of my control, typical Mercury Retrograde stuff.

The good thing about a bad day is that, once it’s over, you never have to live it exactly the same way again.

And I have a piece up called “Rhythm” on the Savvy Author’s Den, about finding and keeping a rhythm when writing your book.

Up early Saturday. Tried to write; didn’t get much done. Loaded up the car, made a pit stop at Michael’s for a few things and headed for Plymouth. I was sure I’d be late, but I was there on time. We arrived, picked our tables in the conference room, and set up. The Indie Press Book Fair was an interesting experience. Not a lot of traffic and not a lot of sales. But I’m glad I brought flyers about workshops and postcards for everything — most of those went. The people who did come by, stayed, even though they didn’t buy. And talked. Not necessarily about writing. It was interesting. People tend to be more conversation-oriented here than elsewhere anyway, but it was interesting that they’d wander in and talk about things that have nothing to do with one’s books. It was a little odd, but it was also nice to put away the marketing sound bytes one always memorizes for public appearances, and really LISTEN to them, and respond to what they were saying, rather than angling everything towards a sale. Someone better at marketing than I am could have done both, simultaneously, but my purpose was to see what something like this was all about from the other side of the table — not as someone who wanders a fair, but as someone with something to sell. It was interesting.

I got lots of compliments about my table — I’ll post photos later this week. As I joked, “I may not know what I’m doing here, but at least it’ll look pretty.”

Got to chat with other writers, which was fun, and swap books with a few. Always great to enlarge one’s circle of writers. My “table neighbor” and I spent a lot of the down time chatting about life, the universe, and everything, which was fun. Definitely someone with whom I want to keep in touch, and she’ll probably be a guest on A Biblio Paradise at some point.

Came home, exhausted. Unpacked. I’ve got my next assignment for Confidential Job #1, so I’ll get to work on that.

Yesterday, my internet was down. So all the intentions I had of working with student went out the window. Comcast messing with me — again. We need more internet options on the Cape.

No internet, and giving myself a day off writing, I decorated. And the house still isn’t done! It used to take me eight hours to decorate the apartment. Now it takes days to do the house. But, what’s getting done looks really good! This year, the mantel holds the Santas instead of the Nutcrackers, with the deer (a whole herd of ‘em) grazing on the hearth below. The Nutcrackers are still lined up across the front, until I figure out where to put them. Polished a lot of silver so everything gleams. Got the lights on the tree inside AND on the two small trees outside. And that took the whole day. I’ve got all the bits and bobs to put together the cookie platters, too — the plates, the bags, the organza ribbon I like to use on them. Baking will start later this week, or early next. The overseas cards and packages have to go out this week, and I want to get a solid start on all the cards. I want everything out by the end of next week. My list has changed a bit, because of the people I’ve met and activities in which I’ve participated this year, so I have to make sure it’s updated.

Today, it’s back to the page and back to the students. I’ve got to catch up on being away from them, and put together the details of a webinar I’m doing in the middle of January. I’ve also got some errands to run. I have a sneaking suspicion the first few chapters in what I’m working on now as Book 2 of the trilogy will wind up back in Book 1. They feel wrong here. It will mean more cutting and rearranging in Book 1, but that needs to be done anyway.

Tonight is St. Nicholas Eve — always celebrated in our house. We put out a shoe, and tomorrow morning it will be filled with treats — provided the kitten doesn’t empty it first and start playing with them!

Have a lovely start to your week!


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