Tues. Oct. 19, 2021: The Good Work of Writing

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Waxing Moon

Neptune, Chiron, Uranus Retrograde

Jupiter and Mercury went direct yesterday

Cloudy and cool

Jupiter and Mercury have gone direct, which means maybe we can have some positive forward motion.

You can hop over to the Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions site for the mid-month check-in.

The house we lived in on Cape, which was for sale with a pending sale? Back on the market. Not surprising, considering how much over the assessment valued they asked, and that the new owner will need to redo both bathrooms and replace all the windows. But I’m sure the current owners will somehow justify the fallen through sale as my fault. Whatever.

Used the Sundance Lab time on Friday to work on “A Rare Medium.” It was an excellent session. I got six pages done, the next scene, and I’m happy with the work. Although the breakout networking sessions aren’t what I need right now (although, in a professional sense, what I should attend), using the writing time in company can help me get these plays done.

Wrote up three script coverages. Was requested to read a new draft of a script I’d liked and given notes on a few weeks back, so that will be a good way to start the next workweek.

My mom is still a little tired from the COVID booster, but, overall, there were few side effects.

Worked with Charlotte on her bedmaking anxiety. She loves sleeping on my bed, but she gets anxious when I make it in the morning, or when I change the sheets. Most cats I’ve had love to use bedmaking time to play. They “hide” under the covers as I pile them on, and then either meow, and I flip back the covers to let them out, or they slither to the edge of the bed and drop down to the floor.

Charlotte stays under the covers and panics.

So I make sure not to cover her, because she doesn’t know what to do.

What we did, instead, was make the bed very slowly, giving her a chance to hopscotch on top of each sheet or blanket as I pulled it up. It didn’t take that much longer, and it was a fun game for her. When the bed was made, she rolled over, purring, and waving her feet n the air, happy as can be. Which is nice change from the upset she usually has around making the bed, where she growls and cries as I wrestle the covers from her. This game, she understands, and it makes her happy. I can take three extra minutes in the morning to make the bed in a way that doesn’t scare her.

The weather cleared up enough by mid-day on Saturday so that I could go to The Spruces for the Audubon Nature Walk sponsored by my town’s library. It was a small group, and, even though the adults were vaccinated, there was a young child in the group, so we masked without being asked, and without fussing. The people were nice, the walk was interesting, and I learned a lot. I’d hoped to learn more about the history of the actual Spruces community, but that wasn’t the focus. I’m going to have to go to Williamstown and dig for it in the library myself. Which could be a fun project, it’s just scheduling it so I don’t lose income from other assignments.

There’s a book or a play or something related to the history of the Spruces that I need to write, I’m just not sure what yet.

Came home, showered (decontamination protocols, just in case). Fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours.

This was the first in-person event I’ve attended since the pandemic. Although it was small, fun, safe, and enjoyable, I was still exhausted.

To bed early on Saturday night, which meant up early Sunday morning.

Sunday was spent finishing the short almanac articles, fact-checking, and proofing. If I hadn’t faffed about so much and wasted so much time during the day the last couple of weeks, I wouldn’t have had to work all day. But the time mismanagement is on me, so I did it. I’m actually satisfied with the work. I have the knowledge; I’d put in research and experimentation time. It was a case of writing it up succinctly.

To bed fairly early on Sunday, and even got to sleep until 5 on Monday.

Did a final proofread of the short articles, updated my bio, sent them off to my editor, and they were acknowledged. Much as I loved doing those 25 little pieces, it was an even better feeling to send them off. They are for the 2023 Almanac.

I have to spend some serious time in the coming months working on the Cerridwen Iris Shea website, blog, and putting together some of the older material into small eBooks.

Another Big Project for the winter.

Did my Soul Expedition work. The exercises were extremely useful, and I discovered important roots that need to be dealt with.

Had a good conversation with a Twitter pal about Edith Wharton, and about Tolstoy and his wife. So much on Twitter is “in passing” that it’s nice to have substantial interactions sometimes.

Spent some time on Women Write Change, and on the Nano site. I’m over on WWC almost every day, or, at least, every other day, although I don’t always talk about it. It’s a small group, but a good one. On Nano, I spent time on Enchanted Wordsmiths, and also had a conversation with the Writer-Bakers. I’ve gotten two new challah bread recipe recommendations through them.

I started typing up the notes for CAST IRON MURDER, and expanding/arranging them, for my outline.

When it hit noon, and Sundance Collab time, I felt I “should” switch over to work on “A Rare Medium.” However, the flow was going well on the outline for CAST IRON MURDER. I started to dither and then thought, “Why are you doing this to yourself? It’s not a major decision” and kept working on the outline during the Collab time. Got 4 of the 9 handwritten pages typed up, arranged, and expanded. Printed them out, just in case.

Quite a few people mentioned, on Twitter, how much more energized they felt. Yeah, that’s what having Jupiter (the planet of expansion) and Mercury (we all know those connotations) going direct on the same day will do for you.

Attended the live session of the Soul Expedition and was frustrated. I’ll go into that in more detail tomorrow, when I talk more in depth about that and have some Nano tips.

Made brownies from the Moosewood recipe. It turned out well. Might be my favorite brownie recipe to date.

Ordered a bunch of books from the library. I can take out up to 50 books, but can only put on holds up to 20.  Oh, well.

Paid by a client, so I can pay bills this upcoming week. Might give myself a treat, too.

Read two scripts last night.

Had a good evening meditation session. A couple of “aha” moments in there.

Tessa let me sleep until 5:22 this morning. What a luxury! The usual morning routine (feed the cats, make the coffee, write in the journal, 1st 1K of the day, yoga, meditation, shower, dress). I’m changing up my laundromat routine. Since I’m often the first and only one there in the morning, and it’s a little creepy in the dark, I want to make sure I don’t keep a regular schedule. Because, as a woman, I have to worry about things like that.

Onward to the Soul Expedition work, and then more writing and script coverage. I have to do a post office, library, and grocery run today, too.

Have a good one, friends.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Who knows?

You think it’s going to be simple: Go to storage, move around a few boxes, leave. Instead, you end up calling for help.

Yep, not only did I nearly forget I was supposed to go to storage instead of the theatre because I was writing in my head when I got off the train (fortunately, I met my boss in the train station and remembered where I was supposed to go) – I got stuck.

Storage was hot, humid, icky. In other words, same as usual. I was a filthy, sweaty mess after about an hour or so of re-arranging the unit I’m keeping and shifting boxes around.

I go to the intercom to call and let them know that I’m ready to come down. The intercom is off. Whoever was supposed to turn it on for the day . . .didn’t. So I figure, okay, in this case, I’m not actually taking anything away with me, I’ll walk down the stairs.

The doors are locked. Including the fire doors and the push-and-the-alarm-goes-off doors.

Okay. So I take out the cell phone and try to call the office.

They put me on hold.

And never get back to me. More than once.

My battery’s going, I’ve been up there for who-knows-how-long, and the elevator operator (who’s supposed to always stay in range) has wandered off somewhere. I’m trapped.

So I called the fire department. Not the emergency number, just the regular number, and apologized, but told them what was going on and that I didn’t know who else to call. They were there in ten minutes, complete with axes, very nice, and, needless to say, cited the facility for locking the fire doors. I was a sweaty, dirty, pathetic mess by the time they got there, but I was relieved. Being stuck in there has been one of my biggest fears since I rented the units. And now it’s happened and I lived through it. The dispatch guy was really nice, offered to stay on the phone with me until they arrived; I explained I wasn’t hurt or, as far as I could tell, in immediate danger – just trapped, and that I didn’t think I had enough battery power to stay on the phone, but as long as someone arrived in a half hour, forty-five minutes, I’d be fine. He promised they’d be there in ten, and they were.

It was time for a cocktail by noon.

I was upset and had a few things to say to the facility, who just gave a shrug and a kind of half-hearted apology.

Because I held my anxiety in check until I was out of there safety, it spilled out elsewhere throughout the day and just affected everything else. I was a gosh darned basket case. It’s funny in retrospect, it will be funny in a few days, but I’m not there yet. Especially since the firemen were cute and I looked about as bad as one could imagine, and I didn’t even care about that until later.

I was an exceptionally needy mess for the rest of the day. Which is silly, because it really isn’t such a big deal, but it was, if that makes any sense.

Plus, I’m anxious, because I’ve fulfilled my part of a contract, and the other party has been out of touch for close to three weeks – and the completion date is rapidly approaching. If I haven’t heard by Monday, I’m going to call. I’ve been emailing regularly and . . .no response. In my way of dealing with things, that is not the way to run a business. The internet business protocols in which I was trained say you respond within 48 hours.

And no one was available to go out and play last night, so I was an anxious needy mess all on my own.

And then I thought I would catch up on some series I enjoy, download video and watch it – only what I wanted to watch is no longer available. Two days ago, it was, but today . . .

In other words, the day just totally SUCKED.

Sometimes you just have those days.

I started work on a piece called Talent, playing with some ideas, so I guess that actually counts towards JWAT. I have no idea what it will morph into – scenes popped into my head, but I have to start before those original scenes and build to them. I’m blank-paging this instead of outlining, just trusting the characters and seeing where it takes me.

I’ve got a bunch of other writing on which to focus today, along with some correspondence that has to go out ASAP, so it’s all about juggling. The weather is supposed to be vile, so I’ll just stay home and hope for the best.

Thank goodness yesterday is done and I never have to live through it again.


(I’m actually posting this before I go to sleep on Wednesday night, because I’m hoping to sleep in tomorrow (yeah, I know, what a fantasy) and then I have things to deal with before I go online. Right now, Violet is yowling about something, and I have no doubt the cats will resume their wildebeasts thundering across the savannah impersonation come 4 AM).

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