Wed. March 18: Fluid Schedules

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Waning Moon

I actually have a post over on Ink-Dipped Advice today, with some tips for adjusting to working from home. I have a few more posts scheduled in the upcoming weeks. I’m trying to catch up, and I will, eventually, get the other blogs back up to speed.

Cancellations coming in from small businesses on a few projects. One of my steady local clients, who is a small business, is getting holds and cancellations on what she does, so I bet that reverberates back to me eventually, too.

Turned in my reviews, put in the request for new books. Downloaded the last of the books for the contest, and am back to reading contest entries.

Received the check from the radio play, which is great, since it will be awhile before I have any more productions (they are done in front of a live audience).

Was in contact with a couple of theatre friends, who are worried about being out of work. Come on, unions, step up. This is your moment to prove why you’re relevant and necessary!

And, of course, Dickhead McConnell is kicking the aid package that would actually help people down the block. Truly an evil man. He’s doing all this, getting away with it, and now whines because his challenger calls him out.

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of NY, achieves more positive work in 12 hours than the entire administration has in four years. Because he gives a damn and doesn’t grift. I’ve always liked his style (even when I don’t agree with every decision). One of the last things we did before moving here was to vote for him in the 2010 election.

These airlines and other huge companies that are laying off tens of thousands of workers and then screaming for bailouts? Should not get a penny. They have the resources to give their workers paid leave, and are CHOOSING not to do so. Do not bail them out. They’ve squandered profits (lining top executive pockets and doing stock buy-backs). They’ve evaded taxes. Let them go under.

Let new businesses rise, created by ex-employees. Give them support. Set regulations so this kind of thing can’t happen again.

I might have to break up with a client next week — which I can ill afford to do. But this client is not taking the pandemic seriously. If she tries to put my life (and thereby my family’s life) in danger, I’ll have to leave. The client isn’t around this week, so I can work safely; but next week, I have no doubt there will be demands for in-person contact, because you know, “the flu is much worse. Everyone is making too big a deal out of this.”

I AM making a big deal out of it and will continue so to do. My life and my family’s lives depend on it.

Most places are being responsible and cancelling events, classes, etc. One is not, encouraging people to come in anyway to class, just keep a “safe” distance. Um, no. I’d stopped frequenting that place a couple of years back, because they call their fees “investments” instead of what they are, which is a fee for a good or service, and that turned me off.

CVS again refused to fill my pre-op prescription. When I called the doctor’s office to let them know, and to ask about rescheduling the surgery in light of the pandemic, I found out that they’d cancelled the surgery, but hadn’t gotten around to telling me yet. I’d rather it was cancelled — they need to concentrate resources; while the first surgery was vital to keeping me alive, this one isn’t (or at least, isn’t yet — I have wiggle room). The scheduler felt bad because she couldn’t even give me a ballpark of when it might happen. I told her not to worry; let’s, literally, survive this pandemic first, and then we’ll sort it out.

Let my doctors know of the change, and told them I planned to stay home and quiet, and they’d only hear from me if something went terribly wrong.

Did client work yesterday, and will do some today. I’m not sure what next week will bring, so I’m just taking it one day at a time.

I SHOULD have done yard work on Monday when I came home, but I was too tired. Tuesday it rained. I’m hoping today and into the weekend will be nice enough so I can work outside a bit. They said it might hit the 60’s — maybe I’ll put the Adirondack chairs out on the deck.

I’m thinking of ordering some of the spray paints I need online and doing my spring painting and touch-ups while I’m home. At the same time, I hesitate to spend money on anything that’s not absolutely necessary (like food, insurance payments, rent, and a little to utilities) when I’m losing work.

The writing is going slowly, but going. I’m hoping to dive back into edits and revisions this weekend, as well as writing new work. I should draft a new play for a contest. I’m hoping some grant money comes through for which I applied before my surgery (that would be June). If and when it comes, it would be a much-needed infusion.

I’m tempted to write a light, romantic comedy in these dark times, just for fun. Sort of like the radio plays — comedy, romance, mystery, banter. The only thing I know so far is that my protagonist’s name is Sharon. I’ll let the rest simmer for a bit. It will come out when it’s ready.

I might buy some more paper and pens this weekend. Not that I don’t have a kazillion notebooks, but I started a few projects on yellow pads, and I like to do the entire project on the same medium in which I started. One of my eccentricities. And pens tend to run out just when you need them most. There’s plenty I still draft in longhand, before putting it into the computer.

Back to the page, and best wishes to you all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Day before Dark Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Rainy, warm,humid

Yesterday, I was what I commonly call “a waste of food.” Not particularly productive at all. Checked the job boards, finished up a couple of client projects, did a bit of research trying to get quotes from a hire I need to make in the next couple of weeks, dealt with some unpleasant stuff, etc.

The weather dried up and the sun actually peeked out for a few minutes (although not long enough for the morning glories to open).

I actually got some writing done in the afternoon — oh joy, oh rapture. Not much, and afternoons aren’t usually my best creative times, but it felt good to get some stuff down on paper. I read the Wharton bio, and did some more research for Prague. September’s really not all that far away. Prepped a bit for both DC and the NHL draft. Figured it will take me less time next week to drive 329 miles than to fly it, with all the time it takes to GET to and from airports, get through security, etc.

And explain this to me: If I want to fly to Montreal, and the direct flights out of JFK don’t fit my schedule, so I try to go out of a smaller airport or a different airport, all of them have me change planes in either Philadelphia, Newark, or DC. Now, if I could just stay in DC on Thursday night and fly out, it wouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t, because I can’t haul the stuff I need for the weekend down to the rally with me. If I book out of Philly, I have to change planes in Newark; if I book out of Newark, I have to change planes in Philly. But I can’t ORIGINATE on a direct flight out of either airport. WTF? If there is a connection,doesn’t it mean the connecting flight is travelling DIRECTLY? So why can’t I join it for the direct portion,from, say, Newark?

And the airlines wonder why they’re losing money! Not only do they treat their customers like crap, overcharge and underfeed them, but the routes are totally illogical.

So I’m driving.

Crunching the numbers, even with gas prices back up to nearly $3/gallon here, it’s still cheaper than flying AND takes less time, which is also money,

But that means I’ll be home for maybe four hours of sleep, so my bag for the weekend has to be packed and ready by Wednesday. All I can do Friday morning is pick it up and walk out the door.

Got a little bit of writing done this morning. I hope I can clear some errands out of the way this morning, before the next major storm hits. I’ll move the car up the hill. We’re on flood watch until late tomorrow afternoon. Let’s hope it’s a precaution, and not a prediction.

Back to the page.


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