Fri. Sept. 27, 2013: Weird Day

Friday, September 27, 2013
Waning Moon
Cloudy and cold

It’s definitely autumn.

Here’s information about the National Marine Life Center as a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program. We really, really, REALLY need to replace our marine life ambulance — this car would be a lifesaver. I’ll remind you on Oct. 7 to vote, but here’s the preliminary information.

Weird day yesterday. A project’s been cancelled, through no one’s fault, but just unfortunate circumstances getting in the way. It happens.

Started a short story yesterday for an anthology call, but need to do some research. Read a stack of short scripts and did notes on them. Had a negotiation on a project on which I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and will be henceforth called “Confidential Job #2”, should I land it. It sounds like a lot of fun. When I pitched, I thought it was a reach, but they got back to me right away, so who knows?

Worked with students, worked on the grant proposal and turning around a press release.

Not happy with any of my personal writing yesterday. Felt too scattered.

This morning, got out a press release. Did a little bit of work on Project D. Have to do some work on Confidential Job #2 for the next step.

It’s chilly, I have company coming in from the UK next week, and I think I’ll decorate for Samhain this weekend, a little early — because I can!

Oh, I meant to give my opinions of some of the new shows this week.

BLACKLIST: I enjoy James Spader’s work, but not sold on the rest of it. Chickie, supposedly a highly trained agent, lets the bad guy stab and torture her husband in front of her and cries, then stabs Red in the neck with a pen or stylus or whatever it was when he tells it like it is? Don’t buy it. Plus, I bet I know the “big secret” and I don’t yet care enough to be impressed. So I flipped over to:

HOSTAGES: great chemistry between Dylan McDermott and Toni Colette, but I suspect the creative team is messing with us to mess with us.

AGENTS OF SHIELD: an actor I loved working with on a TV show in NY was the guest star, and he rocked. I was so happy to see him in a fun role. I realize it was a guest spot, but I hope they bring him back. Like the humor, am willing to give it a few episodes to see how the chemistry develops.

REVOLUTION is back, and I was frustrated with the first episode. It works when the ensemble is together — it’s their moment-to-moment chemistry in scenes that stands out. When they’re split up, it’s simply irritating.

My two cents.

Have a great weekend.