Friday, December 19, 2008


Friday, December 19, 2008
Waning Moon

Come on over to A Biblio Paradise to read our last interview in the Infinite World of Fantasy Authors Guest Weeks, with Nikki Sinclaire. I learned so much about her process.

We’re supposed to get up to a foot of snow today. I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere!

I baked bread yesterday – a rye bread recipe I got from THE NEW BASICS, which is a great cookbook.

Brandy, thanks for telling me about Verizon Wireless’s policy to support military families – I’m glad to hear it. That will factor in to staying with them as my wireless provider or not. We had a few bad months awhile back, but, lately, they’ve been more reliable.

Got some writing done, great progress on the Aunt Doris/Cassio Christmas story.

Had some business correspondence to do yesterday (unpleasant) and some more unpleasant correspondence to deal with today.

Lots to do today, and not much time in which to do it, so I’d better get going. I’m sorry I don’t have much interesting stuff to say – there’s plenty that’s “in process”, but little that can be discussed at this point. Oh, well.

I’ll probably spend a lot of time watching storm coverage. If any of you are traveling over the next few days . . .I’m sending you good thoughts!


Elsa loves to play in the wrapping paper!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

The weather’s about twenty degrees cooler here than predicted, so I’ve been pretty chilly this entire trip. Drinking lots of hot tea.

Yesterday was fun. Got some writing done in the morning, met my friend for lunch at El Vez,where we had a good catch up session. She’s always fun to spend time with, just the best. We’re going to have to schedule a day where I come down and we just go shoe shopping (she had on the CUTEST shoes ever — even the waitress loved them).

She had to get back home, but I stopped at Robin’s books and picked up some magazines. One, I think I’m going to work up some pitches; it’s right up my alley. One of the others seemed as though it would be, but the writing in it was so bad and so un-edited that it’s just not worth it.

Stopped at Remedy, the tea bar on Sansom — wow, what a great place! Got a large cup to go, because if I’d stayed in that mellow atmosphere, I would have just put my head on the table and gone back to sleep.

Did some reading and writing in the afternoon. Wyatt got some love, and, although I haven’t finished Old-Fashioned Detective Work, at least he doesn’t feel neglected.

Came up with some other ideas, too, and am hoping I can combine some of them. Came up with an idea for a fun female buddy road movie (I love those). The last thing I need is to write another script, but doing first drafts as scripts and then adapting them to prose seems to be working right now, so we’ll see.

I’ve often found, though, that scripts come in batches. I won’t write any for a few years, and then I’ll write a stack, and then I won’t write any for a few years, etc. Cyclical.

I’ve almost finished my Script Frenzy screenplay. I’m on p. 88. I expect it to run 145 pages, about 2:25 running time. One character who was supposed to be in a single scene surprised me and has an important element to add further down the line. But the character that really surprised me is the mercenary killed in the third scene by my protag who has now come back as a ghost. He was denied access to the underworld and told she holds the key to his redemption. I’m just as puzzled as she is, but I’m going with it. And it’s pretty weirdly funny when she scolds him to put his head back on (she cut it off after she killed him — a bit of Celtic lore thrown in there) before she’ll talk to him.

I could probably cough up the female buddy road movie within Script Frenzy, too, if I really tried.

I’m doing the laundry here and packing. I leave tonight to head back to NY. Don’t want to. I’d rather stay here in this Sanctuary. But I have to deal with the Window Tango, and then get up to Maine, because my grandmother had a fall last week, and she’s upset. So, once the window stuff is done next week, I need to get up there and sort things out.

Pitched for a couple of jobs, but I can’t take anything on with a deadline with all this crap going on. So it’s going to be a lean month. Happens sometimes.

Had breakfast with two lovely guys I’ve known since they were drafted into the pros. They’ve always been talented, but they’ve grown into such good men, good human beings: Talented, kind, intelligent, loyal, dedicated, funny, compassionate, strong. And handsome! If there are still human beings like these two around, maybe we’re not entirely doomed after all.

For those who asked, of course there are rules about when construction can start. But, because the penalties are so slight, no one pays attention. What needs to happen is:

First time– warning
Second time — six figure fine
Third time — the developer forfeits his right to the property. It goes to the city under eminent domain (if the Supreme Court’s going to screw us by putting it into effect, it should be used for good) and the ONLY ways it can then be developed are either affordable housing or non-profit headquarters.

So sayeth me.

Back to my headless ghost.


Script Frenzy screenplay — 88 pages out of 100 (Frenzy)

88 pages out of 145 (total)

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