Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Waxing moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I can’t believe it’s December already! Wow. This year went fast.

I feel so much better after acupuncture. Truly amazing. I feel like I can deal with the next two weeks.

The drive to Long Island and back wasn’t pleasant because of the weather, but I got there and it was all good. I had to take it pretty easy for the rest of the day to let the treatment set, but I managed to get some packing done for Thursday. Amazing how much stuff I stashed on top of that set of bunk beds!

I read Jean Hager’s THE SPIRIT CALLER, which was interesting.

Blocked out a new play for the company that keeps commissioning my work. This is only a 3-character. But it could be quite the tour de force for the actors, if they can cast it properly.

Worked on the Christmas story and its design — kind of weird to do it simultaneously. Started the anthology story and the steampunk novella. So I’m sort of on schedule.

The cats are whiny — they don’t like all the chaos of things being moved around.

Got a royalty check for MATILDA MURDERS, and the contract for FEMME FATALE, which opens in April and runs for four months, not three. Pretty sweet. MATILDA MURDERS extended a few extra weeks as well. So, at least the plays are doing well!

Lots of errands this morning, and then more packing and back to the page. At least I feel much better, both physically and mentally, which makes a huge difference. Come Thursday night, when the furniture swap is done and I can start putting things back to rights and really start decorating, I will be a happy camper.

I decided I’ll start writing the holiday cards tonight, while I’m watching the news or something. I also plan to finish all my online ordering today. Then, I’ll only have a couple of things to pick up in-store and the stocking stuffers, and I am DONE. In spite of the chaos, things are chugging along.

Happy December!


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter DIRECT
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Jupiter goes direct today, thank goodness. That should ease up on some of the hearth-and-home and tangible stuff. Neptune’s still retrograde — which, as my ruling planet is no fun, and Uranus retrogrades are just a pain in the ass, pun intended.

Yesterday was busy — although not all 81 students are regularly posting exercises, enough are so that I’m spending 8-10 hours a day reading and commenting. It’s a little more of a challenge this year, because I wasn’t able to clear the desk off as far as deadlines, so I’m juggling projects.

I have to say that I’m delighted with the students. They’re dedicated and have some great ideas. There are a few who’ve taken the workshop every year, and their growth as writers is joyful to behold.

Acupuncture was great yesterday, and I feel so much better. She fixed the ear problem I’ve had since I got on the plane and got most of the knots out. A lack of sleep is bringing some of them back — between the scumbag landlords banging around all day so I can’t rest or concentrate and Metro North working on the train tracks across the street all night and me hating ANY kind of repetitive machine noise — life Chez Devon is not a barrel of laughs right now.

The work on the short story is going beautifully, although I know I’ll have to make cut to get it in under the word count. But it’s all I really want to be working on — so it’s a challenge. I love the characters, I love the potential.

I’ve got to write up the stuff for Confidential Job #1 and do another pass on the essay today, along with keeping with everything in the Muse Conference. All the while, trying to refrain from burying the scumbags with their own ditch digger.

1and1 is still not working properly, so next week’s priority needs to be redesigning the websites and pulling off what I still need from the mail accounts so I can move hosts. This is out of control. I hate to lose the design of the Cerridwen site, but I’ll just have to come up with something better. I think I can — I’ve got a few ideas percolating. I know what I want from the Devon site — I’ve even picked out a few designs. It’s the Fearless Ink one with which I’m struggling. I have a basic, overall idea, but I’m not sure how to execute it in iWeb or where to find the elements I want to layer. Redesigning the logo is the hardest part — I’m fully capable of it, but it’s settling on the elements of it that are the challenge — what I feel represents both me and the sense of “fearless” and open space that’s so important to the site, yet still tied to writing and business writing. Something that smacks of corporate isn’t going to cut it for me, but something a little too granola won’t do it, either.

The beautiful Linden tree in the back that we hope to save gave me a wonderful gift yesterday, as I returned from acupuncture. It’s a little longer than a branch for a traditional wand, but it’s lovely and will be treasured.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2208
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Rainy and cool

I didn’t blog yesterday. Oops. Well, there was plenty of read from the blog the day before to keep you occupied, right?

I didn’t get as much done as I needed to on Tuesday (familiar refrain) and I was pushed to get my deadlined work done Wednesday morning before I left for acupuncture. I managed to get out some job pitches as well, but I’d say about 80% of the listings now are just plain insulting. I’m not going to write a press release for 1/10 of my regular rate. It’s not worth my time, and it’s certainly not worth the ink.

Which is good incentive to get the new brochure done and start creating a place for myself with companies for whom I want to work.

It was a rainy, miserable day; I was sore and achy, so I wasn’t my most productive self.

Plus, I’m thoroughly pissed at both Cablevision and UPS. Cablevision forced me to change my service package, because they planned to strip the channels I watch from the one I have. I have to get a box now. I was given a guaranteed arrival by Monday, via UPS. It’s now Thursday. No box. I expect it from UPS, because they’re completely incompetent. I expect Cablevision to honor their contract.

And, of course, more building crap. The new super seems to only be rude to women. Imagine that. Imagine how far that goes with me. I won’t tolerate it, and I made it clear to the management company that I won’t. I have no doubt there will be reprisals from this guy.

Drive to Long Island was good. It’s pretty sad when finding a station selling gas for $4.09/gallon is cause for celebration. Acupuncture was good, in that it made me feel better, but my acupuncturist found something wrong that’s been triggered by stress (gee, you think?) that we need to take care of right away to keep it from turning into something serious. So, I’m putting together some herbal concoctions and adding certain foods to my diet to counterbalance – it’s interesting, because it’s exactly the foods for which I’ve had unusual cravings over the past few days.

I’m working on my deadlined material, and I’m behind. It’s taking longer to get it out of my brain and onto the page than I would like, but it’s getting there.

Had cocktails and snacks with a friend last night to catch up. We’re going away on alternate weeks, so this was our time to catch up, switch keys, etc. She’s going to a house party on Martha’s Vineyard this week for the coming week – so I lent her a yoga book and A DOG’S BREAKFAST DVD for them all to watch. It’s the type of witty, charming movie they’d all enjoy.

I’m putting my head down and working as hard as I can this morning, because I have to go in to the city and work a show tonight.

Got some good work done on the adaptation these past few days. In the next draft, I’m going to have to go back and rework some of the fight sequences – I’m not happy with them. For now, they’re more placeholders than legitimate scenes. I know they have to be there, but I don’t feel like choreographing them, so I’m setting in a few paragraphs so I know they’re there, and then, in the second draft – which is my draft to over-write anyway – I’ll figure them out in detail.

Then, last night, I was trying to work when the computer completely freaked out and I got a message saying there was no hard drive. Huh? I’m looking at it. Turned the machine on and off five or six times. It swore there was no hard drive in existence.

Unplugged everything, took it apart, took apart what was inside what I took apart, put it back together (yeah, like I understood ANYTHING of what I was doing, but I figured I couldn’t make it much worse), plugged everything back in, and it’s limping along. It’s not running well, but it’s running.


Let me repeat: Microsoft sucks and it’s built to fail. Hate that.

Got to get a lot of work done this morning.


Adaptation: 40,411 words out of est. 90,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
40 / 90

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