Fri. June 22, 2012: Articles & Acceptances

Friday, June 22, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and warm

HOT day yesterday. 1and1 still hasn’t fixed the problem– so the site’s been unable to be updated for a week, as of today. I’m interviewing other webhosts. I’d liked the package from Fat Cow, but there are so many billing complaints filed against them that I’m rethinking that choice. IPages and Webhosting Hub look pretty good so far, but I’m still in early stages. It has to be a site I can handle myself at a price I can manage.

My article about the Mermaid Ball is live on Cape Cod Women Online here. Enjoy!

The house didn’t get too bad in the heat. We had fans going, and it was okay inside. The upstairs was too hot — but of course, that’s where the cats hung out, until about mid-afternoon,when they wised up and came down to the fans. Tessa is afraid of the fans, but the other two remembered them.

Sent off my first article for the series of six I’m doing for one publication; pitched about a half a dozen articles to another publication, and, after some to-ing and fro-ing, they were accepted. Heard from the person on the ghostwriting project that the check was mailed; once it arrives, I can get going on that.

Tried to work on the second book of the trilogy, but didn’t get very far. Ripped apart the next three chapters of the first book for the next revision. A group of us are putting together an anthology, which will be fun. The stories are REALLY cool. It’s the first appearance for my sci-fi character, Fiona Steele, and I’m looking forward to it. She doesn’t bother to take names — she just kicks ass! 😉

Got up very early this morning to water everything, then sat on the deck and wrote my first 1K of the day on one project (there are two projects I’m shifting between in the morning). I’ve got a writer’s breakfast this morning with the Cape Cod Writers Center over in Osterville, then I’ve got to get started on the next articles, write two press releases, and a PSA script. Busy day — but I’m looking forward to it.


Thurs. June 21, 2012: Heat, Humidity, Hosting Issues

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and hot

Yesterday was another nearly-lost day, thanks to fighting with Finally — again at night — I went over the incompetent control freak who was refusing to help, lying to me, and blaming me for the web problem. I got someone who actually bothered to check into the problem — and it’s a bug on THEIR end. Of course, they have no idea when it’ll be fixed. But I got an apology from management for the lousy employee.

Again — another lost day of work, needless aggravation, and the problem isn’t solved.

I apologize to those waiting for “Town Crier” — the story will be available, and available longer, as soon as the host fixes their problem.

Worked on the revision of the WIP, got some other writing done, went to the Annual Meeting at the National Marine Life Center — which was lovely. I feel so lucky to be part of that organization.

Went to Plymouth to my regular guy to get the light fixed on the car — charged me all of $10. Was worth the trip. They take such good care of me!

Yesterday was hot — not unbearable, but hot. I’m off to yoga now, and then I have some errands to run, and an article to polish and send off. I also have a PSA script to write, and some other writing to do. Still waiting the contract and the check for the ghostwriting gig — not starting it until all the details are in place.

The Solstice celebration was fun, but we had to move it inside after the first few minutes — too buggy outside. It was Tessa’s first Summer Solstice Celebration, and she enjoyed herself.

Better get going. A lot to get done today.


Wed. June 20, 2012: Going to have a Good Solstice in spite of a lousy Webhost! And my new writing hero!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Waxing Moon (yesterday was the new moon)
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and warm
Summer Solstice

It’s supposed to get into the 90s today. I hope not. Heck, I was still shivering in fleece sweats yesterday!

So sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I fought with my webhost ( ALL FRIGGING DAY. I’m trying to update the Jain Lazarus site and add the story that was promised last Friday. I kept getting a “publishing error — try later” message. Um, no. I pay them to publish when I need to update my sites, not when they happen to feel like it. Accepting money for a service means one has to provide the damn service. “Support” ignored my messages until I pitched a fit on Twitter, when someone from 1and1 said they were going to see it got attention. Instead, the situation got worse — I couldn’t access my sites at all — and the interaction with customer non-support didn’t actually have anything to do with the issue. Then, after dinner, I get an email saying there’s a “bug” in the system, they’re aware of it, and they have no idea when it will be fixed. Why didn’t they tell me that the FIRST time I contacted them, so I could have gone off and done other stuff during the day? Because they’re incompetent and don’t care about their customers, that’s why.

This morning, I get an email saying the problem is fixed.

Of course, it’s not.

And THEN I get a message from them about an ‘upgrade’ they’re doing to the system from July 9-13 (a week I’m teaching and at the start of Mercury Retrograde), which , if I understand it correctly, means I am, pardon the language, fucked forevermore on their host.

Meanwhile, they’re still holding all my webfiles hostage, which is why I didn’t dump them months ago and move to another host.

Checking the state’s telecommunications laws, they are in violation, so that means filing more paperwork with the state’s Attorney General against them, in addition to invoicing them for wasted time. I’ve been putting aside money to hire someone to help me rescue my files to move hosts, but I don’t have it yet, and I’m not in a position to do so yet.

Well, the upside to all of this is that I’ll be forced to move hosts, whether I’m ready or not. Let’s hope I don’t lose too much in the process. I print out my contracts, but there’s plenty of correspondence in those files that I can’t print out, but I can’t download it to save it. Short of going in and hand-forwarding each piece, I don’t know what else to do.

The FTP they claim is on the site — and which I pay for– but won’t explain to me doesn’t seem to exist, or this wouldn’t be an issue.

I am so frustrated. They are costing me money, but charging me for it. That’s fraud, as far as I can see, and a breach of contract on their part. Not only are they not providing the services for which they are contracted and paid, they lie about it. And the absolute refusal to work with me to fix the problem, the absolute REFUSAL to provide customer service is part of what is so appalling.

I don’t need much — I don’t have a lot of bells and whistles on my site. I should be able to go in, update, publish said updates, and download and upload files as needed. I’m not asking for a whole lot, and I pay for far more than I’m using, but refuses to provide me with even the basics.

In happier news, I have a new hero. Cathy Lamb. Read what she has to say about writing here.

Gotta go and get my light fixed, have a lot of work that couldn’t get done yesterday because of effing 1and1, have an event to attend for a client tonight, and then it’s the Summer Solstice ceremony.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
The Ides of March
Sunny with frost on the ground.

It snowed. I cried. I had a glass of wine.

That nowhere near sums up the day! 😉

I spent the day on the Tele-Seminar. First, I realized I had to move the conference board, because, on the site I originally placed it, when you clicked to register, everything was in Swedish. Now, I enjoy Swedes and Swedish as much as the next one (especially Swedish hockey players), but that is not the most user-friendly way to deal with seminar participants who pay to attend a conference.

So I moved it somewhere that “English” was the default language.

Then, it turns out the subdomain I set up for it via 1and1 — I couldn’t embed the code for the registration button. Oh, I COULD — if I “upgraded” my package and paid the additional monthly equivalent to my three month fee every month. I think not.

I designed (again) a page on iWeb, and I was pretty happy with it.

HOWEVER — since 1and1 won’t give me access to the FTP –for which I PAY — in order to upload the site, I couldn’t upload it. They gave me every excuse under the sun from “technical difficulties” with the FTP to everything else slimy. Now, realize, that if they actually give me access to the FTP — for which I pay — that means I can download the web files they’ve been holding hostage for the past three years. Once I have the web files, I can move hosts. I can’t lose over 10K of emails including contracts and business correspondence, and that’s what would happen if I switched hosts without being able to download the web files to my hard drive. Nor can I forward everything. I’ve tried. And if any of you dare mention “Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Explorer” I will drive a stake through your heart, because you ARE the most evil vampire — I’m on a Mac, damn it, and I’ve been trying to find a way to download since I switched (not that they let me download my files to an FTP when I was still on PC with access to Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Explorer anyway — they had excuses for that, too). should not be allowed to do business, because all they do is cheat you.

Anyway, I whimpered to AppleCare, who taught me how to upload the site to Mobile Me (guess I’m renewing that in April).

And, Ta-Da, here is the site for the Confident Freelancer. I hope you’ll come join us and get inspired!

Now, that took me from the time I logged on to the computer in the morning until dinnertime, along with going back-and-forth with my lovely partner and making sure we both ok’d copy before it was posted anywhere. She was working her ass off on other aspects of the project, too.

On the upside, it was the best possible day for this to happen. We’ve troubleshot as much as possible in advance, and now people can register and have a great experience. Yeah, I didn’t get to do other stuff I would have liked to get off my list — but I’m not behind, and I’m not scrambling. So it’s fine.

It’s the only day all week I could spend a big chunk of time on it, because I actually have to be in specific places at specific times every other day this week, meaning at X time, I have to walk away from the computer, no matter what is going on, come back later for a bit, leave again at Y time, etc.

Managed a quick trip down to the library to return some books due and get out another interesting stack — three Cape-centric mysteries and a book about Van Gough and Gaugin sharing a studio for nine weeks in Arles. Started one of the mysteries — hideously written. All telling, no showing, sloppy writing, cliched characters. I’m taking all three of the books in the series back today. I only managed to get to page 28 of the first one, and my time is too valuable to spend with that kind of bad writing.

In the library, I found a “biography” “written” by an actress I worked with on Broadway. Of course, I had to flip to the sections dealing with the shows on which we both worked. Wow. I don’t know if she’s delusional or trying to rewrite history to look more kindly on her or that’s the way she really thinks it happened. My diary entries for that same time period are VERY different (and no, I’m not mentioned in it by name — we were on the same show, but I was working directly with other actors).

I’ll only be on line briefly today — a little this morning (after I work on the play) to comment on student work (they have a deadline today), work on the conference board (I need to make postcards to take to the dinner tomorrow), start getting ready for Costume Imp’s visit, go to the grocery store, and, possibly, get to Ashumet, if it stays sunny. And I’m going to start the layout on the e-book.

Gotta love Canon customer service. I forgot something really basic on the camera last night (and needed the answer before the Flower show on Thursday). My instruction manuals are still packed goodness knows where. Shot them an email; got a response in under two hours — at night! Now THAT’s service! As frustrated as I’ve been with this last generation of printer, in general, they’re a fantastic company.

There’s frost on the ground this morning, which means I’m glad I didn’t put the rosemary plant out last night. It’s not happy inside, even in full sun, but I think it’s still too cold to set it on the back porch.

So that’s that, and the play needs attention, or it won’t get out the door by the end of the month.